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  1. 18 inch diameter, 9.5 inch width, 38 offset. Just to clarify
  2. Simply Race - Milton Keynes

    Definitely 50 minutes
  3. As it says on the tin. Putting my Works up for sale. Want some ZE40 Rays instead Looking for £1250, but I'll take £1k flat in exchange for some stock wheels with some decent tyre tread on them. The Works currently have 235/40/18 Yokohama V105 Tyres on them, they've done 1000 miles with the previous owner (Grey car) and have 5mm or more tread left all around Located in Milton Keynes.
  4. PHSS Sign up for the new Silverstone date is live! https://www.pistonheads.com/calendar/event.asp?i=70174
  5. I'm all good to make that
  6. Why gt86

    You forgot the 20 year old gearbox, the D4S Injection isn't particularly new technology either. Oh and the 70 year old MacPherson strut design for the suspension If you're going to argue that the interior of an 86/BRZ is as nice as a same generation BMW or VAG equivalent. Then you're quite frankly being obtuse. I'm not saying the 86/BRZ is tied, I have 2 of them so it'd be contradictory for me to do so. However it's biggest short comings are the interior and it's ability to be used as a daily driver vs something like a Golf GTI.
  7. Why gt86

    But it doesn't have anywhere near the same level of comfort or convenience, the 86 is archaic inside compared to a MK7 GTI. Yes it's not as fun, but it certainly has more easily accessible performance and comfort. However, a GTI doesn't do skids like a GT86 and that's what really matters
  8. Why gt86

    Pretty much described a Golf GTI
  9. Not to mention with the more aggressive pad setups, you'll eventually completely kill your stock calipers.
  10. Deacons '86

    I've heard that one a few times
  11. HKS EL header/Zircotec White costing

  12. Bump, anyone else signed up?
  13. Signup's for PHSS at Silverstone have gone live! Seemed to be a fairly popular one last year for the GT86 lot. Track Time bookings will be available later today https://www.pistonheads.com/calendar/event.asp?i=70174 People attending: 1. @TTR 2. @SimonB95 3. @Lucas@PartBox 4. @HariboPenguin 5. @Minion 6. @Ivesy722 7. @Falix 8. @Samsss 9. @faith 10. @DanJ 11. @infernouk 12. @Mikey P