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  1. Stoneman

    Brake Upgrades

    Thanks for the advice, I'm still learning as I go what else would you recommend? I'd rather be uniform and have piece of mind by replacing the rotors and pads all at once. I do plan on doing more to the car in future and I would like to do some track days
  2. Stoneman

    Brake Upgrades

    Hi All, As you can see I'm new to the forums but finally decided to create an account to get involved instead of just lurking around I'm planning on getting my Brakes upgraded in the next week as they have started to squeal at me, as far as I can tell I have 42k on the clock (bought it at 33k) and I don't think they have ever been replaced. After looking around on here I have seen a few different recommendations and from OEM I'm planning to go with these.. https://www.torqen.uk/toyota/toyota-gt86/brakes/pack-deals/20229-toyota-gt86-stoptech-discs-sport-performance-pads-kit-drilled-slotted.html I do plan to do more to the vehicle in future but for now everything is stock. If anyone has any other recommendations or can point me in a better money saving/bang for buck that would be appreciated. but this seems like a great deal.