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  1. Braderz26

    Tyre pressures on track?

    Ok cheers guys, I’ll give that a go 👍
  2. I got a track day tomorrow 🤗 just wondering roughly what temperature people run them (hot) my tyres are Michelin PS4
  3. Same here, they refused to re-gas mine as had none in it 🙄
  4. Braderz26

    Knocking sound going over bumps

    Hi, I’ve had my anti roll link bar changed and rear top mount and still is really knocking/ thud when over rough ground or bump! The Mechanic has look for everything and can’t find anything. It’s really frustrating me does anyone know a good mechanic that could have a look round Hertfordshire? Cheers
  5. Braderz26

    Knocking sound going over bumps

    Ok cheers, I’ll have a look at then 2 panels. They couldn’t see any play in the bush’s when they looked, but will have a father look next week.
  6. Braderz26

    Knocking sound going over bumps

    Sorry forgot to say car done 50000 miles, 12 plate and had 2 trackdays.
  7. Braderz26

    Knocking sound going over bumps

    It’s more of a cluck I guess. The car has the standard suspension on it. I’ve checked the boot is empty, nothing is moving about 🤔 think I’ll just have to let them have a father look, just wanted a rough idea what it could be.
  8. Braderz26

    Knocking sound going over bumps

    Hi, I’ve got a knocking sound coming from the off side rear when I go over bumps or bad road surface and I’ve had 2 mechanic look and they can’t see anything wrong, they said they’ll need to take the suspension apart to have a father look idea indeed what it could be?
  9. Braderz26

    GT86 Bits

    Hi, what breaks you got as may be interested? I