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  1. Stiofana

    Parts out - Perfect N/A Set up

    intake spacers
  2. Various parts for sale (Perfect n/a set up in my opinion) Tuning development equal length headers/manifold. Been on the car for about 20k miles - £275 Berk Front Pipe (with high flow cat) £100 Been on the car for about 25k miles Large cold air intake scoop (Imported from Japan) £100 Crawford intake spacers (moves up the power band) with band new gaskets £100. Eibach lowering springs on stock suspension ( transforms the cars handling) £250 Collection only from Bedford
  3. Guys really sorry has to be collection only from Romford!!
  4. Ace Equal Length Exhaust Manifold and Overpipe. The ace header has a 4-2-1 design and is regarded as one of the best manifolds for the 86 platform with one of highest torque values. Perfect for those who wish to remain N/A Amazing quality. Only done approximately 2000 miles Cost new over £1500 looking for £750 Collection only. Romford area Thanks
  5. Stiofana

    Sunday Drive Out Essex

    This still happening?
  6. Stiofana

    Sunday Drive Out Essex

    I would definitely be interested. Just not available on that date
  7. Stiofana

    2019 Goodwood Breakfast Club

    Sounds good.I'll be up for this
  8. Stiofana

    2019 Goodwood Breakfast Club

    @VAD17 where were you thinking of driving from to goodwood?
  9. June is the expected earliest date to book cars in for this recall according to to Jemca Toyota which spoke to the Toyota warranty department. This date could change.
  10. Since this was announced, I have been debating as to whether or not I want a dealer taking out my engine to replace the valve spring. Pros: New valve springs Change the spark plugs at the same time Change the engine mounts at the same time New oil ect Cons: Taking out the engine to replace these springs could cause more damage then leaving the springs as they were especially if the repair has not been done correctly. If valve spring failures were common failure in these cars and we were all talking them, then I could understand but apparently it only affects a really small percentage of cars. Anyone having this same debate? Anyone else thinking just to leave their car as is and taking a chance ?
  11. Stiofana

    NA tune or turbo that is my dilema....

    I agree with you. I went down the NA route and now wish I had more power. i.e forced induction
  12. Stiofana

    Crawford Performance Intake Spacers

    Any update on this. Would be great to see the results
  13. Stiofana

    Zunsport front Grill

    Still available ?
  14. Stiofana

    Run / Meet

    I would be up for it depending on dates