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  1. Cerastes

    Wiper blade

    thanks, yes will have to move them slightly. The guy tested them in front of me and they worked fine, but when you standing outside you don't notice they higher up until you get in and see the passenger side is blocking your view almost.
  2. Cerastes

    Wiper blade

    Hi, Just a quick question, can someone please confirm which size the drivers side wiper blade is? and the size of the passenger wiper blade? I have 22" on drivers side and 20" on passenger side. I had a crack in my windscreen and autowindscreen came out and changed it. I have now noticed the passenger blade is higher than it should be. So I think he has fitted them the wrong way round. Thanks.
  3. Cerastes

    Covid lockdown battery issues

    I've had mine on charge for a week so I'm ok. I hardly use my car anyway so I'm use to not using my car. However I may use it now and then for work, but I only work 2-3 miles away.
  4. Cerastes

    2013 red gt86 breaking

    PM Sent if you still have anything and hopefully the part I need. 🤞
  5. @Mike I did try a few things to stop the rubber getting caught, like trying to hold it from inside, tried also some non stick cleaner on the rubber to make it very slippery so it doesn't stick to glass when it moves up, but it didn't work. Edit: Toyota dealer has called, they will take a look at the boot. Although might try to fix myself before then as the appointment is a few weeks away.
  6. @knightryder Ahh I have had the rattles too. Rust in places too, but I suspect that is just normal and normal for all cars after time. I clean it regularly and often keep it under a car cover before someone says "urgh you don't look after it properly". I also do very low mileage, it's only just hit 20k. I am always looking at new and old cars and keeping in touch with the latest cars etc, but the replacements I want are probably not quite as nice to drive and/or quite expensive. @Church Yes the window thing is out of warranty, it's not a major issue, but it's something that shouldn't occur on any car. The sharkfin antenna was loose when I got it (I wasn't aware of it when I bought the car, it's not something you check), so I've had to stick it down again. Well it can't find any radio station except classical, which is ok if you like that. Luckily I have an aftermarket radio now fitted so I can connect my phone to it via bluetooth, but then there are issues with that, but that is my fault I guess for buying aftermarket parts. Does your passenger seat stay fixed when you pull the lever then? say you wanted to get into the back of your car, you pull the lever and you try to get in but it keeps sliding back so you can't get in. I thought that was a common issue.
  7. Yes it was about oil and spark plugs, but then you said to check the oil look at the dipstick to which I replied how can you tell which type of oil they put in by looking at the dipstick, then you started talking about the different oils 🤣 Oh well, drifted from topic. Still waiting for that call from the technician; I called again today and they said he would call back...
  8. Not sure why you are telling me about the oil; I am aware of oil. Useful for others though I guess. I have done all the oil changes since I bought the car.
  9. @Gray I think that is the only way. I was hoping this technician guy would call today regarding the Valve recall and was going to ask him, but he didn't call. I may have a look through the back seats at some point on the weekend if I get time. @knightryder No unfortunately there is no manual key release. Shame as you though there would be, like there is on the drivers door in case of the battery dieing in your fob. @PhilR Mine are probably only related to my car. But 2 issues with the glass, scratches on my windows I believe because of the motors or something in the doors, I also seem to be the only one who has an issue with the rubber of the drivers door getting caught when the window goes up when you close the door and every time I take it back to get a recall for something I forget to mention to them; it's not major but both are annoying on car that cost me this much. I have issues with the radio, probably due to the fact that the dealer I bought it from had the sharkfin antenna fitted. Small battery fitted (everyone has that issue). Boot issues. Poor quality paintwork in that it's very thin layer. The button on the rear seats to drop them down doesn't fit properly, it's all loose and you have to sort of tap it down. Passenger front seat, when you roll it forward it keeps sliding back; granted it's probably not an issue as it's meant to be that way, but why? I don't know. Then I have issues with modifications that were done, but that is my fault I guess. I should have never fitted any aftermarket parts. However, I'm sure yours will be fine. I am just unlucky. Edit: Sorry yes they are little things, but things I haven't experienced before and not something I expected. Mechanically, well I guess it's ok apart from this recall where they have to take the engine out.
  10. @Notaricer How can you tell they put the correct oil in by looking at the dipstick. Anyway, the guy was meant to ring today, he didn't. Why am I not surprised.
  11. Thanks, I'll speak to this guy who is going to call me about the recall tomorrow. He might not know, but I can ask if he can take a look, although not sure how he can take a look, you can't open it to look at it 🤣
  12. No I don't have a TRD. You said that last time. I wish I did lol. Well sorry but I don't trust any garage. Any garage would find a way to save money and parts that you can't physically see like oil and the spark plugs (unless you want to go through the hassle of checking it), they can quite easily put cheap stuff in. That's my opinion anyway. Won't go into long details but have had bad experiences of every single garage I have been to.
  13. It's not in warranty.
  14. Tried someone pushing down on boot while I hold boot button inside, doesn't work. Any other ideas? Crash it and claim it on insurance maybe?
  15. Yes that's what I did and that's when they said they would send me a letter for when it's ready. Edit: I have just called my local Toyota branch, the guy that has been doing them is not in today and will call me tomorrow. The lady said on the phone that they need it for a week. I asked if they could change spark plugs at same time, she said yes they do that full service anyway. I asked is that all free of charge, and she said yes. Although I never trust them with the cheap oil they put in, they probably put some cheap spark plugs in and I will have no way of knowing. I also asked if he has done many before, she said yes he has done quite a few over the past few weeks. He can only do one a week. So that all adds up to what others have been saying on here.