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  1. MovesWithClouds

    Toyota RWD fan

    Or you look at your car often in show windows as you pass I look in reflections of parked cars for oncoming vehicles when I back out of my garage because the view is very limited.
  2. MovesWithClouds

    How do we report a user

    She's cheating on us already i'm tellin ya!
  3. MovesWithClouds

    How do we report a user

    Thanks, I couldn't find the report button at first.
  4. MovesWithClouds

    How do we report a user

    New user Alena pm's me to tell me she desperately wants to have sex with me. What should i do? Is there a manual or an online 'getting started' somewhere?
  5. MovesWithClouds


    It's failsafe. If everybody is in on it then you're making sure the secret is kept from the others.
  6. MovesWithClouds


    Oh right! Now everybody will join in in keeping the secret safe! Well I guess it's always good to share the burden...
  7. MovesWithClouds

    What I did to stop rattles for my brz

    Road noise really increases when rear tyres wear out, so it can get fairly loud on the motorway. The motorway is also where the driving is boring and I can catch up listening to boring interviews with nerdy people. But then I can't hear the interview and I have to choose. Switch to music? Make the drive more interesting? Try out hypermiling? Drive backwards? Meditate?
  8. MovesWithClouds

    What I did to stop rattles for my brz

    I know! I just keep thinking did I get lucky with my car or do I just not care? I don't notice it. Road noise I notice.
  9. MovesWithClouds

    What I did to stop rattles for my brz

    There can be a lot of road noise with this car but rattles? I don't even know if there are any. First thing I'd look into with road noise is the rear seats.
  10. MovesWithClouds

    Weight of an alloy...

    The weight of the tyre is higher and it is more at the outside of the wheel than the rim so it will have a much higher impact on rotational inertia. I sometimes switch between light 16 inch wheels and heavier 17 inch and it clearly feels different, but most of the difference is irrelevant: because the gyroscopic effect is heavier turning the wheel is heavier. Only, that effect can easily be tuned by tuning the servo. I do have the feeling that road contact is better on bad backroads but again there are multiple factors: more sidewall also means more flex and this also improves road contact(at the expense of precision). It is pretty hard for me to isolate the weight-rebound factor from the rest.
  11. MovesWithClouds

    Causes of brake fade on a track day

    Someone told me the thickness of the pads is part of the protection against boiling brake fluid, which is the real danger(brake fading is merely annoying): the risk is higher when the pads are worn.
  12. MovesWithClouds

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Yes Mazepin crash is a good example of a standard oversteer crash: oversteer in one direction, catch it , then swing uncontrollably the other way. That is one thing you learn in car control, to anticipate the swing back. A classic example from a hm, prospective buyer of a RWD car:
  13. MovesWithClouds

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Let's see how frequently this issue pops up. There are subtle differences between gearboxes which make it more or less likely for misshifts to happen. While it is still the responsibility of the driver the design does matter. Just like the design of the buttons for the cooking plates is a factor in how often you turn on the wrong plate or have to look twice in order to make sure. On the GT86 I found it not trivial to find the 4-gate when downshifting fast or in block. Had a close call once when i hit second gear instead.
  14. MovesWithClouds

    Snapping wheel studs

    Oh another thing, replace all the nuts where you spot thread damage. Easy to spot, it makes them difficult to turn by hand. They're cheap anyway.
  15. MovesWithClouds


    Obviously, how else could you know.