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  1. Hello mate, I have a set of the Tuning Developments equal length catless manifold + overpipe. Roughly 6k miles on them, in absolutely fine nick, heat wrap still vgc no rust etc. Car was always stored in a garage. I fancied a bit of rumble so tried some UEL which aren't as good at the top end but swings n roundabouts eh. I'm currently based in London but the manifold is in storage in Burton Upon Trent. I often go back to Shrewsbury so could arrange pickup there with a bit of a heads up. Price wise would let them go for £450 ono Cheers
  2. Feemono

    In comes the GR86

    Interesting that the new BRZ and the GR86 are actually mechanically distinct with regard to suspension/chassis components. Also, according to this page https://motor-fan.jp/mf/article/1462/ the GR86 has a 1.1kg lighter propshaft compared to the GT86. I'd buy that for a dollar !
  3. Feemono

    In comes the GR86

    Actually... If the manual transmission is basically the same as the GT86 but with upgraded/modified parts I wonder if there'd be anything to stop us from getting hold of the relevant parts and rebuilding the gearbox with said parts? I suppose Toyota/Subaru/Aisin might be awkward or straight uncooperative with ordering the upgraded bits. And then there's the cost of a transmission rebuild which I believe is very expensive. Any idea approximately how much that might cost from a reputable place? I was close to getting rid of my 2017 GT86 due to being unhappy with the power delivery until Fensport tuned but still the gearbox disappoints me after trying shifter springs and mount insert from another tuner and now the TRD mount plus aftermarket tranny fluid.
  4. Feemono

    In comes the GR86

    That's the same article as you posted before but I happened to see this https://motor-fan.jp/mf/article/6950/ one at the bottom which touches upon some of the changes as follows (auto-translated): So there has been some modification of the synchomesh! I read an article some time ago that went into the efforts of the engineers to target a 'sporty' feeling shift and how they were satisfied they did a good job which I found curious since so many of us were unpleased. Score +1 for upgrading to the GR86 🙂 Some further mention of the AT changes: Thanks again for the links
  5. Feemono

    In comes the GR86

    Brilliant. This is the post I was after, cheers. In the Ken Gushi video he touches upon the shifter feel mentioning that the linkages have been changed but I'd love to get some more specific details on that. Especially the synchros as they're what I'm led to believe are giving some of us that unsatisfactory 3rd>2nd change. 1st to 2nd is a bit hit and miss for me as well though 2nd>3rd is v slick on mine. Improvements in shifting I think I'd care for even more than engine improvements.
  6. Would've liked to come along to this Will but I've been down South working 👋
  7. Feemono

    Midlands Lunch Meet - Sat 15th May (Hoof Beats)

    Nice one for this Will. Deacon I could've done with your 4.8 final drive on the way back though. Either that or get back in the gym to get more flexibility in my clutching leg. I don't see that listed at Tegiwai or on eBay though 🤔 Was loving the respective cars. Next email to be written will be to Rogue re manifolds methinks.
  8. Feemono

    8" 215/45 ET35 vastly different to stock?

    This is me (: Apart from being slightly shocked at how the Primacy HP performs in the damp I do like the original thinking in designing a car's handling to not be reliant on a specialist tyre with a high level of grip.
  9. Feemono

    8" 215/45 ET35 vastly different to stock?

    wow they look like 18s Will. I don't think Alleggeritas will look anywhere near as impressive due the spoke > rim design but it's nice to know I'll at least be heading that way in terms of offset. Cheers for the replies fellas, I have a habit of kind of writing things backwards (🙄) so it comes across as a bit more of a tire question rather than the track/offset which I'm trying to get a handle on. Obvs I mentioned the V105s which I'm thinking about upgrading to but just for theories sake imagine I was using the original 215/45 Primacies. In that case I'd get somewhat 'sharper' handling due to less sidewall flex (no bad thing I'd wager based on my experience with the stock car), I get royally confused when it comes to contact patches and the like but I'm interested in what the half an inch extra track would do combined with the extra inch of rim. I guess you can never fully divorce these things from each other though. My thinking in staying with 215/45 tires was that as I was keen on seeing the effect of lightweight rims 215/45 wouldn't be any heavier compared to the 225/45 and then also I'd have a stretched tire vs a lesser stretch. I certainly don't want to over tire the car or compromise the already nimble steering.
  10. Hi all, Just looking at lightweight rims and I've seen OZ Alleggerita as coming in either +48 or +35 offsets. Interested in 17". I can kind of take or leave the styling on the Alleggerita but what initially drew me to these past the weight and price was that they're TUV certified. Not sure how much to read into that but with enough experiences with potholes I'd like some confidence that they're not going to disintegrate after a tasty slam against some of the more decent ones that feature on some of our roads. I'm not sure if the stock track on the GT86 is purely specific to the handling they were going for but it would be nice to get a bit more poke and +35 with an 8" rim seems ok from what I read as far as clearance goes. I want to upgrade from the Primacies which I don't get on with in greasy conditions (bit skittery over uneven surfaces too?) but have no problem with them when it's warm and dry. Yokohama V105 seem to get a few fans and 215/45 pops up on a few charts as the bare minimum you'd want to safely put on an 8" rim. What I'm curious about is if with that setup of a 215/45 tire on an 8" rim with ET35 is whether the handling would be vastly different than stock or would it still be in keeping with the way the car was designed to handle? Cheers for any replies and I should say I'm a noob when it comes to aftermarket wheels save for an experience putting MK1 golf GTi alloys on an econo box mk2 Golf 20 years ago so I may not be considering pertinent knowledge! Ta I should also mention that if I upgraded the wheels I'd go for some adjustable dampers and perhaps a 25mm drop but I guess that'd be another query in the handling equation. Cheers
  11. Interested in this too. It's the only UEL with a 4-2-1 design from what I gather?
  12. Feemono

    Midlands Lunch Meet - Sat 15th May (Hoof Beats)

    haha cheers, the numberplate I've replaced now. It was pretty comical. But yeah, would be ace to join.
  13. Feemono

    Midlands Lunch Meet - Sat 15th May (Hoof Beats)

    Interested! I missed out on the last Midlands meet by half a day within a week of receiving my GT86. Saw a blue BRZ driving towards town past Morrisons in Shrewsbury later that afternoon... For shame I've been driving round this last lockdown with a bent numberplate and missing a headlight washer cover. Will see if I can source one sharpish as I'd love to join but I don't want to bring shame to the community 😬 Would be nice timing as I've been chatting with a couple tuners about some more mods but a family members had some health issues which has thrown the proverbial spanner in the works and it seems like tuners are getting v busy this summer. Pete
  14. What rim width/ET and tire width are you looking at? I'm currently letting 7.5 width and 215/45 tires dictate which 17" rims I get even though for looks sake I'd prefer to go 8 inch wide ET35 rims
  15. Feemono

    Brake Pedal Effort??

    Coming to my 2017 GT86 with 9k on the clock I was a little bothered by the lack of initial bite but having said that I disliked the newer cars I've had in the past with v bitey initial braking. For me it's more of a confidence thing as I like to be able to brush off a little speed without fully digging into the pedal. I've no reservations about the ultimate stopping power but again, the lack of initial bite isn't as I'd care for with my driving style.