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  1. TTR

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    I have always wanted to try RallyX, does look fun. I'm just saying you might be jumping to conclusions, the track doesn't look that wet in the photos so I presume it wasn't the damp that was the issue (Please feel free to correct me if I'm incorrect). Even if it was, it's a case of driving to the conditions. The AD08R is an excellent tyre and I'm genuinely surprised to hear someone criticise it, let alone replace it with KU39's. If it's a case of heat cycling then surely you'll have that issue with any tyre? If it's a case of just out-braking yourself, from experience no tyre is going to save you from that
  2. TTR

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    I've never had any issues with AD08R's or Cup 2's in the dry, wet or damp. 86 or M2. You sure it was't the meat in the seat that was the issue?
  3. TTR

    Next Car/GT86 Differences

    Anyone considered an Exige S/Sport 350? Test driven a few as looking to grab one for a track car. Certainly more hard core than the 86, so may be an acquired taste for some
  4. I've got the full turbo back exhaust, but it does have the blue tips rather than the silver ones
  5. TTR

    Next Car/GT86 Differences

    Yeah it's a fair old lump, disguises it's mass well though. Brakes should last for a while if you get decent pads, I'm quite heavy on them and I've got 90% or so left in my PFC 08 pads and discs after 2 track days. However they eat front tyres on track if you don't have Camber plates! Fuel wise I get the same MPG on Motorway/A Roads than I did in the BRZ. I'm not planning to keep tracking it though. S3 Exige for track duties is where my thoughts are going, then I can retire the M2 back to daily duties.
  6. TTR

    Next Car/GT86 Differences

    Switched to an M2 from the BRZ a month ago. 2 track days in and 3000 miles later, no regrets apart from the heavy bill for consumables
  7. Don't have the rear one bud.
  8. Will grab some pics tomorrow. Comes with brand new PFC 08 pads. Discs could do with a clean up though. Edit: Red calipers of course Price: £1,100 Located in Milton Keynes. https://www.torqen.uk/toyota/toyota-gt86/brakes/big-brake-kits/5093-toyota-gt86-stoptech-drilled-performance-front-big-brake-kit-83827430061.html
  9. Just gauging interest as not 100% sure I'm looking to sell. 6kg/6kg spring rates. Comes with Öhlins top mounts. Only done around 2500 miles on them between 2 owners. Will grab some photos tomorrow. Price: £2,000 Location: Milton Keynes
  10. Comes with everything but the EcuTek programming kit, Cosworth will happily email you a map however.
  11. As it says on the tin, I'm looking to sell my brand new Cosworth Supercharger. Literally only taken it out of the box for photos. Just going a different direction with the car now. Price: £4,000 Location: Milton Keynes