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Jay Bamrah

What I did to stop rattles for my brz

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I know theirs 1000 posts on this but I think the more people that post on it the better.  Each post might have something of value to someone so I wanted to as well.



first rattle is here this is what it looks like exposed...


The plastic clips rattle here so I used adhesive foam on the bottom of them(link at bottom to cheap foam)

Next rattle is this ...



the exposed part is made of plastic and so I put adhesive foam here (this is the bottom of the back seat)

next is here ...


This corner piece on both ends rattles against the glass window, I filled behind it with foam. The hole here is what hole you need to push foam through to fill it, i recommend you put your finger in first to feel where it needs to go, photo of hole is below...




next is here...



(at the top of the window that plastic piece) the roof liner is lose you can easily get small chunks of foam and push them in there hidden...


next place ...



this area in general, I know it looks ugly how I did it but it’s all invisible when the seats are back so I don’t care, I just made it tight as hell, no movement..





this is where the break light is... that piece, I put foam on the edge where it sits against the back seats as it was plastic on metal and had movement...




next is all of the holes in the boot, this pushes the third break light up so it can’t vibrate on the glass window. I filled every hole and put duck tape there to make sure it doesn’t pop out. Also every cable here I made tight so they can’t move about 

here is one extra photo


Next part...




this is the obvious part, I put foam where the wheel arches are and then I put adhesive 3m foam EVERYWHERE after that, im sorry I have no photo of that but you know what I mean, the entire boot is covered in 3m adhesive foam.


Hope I had some stuff useful to you.


THIS IS THE FINAL LOOK FROM BOOT...oh I also did that part on the boot door I just took that off and put foam underneath, makes opening and closing the boot feel nicer too 


hope I can help someone

ADHESIVE FOAM - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3M-6mm-Car-Sound-Proofing-Deadening-Camper-Van-Insulation-Closed-Cell-Foam-Sheet/184106555361?pageci=20637d0f-8686-41bb-9ca2-a8a4cfb8a525


REGULAR FOAM - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOAM-SHEETS-CUT-TO-70-x20-x1-TO-5-IN-DEPTH-DENSITY-HARD-MED-SOFT-/264125917402?pageci=c327efe7-12b0-4865-a00d-33d9dedbcdb8

——————————-THE END——————————









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