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  1. GT86 Carbon Propshaft for sale. Pretty sure it needs balancing, hence the cheap price. Located in Milton Keynes, but can ship at buyers expense. £350
  2. Give me a shout with what you've got peeps. Can be cloth or leather seats, not fussed!
  3. So, got a few bits and bobs to sell as I'm having a general clear out of the 86. Photos might be a bit all over the place as I've forgotten how to use this forum 😂 Avo Oil Cooler - Used - £300 (Not sure if it has the duct/shroud with it, if it doesn't I'll knock £50 off, should know on Monday) https://www.fensport.co.uk/parts/subaru/brz/zc6/cooling/gt86-avo-oil-cooler-kit/ Sparco Evo II Bucket Seats w/ Harnesses and Rails - Used - £600 and I'll want your stock seats in exchange Kaaz 1.5 Way Plated diff - £350 - used - will be wanting your stock diff in return. Happy to go splits on labour cost to swap them over. https://www.part-box.com/kaaz-limited-slip-differential-superq-1-5-way-gt86-brz-sbt2080-wpc Sard LSR Wing - £300, bit damaged and cba with the car anymore. Grab yourself a bargain. https://www.86worx.com/sard-lsr-wing-948.html Avo Turbo Exhaust w/ Sports Cat - £300 (Was £1700 brand new? But I think this will only fit Avo Turbo kit cars): https://www.fensport.co.uk/parts/subaru/brz/zc6/forced-induction/gt86-brz-avo-3-inch-turbo-back-exhaust-system-with-cat/ Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can - £100 - brand new. Bought this a year ago, can't remember why. Never used it, still in the box. Details are here: https://www.part-box.com/mishimoto-baffled-oil-catch-can-toyota-gt86-amp-subaru-brz-mmbcc-brz-13p I think that's everything? 💃 Items are located in Milton Keynes PS Yes I do know that's not where the Exhaust and Gearbox is supposed to be fitted.
  4. Selling what it says on the tin. Comes with the SARD wing mounts and bolts. £400 - located in Milton Keynes.
  5. So since this has been sitting here for a while, I'm open to sensible offers.
  6. Company in Buckingham called Bay Automotive.
  7. So, with some fair consideration I've decided I definitely cannot be arsed to spend the extra £10k or so to sort out my GT86 as I'd rather go on holiday and start racing again. So, with that I'd like to sell my Forged engine. Hasn't been run in completely yet and it's done 10 miles or so just running up and down the road. Spec is as follows: Carrillo 86.5mm 10:1 CR Pistons (Heads have been skimmed and block machined to clear the larger pistons) Bridgeway Billet 4340 I-Beam Con Rods Cosworth 0.78mm Head gaskets King Racing main bearings King Racing Con Rod bearings Cosworth Sump Baffle plate Mishomoto baffled oil catch can New FA20 Crank shaft New lambda sensor New air mass meter New throttle body New starter motor New oil pump and timing housing New high pressure fuel pump New port injectors New direct injectors (currently on back order waiting to be fitted, hence the CEL) Many other miscellaneous bits. Can provide receipts to prove the nearly £10k worth of parts and labour that's gone into the engine 🤮. Receipts include some comedy about me buying/selling things and being generally fickle. Price is to swap for your standard motor, with a full service history. Happy to go splits on labour cost to swap/remove engines. Car is currently in Milton Keynes. 20181121_163224[1239].mp4
  8. TTR

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    I have always wanted to try RallyX, does look fun. I'm just saying you might be jumping to conclusions, the track doesn't look that wet in the photos so I presume it wasn't the damp that was the issue (Please feel free to correct me if I'm incorrect). Even if it was, it's a case of driving to the conditions. The AD08R is an excellent tyre and I'm genuinely surprised to hear someone criticise it, let alone replace it with KU39's. If it's a case of heat cycling then surely you'll have that issue with any tyre? If it's a case of just out-braking yourself, from experience no tyre is going to save you from that
  9. TTR

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    I've never had any issues with AD08R's or Cup 2's in the dry, wet or damp. 86 or M2. You sure it was't the meat in the seat that was the issue?
  10. TTR

    Next Car/GT86 Differences

    Anyone considered an Exige S/Sport 350? Test driven a few as looking to grab one for a track car. Certainly more hard core than the 86, so may be an acquired taste for some
  11. I've got the full turbo back exhaust, but it does have the blue tips rather than the silver ones