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  1. I did one of these in 2015 PS what part is broken ?
  2. As a few of you know I'm moving house so after many great years with the car its time for me to move on plus the fact I hardly drive the car these days. remember i love you cute mixed baby boys black girl names that start with d So..... list of items fitted to the car I might of missed one or two things..... Toyota GT86 Turbo 51,000 Miles Full Toyota Service history one owner car, new clutch and fork just fitted. AVO Stage 2 Turbo With Ceramic Manifold. With 6 psi actuator Forge Dump Valve, 3 Bar map sensor & over boost cut, AVO Breather system Fensport oil cooler,Full AVO 3" Exhaust, Five Axis Bodykit Seibon Carbon Fibre Bonnet Tom's Rear Lights. Valenti LED Rear Bumper Light, Top Sage Door Mirrors with LED. Tommy Kaira Spoiler. 18 x 9.5 Work D9R Alloys. Tein Street Flex Z Coilovers. DBA Front & Rear Brake Discs, Pioneer AVH-X5800DAB DVD receiver with 7 Touchscreen, Speakers Focal K2 Power 165KRC. Next MOT 26/8/20 car has done 51,000 Miles Turbo was fitted to the car at 11k. Bad points alloys have slight kerbing, one or two bits of the painted dash might need a refresh and the roof aerial is loose so the radio signal is poor. Car is located in Pinner Middx.
  3. https://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=139286 https://www.toyota.com/t3Portal/document/omnav-s/OM2086da/pdf/OM2086da.pdf
  4. Need to make some space so my original bonnet is up for sale, just needs a new latch. £275
  5. GT86-Ian

    Advice needed!

    Maybe Toyota has learned its lesson from the hype of the GT86 and Supra.
  6. GT86-Ian

    Advice needed!

    Another option to consider is save for the new GR86 in 2021.
  7. GT86-Ian

    Advice needed!

    If you want the performance pack then don't settle for anything less, As the car your looking at is so new have you looked at sites like Broadspeed for a new car you can get £4100 off.
  8. GT86-Ian

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    If the Boxer engine is so good who else makes one ?
  9. GT86-Ian

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    I think another boxer engine would be a wrong move, could Toyota not fit the 2 ltr BMW engine to the new 86 it would seem the simple option.
  10. GT86-Ian

    Help me decide pleas.

    I would go for the 2014 car.
  11. My car was booked in for Monday just gone have heard nothing official from RRG ( second time cancelled) by the time this gets sorted I might be living five and a half hours away so wont be done. I wouldn't worry too much about it anyway if your engine goes bang it will just get fixed by Toyota.
  12. GT86-Ian

    BRZ not starting - suspect immobiliser

    New car battery required I would expect. you should never let a battery go flat no matter the age.
  13. GT86-Ian

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    I'm not normally a fan of red but this looks quite nice.
  14. GT86-Ian

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    This video just popped up while browsing YouTube gives you a good look at that car.