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  1. Only just seen these, great pictures Keith
  2. GT86-Ian

    Exhaust Upgrade

    No idea how much is it, what does it sound like?
  3. I doubt it as the AVO is 3" from overpipe back.
  4. My car passed with both Berk and later with the AVO 3" high flow cat system.
  5. GT86-Ian

    Seriously want a GT86

    Michelin on the front Nexen rear.
  6. GT86-Ian

    Seriously want a GT86

    This one has sat nav heated seats one owners plus Toyota service history. https://www.elitemotorcompanycroydon.co.uk/used-cars/toyota-gt86-2-0-d-4s-2dr-croydon-201907250456475?at_source=autotrader&at_medium=mobile-web&at_campaign=website-visit
  7. GT86-Ian

    Seriously want a GT86

    I don't think it's quite an engine rebuild 🙄 I did spy a 16 plate on Auto trader with 70k miles for £11k +
  8. GT86-Ian

    Seriously want a GT86

    Try and purchase a MY14 plate onward's to avoid the valve spring recall.
  9. GT86-Ian

    2020 show dates

    BHP show ?
  10. GT86-Ian

    Commercials and Promotionals for Our Cars

    Might of sold a few more with this one.
  11. GT86-Ian

    Newbie from North West London

    Yes I know Andy but I have an altea for getting me to work and I'm busy most weekends so don't get the chance to use it.
  12. GT86-Ian

    Newbie from North West London

    I don't drive my car I'm too worried the valve springs might explode 🕰️
  13. GT86-Ian

    Newbie from North West London

    Welcome to the club, your just down the road from me
  14. GT86-Ian

    Supra Review

    Shhhhh don't go telling everyone......
  15. GT86-Ian

    GT86 AVO Turbo

    Price lowered, not taking any offers at this price.