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  1. DevilsCry

    Condensed mode not condensing

    It will be fixed whenever the person that hosts the forum applies the latest update.
  2. DevilsCry

    ECUTEK map switching

    Same here, the change is instant and always starts up on the last map used.
  3. DevilsCry

    GT 86 rear parking camera kit

    Apologies if they are large, am doing this from my mobile.
  4. DevilsCry

    GT 86 rear parking camera kit

    I have some feedback which might be useful for the people above or anyone else that is interested. Stupidly I forgot to make a picture of the kit lying on my table, but basically this image will show you exactly what you will get, including the terrible manual which does not help. There is an av/extender included where you can connect the two cables to. The top right cable connects to the camera, goes through the car back to front, which connects to the bottom cable. The red wire gets the power from the headunit. The holedrill that comes with it is too small for the camera, so be prepared to sand quite a bit more off to make it fit. I used a dremel to create a little notch in the back for the cable to sit in, so you get a better viewing angle (you can see on the last image why) It is hard to see what is up or down on the little camera so don't start taping and bolting everything down before it is aligned. Once it's installed it looks very discreet and snug. there is a little indent at one of the sides as you can see, hence I made the notch in the back so you can actually move the camera that far in. I used this youtube video to get me through the installation of it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daiDH2v4wUg It is my first time doing such an install and with trial and error (and using the dremel afterwards to increase the viewing angle) it took me around 3 hours to complete.
  5. DevilsCry

    Newbie from 22 feet below sea level

    Welkom en veel plezier met je auto!
  6. DevilsCry

    Insurance cost of forced induction

    I'm with Adrian Flux as well, SC and few other mods. None of the other insurance companies came anywhere near.
  7. DevilsCry

    Review Corolla Hybrid 2.0

    It's based on emissions and the cost of the car. Full electric have no emissions so no Tax or London Congestion charges. If the car is £40k+, like the Model S, you still have to pay tax.
  8. DevilsCry

    TD UEL Header package

    This should give you an idea:
  9. DevilsCry

    Interesting docs on valve spring recall

    Is this to do with the first batch of vehicles that got the work done before V2 of instructions were sent out?
  10. Because you are doing the recall at the same time, there is no extra work as they will remove the current ones anyway.
  11. DevilsCry

    HKS Intake Duct

    I was inspired by this thread and the results of the tests they had done: https://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56341 I have not cut mine as far back as they have done it in that thread however, that was a bit too far for my taste. Simply said, it is a tight job to get it all done, but yet your hands in there and unbolt the snorkel and move it out towards the left hand side and you can pull it out. Cut the snorkel and you can slot it back in via the right hand side.
  12. DevilsCry

    HKS Intake Duct

    I've done the snorkel mod without removing the bumper, quite easy to do and only took me roughly 30 mins.
  13. DevilsCry


    Must have been a typo in the original listing because he has now lowered it by £10,000
  14. DevilsCry

    Bonnet struts / bonnet alarm

    Thanks Lauren, that makes sense then. Mike, I am very sure I did not knock it. I'll see if I can adjust it slightly as the tape is only temporary.
  15. DevilsCry

    Bonnet struts / bonnet alarm

    I have installed bonnet struts today and as soon as I tried to lock the car the alarm would trigger. After a few tests I figured it was the bonnet alarm not being pushed down enough. So I applied a small 2mm sticky pad on the inside rand that's solved it. I did some googling to see how other people have solved this after installing the gas struts. I can see a lot of images where there is no bonnet pressure sensor at all. I am wondering if it's the Scion or BRZ's that don't have it or they simply remove the bracket and sensor?