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  1. maurice

    Unsure What To Do?

    No, I just changed the broken one in my lunch hour yesterday to find out if it had written off my engine. Suffice to say, I will be replacing the others ASAP.
  2. maurice

    Unsure What To Do?

  3. maurice

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    I wonder if you have some air in the system. How old is the fluid? I use the same but bleed it every year at least, it seems ok.
  4. maurice

    James' '86 Build

    Me, @KevinA and @DebbieJ travel from the wrong side of London. With any motorsport you have to be prepared for a road trip really!
  5. maurice

    James' '86 Build

    I think the car will look great on those wheels, suspensions looks really good quality too. Before fitting and paying for alignment etc it might be worth getting into contact with HKS and asking what spring rates they are good with. I did this with KW so I knew the new springs I fitted would work ok. The damping may be great and you may get away with it, but 10kg would seem to be really hard! I don't think anyone racing in the sprint series is above 7kg on either end of the car.
  6. maurice

    Nexens on Gt86

    Could well be the dealer who has fitted them.
  7. maurice

    BBK or better discs/pads

    You've started it now.
  8. maurice

    BBK or better discs/pads

    Depends on stock at Reyland and AP, mine took over 3 weeks.
  9. maurice

    BBK or better discs/pads

    You might want to check with @will300 before sending calipers.
  10. maurice

    BBK or better discs/pads

    Good luck with a turbo kit and OEM calipers on a track day. You'll need brake pads made out of Kryptonite to last a 20 min session.
  11. maurice

    At last...

    You're right not to accept those, they're taking the piss. A number of years ago I almost bought an S2000 until the Honda dealer replaced the worn out Bridgestones with Ling Longs and couldn't understand why I wasn't jumping for joy. Actually refused to change them, haha.
  12. maurice

    Cosworth Baffle Plates - Prevent engine damage

    Says it has expired or reached a usage limit.
  13. maurice

    Cosworth Baffle Plates - Prevent engine damage

    Have you got a code for these @Lucas@PartBox? Could do with a spare cosworth air filter as well.
  14. maurice

    Buying a SARD LSR Replica Wing

    They are meant to be pretty decent, but I'd find it a bit weird to buy a Chinese product via the US. You're effectively paying import taxes twice.
  15. maurice

    Turbo kit

    That's good to know.