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  1. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    I know Chris over at Tarmac had one on his so there's definitely one more out there. Clutch is a standard Toyota one which seems to be quite happy for now. Dyno graph for your viewing pleasure. That is with the stock manifold so there's still a few more gains to be had.
  2. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    November and the cold weather is really kicking in. Pushing the start button over the last few days and the car has taken a lot longer to start. Not sure how old the battery is on this but I'm taking no chances. Out with the old Bosch and in with a fresh GS Yuasa.
  3. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    Really enjoying mate. It's nice having that bit of extra punch when you put your foot down
  4. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    This is partly your doing 😂
  5. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    Pinged you a message mate
  6. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    Tarmac Sportz supplied and was then fitted and tuned by Abbey 👍
  7. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

  8. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    April 2021 and it’s time to start doing stuff again. Sprayed up a few of the internal parts like the gear shift surround, door handles and the round vents. I’ll get rid of all that silver eventually. Black badges in place but decided not to put the rear “GT86” and “Toyota” ones back. Left it a little cleaner and had just the Toyota emblem on the rear. July and another trip to Abbey to get the Rear bushes changed along with the diff fluid and an oil change for good measures. August and after one of our Cornwall trips involves me having to swerve into a curb because of some road hogging c**t I end up scraping the front left wheel. Time to get the wheels refurbed and change out from the gunmetal grey to a satin bronze. I quite like it and I think it goes well with the orange. November, a few phone calls and emails to Chris over at Tarmac Sportz and a nice little order is then placed. It didn’t reach me in time for Japfest due to having to be imported (no fault of Tarmac Sportz) but the excitement is second to none. October and it’s the big one! Early start on a foggy Monday morning, drop off the car with Abbey again, pick up the Nissan Juke and the wait begins.. It’s Supercharger time! I went with the Vortech kit and replaced the stock valve with a Turbosmart Kompact BOV. This gives me that nice woosh sound that’s noticeable but not as full on ASBO as the other Vortech Maxflow that I could have gone for. LED side indicators for good measure also and 1 week later it’s all installed! Being an American kit there were a few hurdles to overcome but nothing the team at Abbey couldn’t take care of. This did involve going back to the stock manifold though so no more rumbly noise for now. Boo. Gained 100bhp and supercharger noises. Yay!!
  9. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    After a few years of Nissan 350Z ownership I decided I wanted a slightly more practical daily driver but still give me the fun factor involved in driving and modifying cars. At the same time, I didn’t want something you see every day like the Civic Type R, Focus ST etc. So after a lot of reading and research, on the 16th August 2019 at 9am I took delivery of my 2012 GT86. The car was almost completely stock except for a Scorpion Cat back exhaust. One less thing to go out and get and one of the first things I would have changed anyway. Almost straight away the tail lights had to go. Stock ones looked completely crap in my eyes so after a bit of hunting around the forums I got my paws on a nice set of Valenti’s. As we all do. September comes and wheels were next on the agenda. I’m no track legend and have no need to be doing fantastic weight saving things and all that jazz so as long as it looked nice (to me) didn’t cost silly money and was in the 18” bracket then I’d take a look. I ended up getting a set of JR5’s once again from the forums. Was the same bloke I got the Valenti’s from as it goes! Rays 57CR’s they are not but they’ll do for now. October brings a different situation. The Misses and myself take ownership of our first home! It handles like shit and the 0-60mph is non existent but you can’t win them all November and the ever popular Tuning Developments UEL manifold followed shortly by a trip over to Abbey Motorsports for the much needed tune to go with it. Turns out my clutch is slipping when you really get on it so Mark does what he can. No engine management light and rumbly noises makes me happy either way. December and Birthday & Christmas presents from the misses gives the lovely shark fin instead of the standard black aerial and some jazzy internal LED’s. August 2020 and it’s back over to Abbey Motorsports to finally get the clutch sorted out. It hasn’t really been giving me any grief in my day to day driving but I’d really started to notice it when getting a move on. That's pretty much all of 2020 right there!
  10. Hypnosis

    New to the Forum & BRZ ownership; Hello!

    You need to start saving for a supercharger mate 😉
  11. Hypnosis

    Scorpion Catback. Resonated or Non Resonated?

    I have the Scorpion although I can't remember for the life of me remember if it's resonated or not! I'll try and take a look later. Mine is the full stainless. When I had a set of TD UEL's it's was a good volume, not too loud but a nice rumble. I've got the stock mainifold back on now and it still gives a good sound over stock. It all depends what sort of sound you are looking for.
  12. Hypnosis

    Tuning Developments UEL

    It's an awesome bit of kit! Headers now sold!
  13. Hypnosis

    Tuning Developments UEL

    No mate, I went with the Vortech Supercharger. Literally got the car back yesterday 😁
  14. Just been taken off my car by Abbey Motorsports, now up for grabs. £450 and can be collected from Farnham of an evening, Hanworth during office hours or maybe postage if I can find a big enough box..
  15. Hypnosis

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    I'm actually following you on YouTube now, would love to do a V8 swap myself!