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  1. Gray

    New Orange GT86

    Welcome to the club. Enjoy miles of smiles
  2. Well I found this post useful. 4 years of ownership, 2 different 86's and only today have I discovered there is a toggle behind the mirror to dim it. Learn something new everyday.
  3. Thanks for that Louise you have confirmed what I thought about the behaviour and steering.
  4. I remember seeing auto dim mirror in the spec but never bothered me, just assumed it was a feature available in some markets. Think all car companies are the same, look at the amount of ads on TV with a disclaimer at the bottom along the lines of 'not all features shown are available on UK spec cars'.
  5. Gray

    New (and oldest ?) GT86 owner

    Welcome to the club. Great choice of car and colour. I agree with you about the power, the numbers game is just getting silly now. Pointless having a road car where you could never exploit the performance on public roads.
  6. You lucky devil, very nice indeed. Just out of curiosity do you find the throttle mapping different/better than the first gen cars? Reason I ask is I've just swapped my car and the new one seems much better behaved on pull away and at low speeds. Not sure whether it's all in my head or something has changed.
  7. Gray

    Any idea what this is...?!

    Pretty sure the code on the metal tag is key number or least that's what the dealer told me. As happyguy82 said the PIN code for the alarm is on some little silver stickers designed to be stuck in either the alarm or owners manual.
  8. Thanks to all of you for the replies and info. Will give the Miltek a miss, shame as I really liked the sound.
  9. Are they still bad for welds after the flexi joint upgrade? Seem to recall a post where Lauren had 4 in 4 years but not sure if pre or post upgrade. Like the sound and assume a non res on a stock motor would come in at sensible db for trackdays
  10. Gray

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    After all the problems you have had with this build that's hardly surprising.
  11. Gray

    Service prices

    You appear to be correct Lauren. Took this off the Motorline Toyota site, additional services/parts may be required depending on age/mileage Brake Fluid £50, Fuel Filter £50*, Cabin Filter £45, Diff Oil £50*, Spark Plugs Change Set £65* * Denotes price from dependant on model Look like price hike on all servicing costs. Wonder what the big one will be now?
  12. Gray

    Red Colour - Old v New

    Thanks for that Kev. Just found out they have 1 in stock at Horsham branch so will likely go and have a look in person next week sometime.
  13. Trying to find out how the latest Pure Red (M7Y) varies from the old Lightning Red (C7P). Any help much appreciated as thinking of changing my car and don't want to end up with a colour I hate, do stealers not have colour swatches anymore.
  14. Gray

    Unsure What To Do?

    Valve spring recall for pre 2014 cars. Check your VIN on https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-recall
  15. Gray

    Unsure What To Do?

    It says first service 3/19, final service 9/21 so I would think you are right, sounds like a 3 year service plan they are selling.