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  1. https://theorytest.org.uk/highway-code-rule-219/ 🙂
  2. Not embarrassing if it's got its blue lights on.......😉
  3. Well if you do have to wait a bit, you can always console yourself with the fact that you're doing fairly ok already at 21 driving a stock 86. Got my first car at 25. A 45bhp 1 litre Polo 🤣
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    Toyota RWD fan

    Isn't that quite hard to see from the driver's seat? 🤔
  5. MR2

    Toyota RWD fan

    Hi Simon ! Did wonder if our paths would cross on the 86 forums. Just looked back at the pic you posted in the 86 thread on ROC. On your red car that wheel refurb looks like £6 well spent for sure 😀 . Should be getting a cheap set of O.E. 2018 wheels soon to run different tyres. Might try some plastidip on the current set.
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    Toyota RWD fan

    Thanks Laura 😃 (my name's Alan, but you can call me Ethel if you want, just nice to hear from a fellow MR2 fan). Have never tried a turbo MK3, but even in stock tune they can feel decently quick enough for a twisty B road IMO with sorted suspension and AD08Rs 🙂 Its still my ambition to have a nice MK1 someday, will just need to empty my garage first / build a bigger one.
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    Toyota RWD fan

    Thanks Will ! A pic. Its dropped about 25mm on KWV1s fitted by the last owner. No real planned further mods currently, though could quite fancy swapping the wheels for some 17 inch Rota Grids / JRs / Bolas at some point. Anyone with any thoughts on any of the those (e.g. weight / general quality ) would be good to hear.
  8. Presumably the relative performance on track of the two gearboxes is of limited interest to the 'not looking to track day it' O.P. EDIT - on the other hand maybe it is, as just realised he also said he was interested in thoughts on the Auto's dynamic performance 🤔 Personally if I run two vehicles, then 'as a rule' the more different the two vehicles are the more fun it is swapping between them. So, if I should happen to be running an Automatic SUV as a daily (unlikely as I hate SUVs and I've never owned an Automatic) then all the more reason for my weekend/ evening sports car to be manual. But I am biased against Autos...... Only reason I can see to get an Auto GT86 for road use is if you are going to daily it in stop start traffic. Love the manual gearchange on my 86 which is certainly beautifully positive and short of throw compared to other manuals I have used in the past, would agree that the clutch action is not the best in slow traffic, but for an evening / weekend car surely less of an issue.
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    How do we report a user

    She told me the same and I was instantly convinced she was 'the one'. THEN I saw your message. 😭
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    Sounds like a plan. 😀
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    The other place? Your secret is safe with me 🤐
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    Toyota RWD fan

    Hi, I'm Alan from North Yorks. I'm ridiculously grateful to be here, having finally managed to get a confirmation email during initial sign up 😍😍😍 . (Tried joining last year, but just wasn't happening with my virginmedia email 🙄 ). Apologies in advance to anyone who may have read the following on "another internet forum" already............... My first Toyota was a cheap knackered MR2 Mk1 - managed a whopping 100 miles in it. Cost £700 in 2002. Was still magical though compared to yer average FWD hatch. A decade on (with my expensive motorcycle addiction largely cured) a trio of Mk3 MR2s followed. Last one was pretty sorted (tyres / suspension) and I'd probably still have it now if I hadn't crashed it. Will just say if you've never driven one and you get the opportunity - take it. I sold it to a family member - only needed a bumper & paint, main damage was to my ego 😊 With the MR2 gone, started to think more seriously about an 86/BRZ. They'd always been on my radar, I'd just been waiting for them to drop under £10k. Picked up a grey 62 plate Manual from a member on "the other forum" in November 2019. It's mildly modded with coilovers and rear subframe bush inserts, but I've never driven a stock one to compare anyway. So 6000 miles on what do I think of it? I love it of course. It drives pretty much like a bigger, torquier, plusher, faster, more civilised MR2. The fun factor is similar, but the 86 is definitely much easier to live with. Main downside on the 86 is the cost of spares which appear to be in a wholly different league to MR2 parts prices, though fortunately not really needed to buy anything yet apart from an oil filter. EDIT - will probably post up a pic in due course. Give me another reason to wash it (long overdue, gets about three washes a year......)