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  1. Selling my Valenti V2 clear red taillights, no chips or cracks or leaks. After £240 open to offers.
  2. Bit random, did you ever sell this?
  3. I’m after TRD parts. Battery clamp, oil cap, rad cap, steering wheel (gold dust I know).
  4. Sleazyboii

    200mm Android Head Unit?

    Hi, I’m looking at getting an android headunit however I’ve just come from a Sony XAV3005db, which was awesome, this has now gone into my daily and was looking for something that fitted better than a double din with side trim pieces. Are the android head units any good? Really interested in picking one up. Any info would be helpful.
  5. Sleazyboii

    GT86 Facelift Bumper

    I did mine for around £700 Second hand bumper for around £200 Plastic trims grills fittings etc around £150 Washer jet covers £40 ( Joke i know ) Rest was on paint. You will also need new light surrounds as the clips on the facelift don’t match up with the original. - £40 There was no issue with the washer arms, they’re slightly offset, you just need to modify the covers to fit. FYI i was never happy with the way it looked, so opted for stock and TRD. You will also need new headlights or unless you want to retrofit some indicators in the fog slots. Let me know if you do it, I’ve made all the mistakes with mine. Saves you wasting money.
  6. Sleazyboii

    OEM Parts For Sale

    Hi mate it is!
  7. Sleazyboii

    2017+ GT86 STI Styled front lip

    It’s still for sale and I have the original fixings too. If that helps
  8. Sleazyboii

    2017+ GT86 STI Styled front lip

    Hi mate, yes still available. It’s just Tek screws the fitting kit, I’ll see if I’ve got the original stuff.
  9. Sleazyboii

    OEM Parts For Sale

  10. For sale STI Style front lip for the 2017+ (Facelift) GT86, i don't think this will fit on the BRZ. £80
  11. Sleazyboii

    OEM Parts For Sale

    Selling some old OEM stuff just lying around. I'm aware people already have these parts just the off chance someone might need a replacement. Collection or delivery. Spoiler 37J - £80 O.N.O Front Reg plate mount (no hardware) - £10 Rear lights - £50
  12. After a HIC roof spoiler and Grimspeed alternator cover (any colour)
  13. Sleazyboii

    GR86 Finally Spied

    I think i read approx 175lb/ft of torque, i'm no expert, is that going to be something to write home about? I mean is that going to be a night and day difference over the current engine? I would love to see it come boosted but I guess then it falls awkwardly in Toyota's lineup with the 2.0 litre Supra. Either way I'm excited to see what the outcome is. I just guess I've fallen in love with the current car. I hope the next gen goes above and beyond it.