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  1. GT86-Ian

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Good to hear Richard was able to pull some strings and get the car for the day, its a great looking car. I'm not sure whats going on with Toyota and the lack of options on all its sports cars. I want the choice of different wheels, seat fabrics,heated seats ect.
  2. GT86-Ian

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Possibly no sat nav or heated seats on uk cars ? " Is it true you cant get a sat nav and heated seats on the uk spec gr4 car? Your blog doesnt list them, and doesnt offer any options to add them. But the Euro and jap spec cars do." Toyota UK Hi Getting the specification right for different markets is a challenge, and to make the car as competitive as we can given UK market conditions, we have to balance list price and equipment levels. We're sorry you are disappointed by the car's spec. We're always looking to improve our product offering, and as usual, we'll take all customer feedback onboard. Thank you.
  3. GT86-Ian

    GT86 Bonnet

    Now sold.
  4. GT86-Ian

    Reserved a red GT86 in Wakefield :-)

    Good luck with the car
  5. Stock springs front and rear £15 collected from pinner.
  6. GT86-Ian

    TRD Aero Stabilizing Cover £40

    Now Sold thanks.
  7. GT86-Ian

    How much does a GT86 cost to maintain?

    How much is the 19 plate you've seen ?
  8. GT86-Ian

    TRD Aero Stabilizing Cover £40

    Sorry Paul...
  9. Has a few scuff marks that you should be able to see in the pictures, requires new double sided tape for fitting.
  10. Fully working just needs new tape. Collection from Pinner Middx Thanks.
  11. GT86-Ian

    GT86 Bonnet

    £225 collection from Pinner.
  12. GT86-Ian

    Stock Parts

    Just a few original parts from my car. Front and rear shocks, 11,000 miles £50 steering wheel £45 Clutch 11,000 miles £60 Exhaust £60 Rear Fog £35 These were new replacement lights that I had fitted for about two months £80 All prices are collection from Pinner Middx.
  13. GT86-Ian

    GT86 boot Lid

    Fensport copy.