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  1. LGE

    So - visiting Japan. Tips?

    Definitely visit the Toyota showroom/museum in Odaiba as what others have mentioned above.. here's 2 pics to wet your appetite (I went in 2012)
  2. Hi all Apologies if this has been covered before, but a week or two ago I found a localised dent on my boot lid 😥 Was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for places to go to get this fixed. I'm based around Derby.. Unfortunately the dent doesn't come out well in photos (looks like it's fine) but reassure there is a dent Cheers, LGE
  3. In case you get lost to the cafe the post code should be KT13 0NY
  4. @VAD17 just to be clear it's the place below? I don't want to embarrass myself and wait at a different location again
  5. LGE

    Exhaust Condensation?

    I don't have the car for that long.. but that sounds similar to what I experience (probably normal).. hopefully most people will say the same I had the same thoughts as you initially.
  6. this looks interesting.. I'm going to London on Sat so if I can find a cheap hotel I wouldn't mind tagging along. Will keep you posted. EDIT: I think I'm almost there.. just need to book a hotel and buy a ticket.. Concorde is a bonus too! EDIT 2:@VAD17 I'm all booked up (hotel + advance day tix) so I'm confirmed
  7. Finally made it back home after a looong drive Really interesting day.. great experience.. thanks for organising VAD Good to meet you too Will! See you guys around.. EDIT: Also many thanks to angelina gavin brz and co for the tips and advice..
  8. Oh dear I went to wrong place! Will be late
  9. Ignore will head directly to the venue..
  10. That's what the confirmation email said.. I don't have one so won't be bringing one..
  11. LGE

    Popping / clicking noise front slow turns

    So mine was solved by replacing the top mount under warranty.. many thanks to Richard @ RRG.
  12. So I paid a visit to RRG recently and we tried topping up the aircon gas.. Still monitoring it but the smell seemed to have disappeared (or gotten weaker)..
  13. Looks similar to mine when I got it changed. RRG also sprayed some kind of odouriser to get rid of any through the pipes.. Unfortunately that didn't help my situation (i.e. It was fine during startup and idle, but if I drive with A/C + recirc when driving around I get the smell coming through the vents) But to be honest it's bearable cos there isn't really a smell without recirc..
  14. I presume the muck you are referring to is the green "goo"? Some people have mentioned that the green goo elsewhere takes time to burn off.. I presume you checked the cam coverplate already and it's dry.. I have something similar and found the smell is strongest when aircon + recirculation is turned on.. might be worth playing around with the diff settings to see when it happens.. Mine happens when accelerating in general I think.. Closest thing I can think of in terms of smell is burnt coffee?
  15. Thanks guys for the good advice Cheers.