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  1. Tuning Developments NA kit: Benefits: -25% more torque at 3k rpm -classic Subaru rumble exhaust sound - passes MOT emissions test Includes: -UEL exhaust manifold -overpipe RRP £1495 with ecutek licence £500 but you need to buy an ecutek licence to tune the car which I think is £150 done 2000 miles and will be on like 2500 once you collect it you can probably take it to Mike at Tuning Developments and he would fit it and tune your car for like £300(including cost of ecutek licence) as a guess but definitely worth getting a real quote first. Or do it yourself for £500+ cost of ecutek licence so all in cost of £650 for yourself. If you have a way to lift your car up it’s very easy to fit. -collection from basingstoke -free in person delivery depending on location -delivery at your cost only for sale once my AVO turbo kit is fitted as that is when it will be taken off my car. (13th december) If you want it just send me a message and I will reserve it for you with no deposit, I will trust your sincerity and I will ask you to pay for it on the 13th of December. thanks
  2. Jay Bamrah

    Cobra cat back

    Hi, does anyone have a cobra cat back and lives not too far from basingstoke. I would love to hear one is all. if you have a catless UEL manifold then even better but if not then I would still love the chance to hear one. many thanks
  3. Jay Bamrah

    Cobra cat back

    Can I just confirm. U have no turbo snd still have the cat in the front pipe? If so then that’s mint thanks bro
  4. NOW £450 message me I want it gone
  5. so many myths with air, just a question for the air suspension boys out there. Does it numb road feel through the car/steering wheel? In comparison to stock suspension not in comparison to performance coils
  6. Jay Bamrah

    Does air suspension ruin road feedback

    Send me the YouTube link when it’s up pls
  7. Hey guys I haven’t heard back from anyone in a few days so if anyone would like the kit please message me.
  8. Off topic, are those stoptech brake disc and pads?
  9. Awesome and yeah you are! Thank you for letting me know
  10. Exactly one month to the day now. Please can people who have said they are interested confirm if they still are. Thanks
  11. Jay Bamrah


    Car can get as low as 17mpg if u thrash it everyday on the roads. It can be as high as 40. I average 23 which is very low for the car. Expect to have 29. the car has small brakes which are quite cheap to replace when they wear. car doesn’t drink oil and if u drive like a normal person the engine will last you forever. i have had mine for one year and all I would say is the standard tail lights tend to fog up and buying some foam and putting it inside the boot and doors of the car will help it the most. Oh also replace the stock tyres ASAP they suck.
  12. Jay Bamrah

    Brake disc and pads

    Hey guys, So long story short il be turbo charged in a month. I need better brakes as it is let alone then. The hub of my brake discs I want it black instead of rust. No point spraying it black I may as well just upgrade them.I want better performing and nicer looking discs, ones with grooves for cooling. I also want better brake pads, ones that don’t screech when cold like track pads but are better at stopping a 100mph car. I also want to get my brakes sprayed black. I want to get all that done together at the same time. does anyone recommend any pads,discs or calliper spraying companies. Is it worth getting metal brake lines also. thanks as always
  13. Jay Bamrah

    Tuning Developments UEL

    Nice’ how is it !!
  14. Jay Bamrah

    Tuning Developments UEL

    Did you get a Harrop supercharger ?
  15. Awesome Added you to list
  16. Awesome you’re second in line then !
  17. Jay Bamrah

    2nd hand turbo

    ask Mike how much to go stock again it will tell you if it is even worth it
  18. Does anyone know where I can get some struts that automatically open ur boot? I know the golfs and m140i can get it etc
  19. Awesome! December 13th you’re 1st in line so if you still want it 13/12/21 then it is yours. If not then whoever is 2nd in line would get it etc. :)
  20. I was hoping for people’s opinion on this. I heard it helps with the jerk motion when we come off the accelerator in our cars. thanks
  21. Does anyone have an AVO turboed gt86/BRZ not crazy far from basingstoke. what’s everyone’s thoughts on the kit? Stage 2 + oil cooler + clutch + variable boost controller. how did the people with the kit find the Fensport overall service
  22. Jay Bamrah

    AVO turbo kit near basingstoke

    How many miles have u done with ur SC on and what’s ur review on it? Who fitted it for you also. What power u running ?
  23. Jay Bamrah

    AVO turbo kit near basingstoke

    Can u tell me why pls
  24. Jay Bamrah

    Semi-forged engines

    Did u only get this problem once u got a build engine? So running 290HP was fine? Well unless u went from stock straight to forged engine