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  1. Gray

    GT86 Owner in Silvertown, East London

    Welcome to the drivers club
  2. Nice photos Keith. Sorry I was not able to attend
  3. Gray

    Simply Japanese 2019

    Hopefully weather will be better this year, looking good at the moment, fingers crossed.
  4. Gray

    Simply Japanese 2019

    Thanks for that Lee, wouldn't need to leave that early but great to know.
  5. Gray

    Simply Japanese 2019

    Quick question for those that attended last year. What sort of time do people normally leave the event as got some visitors arriving Sunday evening and need to know what sort of time I am likely to be back by.
  6. Dealer told me the metal tag on the key is the key number, the little silver alarm sticker in the booklet has a different number for the alarm code. This was on a new MY19.
  7. Can you not get to the boot lock and unlock it to carry out a proper investigation by dropping the back seats? Had a similar problem with a Toyota rental in New Zealand and I managed to open by dropping back seats only to discover that you had to depress the boot release button on the fob for about 3 seconds to open the boot, never used the fob to open the boot on the 86 so not sure if that is the same.
  8. Gray

    Simply Japanese 2019

    Sorry to hear about Julia. Hope all is well and wish her a speedy recovery.
  9. Couple of photos of the Toyota-Ferrari GT4586 at the Festival of Speed
  10. Gray

    Simply Japanese 2019

    Hi, can you add me please, ticket purchased and will meet at pub. Will be first meet with drivers club, normally over on the other forum.
  11. Gray

    Newbie from Kent with an Orange GT86

    Welcome to the club, can see you are already on the slippery slope of mods. Very nice photos by the way.
  12. Gray

    New Orange GT86

    Welcome to the club. Enjoy miles of smiles
  13. Well I found this post useful. 4 years of ownership, 2 different 86's and only today have I discovered there is a toggle behind the mirror to dim it. Learn something new everyday.
  14. Thanks for that Louise you have confirmed what I thought about the behaviour and steering.
  15. I remember seeing auto dim mirror in the spec but never bothered me, just assumed it was a feature available in some markets. Think all car companies are the same, look at the amount of ads on TV with a disclaimer at the bottom along the lines of 'not all features shown are available on UK spec cars'.