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  1. WB_86

    Simply Japanese Beaulieu 2021

    I'm up for meeting there & then. Having said that. If I haven't appeared by 8, leave without me.
  2. WB_86

    Simply Japanese Beaulieu 2021

    Hi. Ticket purchased and, hopefully, will see you there. Unfortunately, I can't stay much past midday and might have to dip out altogether at the last minute
  3. WB_86

    Forum Newbie

    Thanks all for the welcomes. I have read that Bedford is a good track to start with (due the large run-off areas) but I can't make that date. The 4 Oct seems to be the only Bedford date I have an outside chance of being able to make this year. Given the dates I can do in Aug/Sept, I' m currently looking at starting off with an evening at Brands Indy, Llandow Circuit or a Drive Limits day at North Weald.
  4. Hi, do you still have these wheels?
  5. WB_86

    Forum Newbie

    HI all. Long time lurker but I finally got round to signing up to the forum and thought I should introduce myself. I've owned a facelift GT86 for the last 3 years and am looking into taking it out on track soon.
  6. I can recommend a couple that I've used around that area: Tim at Envy www.envycarcare.co.uk/ Marc at ProWax (I think the company name has changed to Scudaforte) www.facebook.com/prowaxvaleting