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  1. Glen@waxandshine

    Newbie - Leicestershire

    Welcome along
  2. Glen@waxandshine

    New owner from Glos

    Welcome Pete, were you in the 350 forum much? I’m a 350z owner but do fancy a gt86/brz as a daily when/if i move closer to home for work.
  3. Glen@waxandshine

    Newbie from Kent with an Orange GT86

    Welcome along. Love that colour
  4. Glen@waxandshine

    New owner from the Midlands

    Welcome along
  5. Glen@waxandshine

    Bedding New Pads

    I usually do 3 or 4 70-40 sharp brakes then leave a minute or two then do 3 or 4 70-20 hard brakes. Works fine to bed in pads and cleans disc surface. Its more for track orientation pads/discs though
  6. Glen@waxandshine

    Just saying Hi to everyone

    Welcome Tom
  7. Glen@waxandshine

    Japanese Performance Show - Meaty86 (19th August)

    I will be there guys on the 350z-uk stand. I will pop over at some point. If anyone wants to save on delivery, i am happy to bring any orders with me on the day. Just select the free events option at checkout. There are 50 products at a fiver or less in the August promotion so grab yourself some bargains, equates to around 60% off some items!
  8. Glen@waxandshine

    New owner from the north west

    Welcome along
  9. Glen@waxandshine

    Newbie from Wokingham

    Welcome Tamas. Realy low milage on that when you got it, last owner must have lost a fair bit of money for so little use but thats your gain.
  10. Glen@waxandshine

    Hello EveryOne!

    Welcome along
  11. Glen@waxandshine

    Seat Recommendations

    I think the main factor in wether your comfortable in a seat is the profile of the seat and your body shape/posture. I have buddy club bucket seats in the 350z and i love them. Easily drove to the ring and back with no pains/problems. The audi A3 company car with standard seats in wrecks my back doing the 40 mile commute each day. For some people i get that it may be the reverse. What i would say is if you want bucket seats or any aftermarket seat try before you buy! I cannot stress enough, i was all set to buy some sparco rev seats but just wanted to test them first to make sure and my bum cheeks would not fit in. Several seats later i settled on the buddy clubs as both lower and upper sections of the seats snugged my body shape perfectly. Pic below of them in the car.
  12. Glen@waxandshine

    Japanese performance show

    I will be there on the 350z-uk stand. Will do an offer if people are interested for collection on the day.
  13. Glen@waxandshine

    Newbie from Gloucester

  14. Glen@waxandshine

    Coilover set up...

    Got my 350z all setup at Bram Racing. Def recommend them.
  15. Glen@waxandshine

    Newbie from Stourbridge!

    Welcome along