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  1. Beney86

    Help picking a car

    I would go for the newer one if it isnt too much financially different. My car had a full service history from toyota but that honestly just made me more worried now for future purposes. The grade oil was used for one of the services, completely failed to adhere to any of the service intervals too. I first assume oh good full history thats good but on further inspection i was shocked. The gearbox and diff oil had never been changed untill i did them at 40k miles and its a 2014 plate. Now i just service the car myself every 5k miles and have my work (an aerospace garage) carry out an inspection for the paperwork and peace of mind. And when the car goes turbo next year, i defo aint letting toyota touch it
  2. Beney86

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Hi Mate, i've not really seen any metal aftermarket bonnets at all tbh. Other than these carbon fibre ones, I've seen Ram air have full fibreglass bonnet with a scoop in US. But the price and shipping brings it to the same price as seibon ones
  3. Beney86

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Little update now the carbon bonnet, Vlands and Intec lights are on. Now waiting for the V2 TRD 2017 kit and spoiler to be delivered from Japan
  4. Beney86

    Deacons '86

    Cheers mate, i assumed it did too which is why i bought this up seen some of the US 86 tunes seem to just have it all the time, but they mainly use cobb shelf tunes
  5. Beney86

    Deacons '86

    Does your Ecutek have it set to only do it while braking? or is there an option to have it rev match without braking?
  6. Beney86

    Deacons '86

    Hey Deacon, car sounds lovely! are you manually rev matching or is that the ecutek auto match? Couldn't see you breaking while down shifting so i guess it was manual?
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been looking at purchasing a wing for the 86, deciding to either weld plates to cover the oem holes and paint it or just go for an OEM looking carbon fiber boot. What is the general concensus on wing support on a carbon boot? i've seen loads of pictures of people doing it, some post and people saying absolutely do not do it as it can crack and warp the boot. Im not talking about massive GT wings or anything, something more similer to the Aero oem wing or seibon mid-sized wings like the AG-style.
  8. Hello everyone, I've already placed an order with fensport for the v2 TRD rear bumper as seen below. My car has the (i believe factory) reverse sensors, now that im looking at the pictures of my car i'm guessing i'll need to either get them moved higher up or buy a 2nd hand bumper and fit new sensors? Has anyone else tried or seen that this works without modification?
  9. Beney86

    INTEC Tail lights wanted

    Love you guys ❤️ instantly purchased. Need to re-pin them but thats no problem.
  10. Hi everyone, Looking for a pair of Carbon intec tail lights. I know the smoked ones were discountined for a while but the clear carbon were still going for quite some time. Does anyone have any 2nd hand for sale or know any vendors that still have any in stock? Tried Japanparts and 86worx but both out of stock
  11. Beney86

    Stereo & Alarm problems

    I actually had a weird issue with the Auto-Vox dash cam mirror, my car would stay in aux mode when i turned the car off- i couldn't lock the car using the key or fob. It would just beep at me, sometimes being a 5 second long solid beep. after about 1-2 mins of being away from the car i could then lock it. After about 3 months of this issue thinking it was wifi signals or a sensor problem with my car.I changed my key fob battery twice just incase. I finally noticed (i dont know how i didn't before) that the cash cam was not powering down when the car turned off and was drawing signal from the glove box connection. Being able to finally lock the car was due to the dash cam finally powering down. Unplugged the dash cam and never had the issue again. Probably completely unrelated to your issue, but maybe someone in the future might come across this
  12. Beney86

    TD UEL & Super res exhaust NA package

    Added some clips for anyone interested in the sound of this setup abit late but here it is!
  13. Hi Guys and girls, Came back from Tuning development yesterday, just had the NA package done. UEL and Super resonated exhaust combo. Sounds fantastic, no drone, no rasp; Can still have a convo while car is on but when you put your foot down you have that nice grumble. Its a very noticeable driving difference, making an already fun car even more enjoyable now i can finally feel slightly ASBO with my right foot. Big thank you to @Mike@TD.co.uk for getting it sorted for me and all the info i kept asking about, and to the other lad down there (sorry i didn't catch your name) for selling me into the turbo kit. Mike will give you sales commission i'm sure lmao. Going to be posting Dyno sheet and a video of the exhaust sound while driving etc tomorrow. As i tried to find this combo on YouTube before purchasing but could only find the Exhaust with standard manifold or UEL with normal rez/ no rez; even tried messaging a few forum users who have the setup if they had any clips. So hopefully if my mic does the sound justice it might help others to make an informed decision.
  14. Beney86

    Redstuff pads for gt86?

    Alright cheers mate, ill have a shop around for something else
  15. Beney86

    Redstuff pads for gt86?

    What would you recommend instead? it was mainly the low brake dust but decent spec that had me interested. Alot of the higher tier options seem to be track focused which isn't really needed for me