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  1. Neal

    Cars and Karting

    I should add TeamSport Karting have a simple but good cafe.
  2. Neal

    Cars and Karting

    Hi just throwing this concept out there. TeamSport Karting are willing to host a bunch of rowdy 86 BRZ drivers for a social meet and some on track fun. This is a chance for some of the Toyota sprint drivers to test their skills on an equal basis and for the none sprint drivers to compare how they could do on circuit. No attending will be a proffesional racer. Family and friends are ore that welcome. It's also aneed opportunity to meet other Toybaru owners and chat about the cars over a tea coffee or something stronger if you wish. The circuit is indoors, located in Rochdale and has a huge parking area. Format and cost for the racing will depend on numbers wanting to attend. If you think this is a good idea please let me know below and state if you think an evening meet or a weekend meet would be preferable . If you want to attend and race comment in bold below. It will help me double check numbers. No date has been set in stone yet. Cheersr all.
  3. Neal

    putting car back to stock.

    Hi is the white oem wing still available? Got a black and white theme going on at the moment. Also interested in the red wheels nuts if those are for sale 😀
  4. Neal

    Constant insurance calls

    Depending on my day I quite enjoy these calls. The last one I had I told them I work for euro ncap and one week while at work I had 14 crashes which were out of my control. The girl on the other end of the phone got so excited by the scenario she transfered me to her superior for a compensation estimate. Even when I explained that the car I was traveling in was dragged by a wire at exactly 65mph into a concrete block they didn't cotton on to the fact I was describing a crash test dummy.
  5. Neal

    Stacking performance mods

    I'd ring tuning developments. If the power block is worth having they have probably tested it with their na tuning package.
  6. Neal

    Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    Don't know why it's taken me so long to read your thread. Great info. You honestly think the only way to truly cure the over heating brakes is a BBK I have another 4 days with Jack booked plus the sprints and hopefully a couple of club track days so will be giving the brakes some real punishment. Found some DBA discs which should be a big help as they have been designed for the Australian 86 race series and have already uprated the fluids after a chat with Gary.
  7. If your toyota dealer is as good as red macc. They will have a storage and switching service. Just buy some winter tyres toyota fit them to your existing rims and store your summer tyres. Come spring change them over and store the winter tyres.
  8. Neal

    Family driving.

    @McDude that's really good advice thanks. Will show @Claire the link.
  9. Neal

    Family driving.

    Alwaysan option ifshe miss behaves
  10. Neal

    Family driving.

    Looking for help from those with a family,. My partner @Claire wants to be able to take her 2yr old niece out and about. The baby seats fitted the gt86 perfectly but now a toddler seat is needed and the family seat won't fit in the front or the back. Apart from leaving the child at home as that would apparently be cruel. Can someone advise a seat that will fit the gt please. The seat would only be used once a month. All help appreciated.
  11. Neal

    Membership purchase in Shop

    I had this problem. A change of browser sorted it for me. Fingers crossed the same would work for you
  12. Neal

    Manchester, Stockport meet

    See you shortly. Anyone else coming?
  13. Neal

    Manchester, Stockport meet

    Option two it is. This Sunday at the victorian in Bramhall for those who can make it. I'll arrange for the car park opposite to be open.
  14. Morning all. I think it's time for another social meet. Couple of options. Option 1. Short notice but this Sunday. My friends at Stockport indoor karting have some space available for either an arrive and drive race or if popular enough a grand prix meeting. Both formats would start at 10.30 and can include Sunday roast at the track or at the travelers call 5mins away. Cost should be £30 or less depending on the number of people 10 persons need for the grand prix. Option 2 we can have our usual breakfast meet in Bramhall at either this Sunday or between Christmas and New year, including joy jovality and banter. Let everyone see your choice below. I would need to organise the karting by Friday 3pm
  15. Neal

    Ebc vs stoptec vs hawk

    Ordered Pfc z pads can't believe how cheap they are. Hope they arrive in time.