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  1. MPS

    Brake Pedal Effort??

    Just thought I would add this as I weighed the discs before fitting them, I've seen them listed as 17 pounds, presumably Toyota OEM, I can't guarantee my scales are accurate, I still have the OEM discs which I will weigh at some stage (although with some wear).
  2. MPS

    Brake Pedal Effort??

    Just thought I would update on this topic even though it was some time ago. I fitted the stainless steel flexible lines, did notice some improvement although brakes still felt a little 'wooden'. So later I decided to fit the new pads to see if that was the issue, I found the front pads on one side were stuck in the carrier at an angle causing the pads to wear unevenly. I had to use a mallet to remove the pads from the carrier - they were that stuck. At the same time I replaced the discs, now the brakes feel fine. The car had a Toyota service history, and had even been in for noisy brakes although they weren't noisy for me.
  3. MPS

    Faulty Electronic Wing Mirror

    An old thread I know, but my passenger door hasn't folded since I purchased the car, I have been looking out for a used mirror to install new electronics /motors etc. Today I had a flat batteryπŸ”‹ (queue of people buying new ones 😬) fitted new battery, got back from a test drive - door mirror works!!, great smooth operation, seems the disconnection of the battery reset something. Might be worth a try to see if this works if you have a stuck mirror - I did have to reset the rev limit indicator but hey ho, the pain of paying for a new battery more than offset for having a working mirror. 😜
  4. MPS

    Brake Pedal Effort??

    Thanks for the replies πŸ™‚, I will continue to drive as I haven't done that many miles, I do have some new pads plus SS braided brake hoses that I will fit at some stage, but am in no hurry to do so, when I get around to it I will report back.
  5. MPS

    Brake Pedal Effort??

    Thanks, yes the brakes seems fine a higher speed, just lack initial bite at lower speed, will have to put some more miles to retrain my brain πŸ‘
  6. MPS

    Brake Pedal Effort??

    Thanks for your reply
  7. MPS

    Brake Pedal Effort??

    Thanks for your reply, I have bought some new pads in readiness, I will have a look at the discs and replace if necessary, I'm just trying to get a handle on what is 'normal' as I haven't read any negative comments about the standard brakes for road use.
  8. MPS

    Brake Pedal Effort??

    Hi all, New (used) first time GT86 owner here. How much effort does the brake pedal need?, how long is a piece of string question I know. Driving my Kia runabout I can brake around town just using my foot pressure/weight only, the GT86 needs a firmer push - no initial bite - at higher speeds seems relatively 'normal'. The car has been recently MOT'd, I haven't inspected the brakes but can see the anti rattle plates look new. Car pulls up fine in a straight line, servo works fine, all brake seem warm after a drive so I don't think any calipers are sticking. Does the GT86 need a firmer push at lower speed? Any thoughts please 😁