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  1. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    July and a slightly annoying running problem. A spark plug change later and the same "stuttering" was still present. New coil packs and so far so good...
  2. Hypnosis

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    They're pricey from the Subaru dealers as well. I think it still works out cheaper getting them in the UK though with postage costs from Japan
  3. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    April and time for another little body mod. Thanks to @sazabiskythe I picked up a set of already colour matched TRD style sideskirts. A little trip over to Farnham Bodyworks (awesome guys by the way) for some small repairs and a bit of touch up paint and we're good to go!
  4. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    March and it's time to get back to having rumbly noises again! Managed to pick up a hardly used Tomei UEL manifold and went to an old school friend's new garage to get it in place. Very different tone from the Tuning Developments one that was in place before. It's not too loud with the Scorpion exhaust but a good noise when you get on the throttle. I feel a bit of dyno time to get it perfect and all will be good.
  5. Hypnosis

    TRD Style Side Skirts

    Very interested. I'll be at Japfest too
  6. Hypnosis

    Aldershot MOT help

    Nothing that springs to mind but there's shitloads of MOT centers in Aldershot and Farnham to choose from! Welcome to the area 👍
  7. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    So here we are in 2022 and a few more little bits done. One of the number plate bulbs died so replaced with some nice LED ones. The other half got me a nice set of side window louvers so after trying a few different types of double sided tape they are now firmly in place.
  8. Hypnosis

    The British Motor Show

    I should be able to do Saturday & Sunday.
  9. Hypnosis

    Scorpion Cat Back Exhaust - First Impression

    Ah you got it after all. I now want the carbon end tips for mine 😄
  10. Hypnosis

    MartinT's BRZ

    The only good thing about this time of year is the cold air through the car!
  11. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    I know Chris over at Tarmac had one on his so there's definitely one more out there. Clutch is a standard Toyota one which seems to be quite happy for now. Dyno graph for your viewing pleasure. That is with the stock manifold so there's still a few more gains to be had.
  12. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    November and the cold weather is really kicking in. Pushing the start button over the last few days and the car has taken a lot longer to start. Not sure how old the battery is on this but I'm taking no chances. Out with the old Bosch and in with a fresh GS Yuasa.
  13. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    Really enjoying mate. It's nice having that bit of extra punch when you put your foot down
  14. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    This is partly your doing 😂
  15. Hypnosis

    Project Orange

    Pinged you a message mate