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  1. DevilsCry

    Part number.

    I think that is the idler pulley, part number 1660366010
  2. DevilsCry

    Knocking sound

    Church is right, it was having those 'hidden' issues and it happened on the warmest day in May which tipped it over with overheating.
  3. DevilsCry

    Knocking sound

    Update on the matter: I now have my car back from Fensport, after they did an amazing job at fixing it(and upgrading)! They looked at the above videos and I told them what was happening, so they advised it needs stripping and proper looking at to see what exactly is broken. They had a good second hand engine available that had done 45000 miles if I just wanted to do a quick swap and save some money - but I wanted to upgrade some parts and kept that as a fallback option. So initially we got to the following items: New genuine crankshaft Genuine conrod and main bearings ARP head studs Cosworth headgaskets Brian crower forged conrods Kelford valve springs All fluids for running in and final 2x oil filters Toyota genuine coolant Oil system improvements to dramatically improve oil pressure Fensport custom oil pickup pipe Remap We went down the route of forged rods only as Tom is running this on his GT86 and he is hitting 460bhp on his daily very comfortably, though the advice is to not go higher than 500bhp. They removed the engine and got majority of it stripped down and find that it is worse than anticipated. The insides had nasty charred black coating and the oil smelled burned. The bearing on cylinder 1 conrod had somehow welded itself to the other bearing causing heavy crankshaft damage. It looked like the engine has been running like this for quite a while like this and remnants of bearing material can be found throughout the engine. Piston oil scraper rings have been blocked by burned oil and carbon preventing it from reaching the sump. They needed to strip and clean the engine considerably more than expected and also inspect the heads to see if there is more damage to the camshafts or carriers. Next step was to actually see what was salvageable from the engine and what is not. Depending if the damage is beyond usability with stock pistons, we potentially have to look at getting a brand new shortblock from Toyota which would be cheaper and less time consuming. Luckily the cylinder heads were decent apart from light scoring on the camshafts and journals, but that seems to be very common in these engines and is no cause for concern. Unfortunately the block and pistons are no good at all and can not be re-used. I could have gone for more forged internals but as I'm not planning to go beyond 500bhp I opted for the brand new short block. Whilst we were waiting for that to come in, they built the custom oil pickup ready for the new setup. Once the shortblock came in it was quickly getting rebuild with the new interals. You can definitely see which part of the engine here is nice and shiny! I've had her back for a week now and runs like an absolute dream, I am happy I went down this route and looking forward to many more miles and future upgrades with Fensport. Big shoutout to the team at Fensport for the amount of updates and pictures I received during the process including invaluable amounts of information on parts/upgrades/issues etc. Not to mention the few saturdays they came in to work on it due to having more issues than expected. Happy to say I will definitely going back to them for anything else.
  4. DevilsCry

    Milltek or Cobra exhaust

    Assuming you meant north, it's quite funny as I'm from the middle (below Utrecht) but moved to the UK a few years ago. I'm personally having difficulties with finding a exhaust for a decent price, I need the quad pipes (trd) otherwise it looks odd and those are £1200 upwards. Was looking at getting a custom one made but then covid hit us and paused that project.
  5. DevilsCry

    Milltek or Cobra exhaust

    I remember our rules being stricter than in the UK in regards to exhaust sounds and a non-resonated Cobra would be going over the sound limit by quite a bit. Have you thought about getting a custom exhaust or just removing cat?
  6. DevilsCry

    Forged FA20 Engine - £3000

    This is going to be a long shot since your post was from 2019.. do you still have the forged engine?
  7. DevilsCry

    Knocking sound

    I think it's gone. Tried to start it today and it is struggling very hard to get it running, smells of burning oil and looks like the crank is wobbling..
  8. DevilsCry

    Knocking sound

    Manifold is stock unfortunately. I'll spend this weekend having a look at it and see if it is something as simple as tightening something. If I can't find it I'll have to keep my baby on the drive and save up to take it to a garage in the (hopefully) near future I have seen too many youtube videos with similar sounds and they all have different issues so who knows!
  9. DevilsCry

    Knocking sound

    I have a feeling I'll have to suck it up and find a suitable garage, local guy is closed for the time being
  10. DevilsCry

    Knocking sound

    Bit of knocking sounds for a second when the engine initially starts but then normal idling, don't believe there was any noise when accelerating in neutral whilst standing still..
  11. DevilsCry

    Knocking sound

    Knocking sound started today and seems to only happen when I touch the accelerator, rattling stops when I let go as you can hear in vid nr 2. Vid nr 3 is another new feature that came with the knocking update with a bit of smoke coming from between the engine and manifold.. Any ideas? 1.mp4 2.mp4 3.mp4
  12. DevilsCry

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Yaris absolutely doesn't do it for me. However, best of luck Lauren, hope all goes well. It's always exciting waiting for the next toy to play with
  13. DevilsCry

    Condensed mode not condensing

    It will be fixed whenever the person that hosts the forum applies the latest update.
  14. DevilsCry

    ECUTEK map switching

    Same here, the change is instant and always starts up on the last map used.
  15. DevilsCry

    GT 86 rear parking camera kit

    Apologies if they are large, am doing this from my mobile.