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  1. SimonB95

    Recommendations on brake pads?

    DS2500 are pretty shit on track. From what I've learnt there is no amazing do all pad. Either get something that's friendlier on road. Or something that's more aggressive on track. Or ideally get both and swap them over when required
  2. SimonB95

    Final drive change

    Most of the time I don't really notice it, I suppose I've just gotten used to it. But occasionally I find I notice it, and when I do I end up listening for it. It's completely bearable, but it's just something to think about
  3. SimonB95

    Final drive change

    I've got the MFactory 4.67 Final Drive. I think it's quite nice and engaging being able to blast through gears. I wouldn't recommend it for a daily drive. I do 6k miles per year and find it's more consuming on fuel now due to being higher up in the rev range. Other downside I find is that it can be quite a loud 'whirring' noise
  4. SimonB95

    Gear Indicator?

    On a sidenote to this thread. I've changed my final drive and my display always shows I'm in a gear lower than what I'm in. Anyone know how to fix this? 😶
  5. SimonB95

    Best Brake Discs?

    I've got some unused EBC oem replacement discs that I bought but never used if you're interested. Been meaning to stick them up for sale for a while now
  6. I will be doing tracktime too, It's usually 30 min sessions. After seeing videos of Action days I would try to avoid them, but these sessions are quite enjoyable and the people who take part usually have common sense. I think last time there was a PHSS on at Silverstone we went to the Fox and Hounds at Whittlebury (Which is about 5 mins away from)
  7. Will be there and tracktime if there is any
  8. SimonB95

    600bhp Driveshafts

    Are these OK for 601bhp or will they instantly explode?
  9. Just got a larger resonator put in my TD system by a local fabricator. Made a massive improvement and wasn't overly expensive. Could be worth a look into?
  10. SimonB95

    Full respray?

    Surely paint correction and a full detail would be far cheaper? I think @TTR had a quote recently for ~£700 and his paintwork is rather dreadful
  11. SimonB95

    TD Catback exhaust group Buy?

    Absolutely loving mine. Sounds a lot better than the Cobra system I had a while back, and far better than being on stock Just need to get my manifold sorted now and i'll be happy
  12. Just get a printout of the pass and come anyway? They're not numbered and we've done it before
  13. SimonB95

    Lowering Advice

    I've been through 3 sets of coilovers, essentially upgrading each time. The performance and comfort of more expensive coilovers is definitely worth the money and i wish i had just bought a set of Öhlins straight away instead of going for cheaper alternatives. Other people recommend KW V3s and Bilstein B16s Personally i do not like springs as having been passenger in cars with them, the ride is made worse than the standard suspension (Which is actually quite good)
  14. I'm about 15 miles away and it's not great at the moment. About an inch or snow and massive snow drifts