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  1. £15, best I can do.
  2. For the love of god has anyone got a set for sale
  3. Provisionally sold
  4. For sale again 🤷‍♂️ Located in Milton Keynes. £150 takes it.
  5. Breaking - Supercharged Auto

    10/10 Top kek. As you know I'll have the rear BBK and overpipe. Andddd the Oil Pressure/Temp gauges if they're going for £50 each
  6. Full respray?

    £700 for the detail and coating, £400 for front/rear bumpers and wings respray.
  7. Don't think that's going to happen Fortunately I still have the BRZ, so I'll be arriving in style with that haha.
  8. Will do, I'd almost forgotten about those!
  9. Right, somebody can have this for £150 or its going in the bin
  10. Harrop GT86 Eaton TVS1320

    Nope, on an Avo Turbo at the moment but it's a bit choked up at the top end. Hence looking at other options. May be that a larger frame of Turbo is the only real route past 400hp
  11. Harrop GT86 Eaton TVS1320

    Stoke is unchanged, bore is 86.5mm and the compression ratio is 10:1. It's similar to the Harrop dev car apart from the extra displacement. Nope, you did service my Subaru BRZ a while back though . Just weighing up my options for 400hp.
  12. Harrop GT86 Eaton TVS1320

    Yeah my engine is being built at the moment. Hence the question about the 65mm pulley, so could potentially be looking at high 300's at the hubs taking to account the gain from E85 and the extra displacement?
  13. Harrop GT86 Eaton TVS1320

    Is anyone in the UK running a 65mm pulley on the Harrop kit? If so what are the power levels? And what's the current lead time?