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  1. maurice

    Cat Back fitting cost.

    The N1 is essentially an ASBO manifested in tubular form
  2. maurice

    Cat Back fitting cost.

    If TD are offering fitting their own for free I'd bite their hand off, they seem quite decent exhausts.
  3. maurice

    Rusty Sump

    Doesn't look great underneath, did the previous owner live near the sea? Kinda makes you want to think about underseal.
  4. maurice

    Coilover help required

    I sympathise as this is way too much hassle considering the price of these. You must have spent more on top mounts than some decent kits.
  5. maurice

    Coilover help required

    Seems weird the Raceseng ones did it as well. You have to wonder if it is the damper, but the OEM top mount rubber is isolating it.
  6. maurice

    Reyland brake kit

    I find them fine aswell. Overheated them once in a BBK but was an overly long hot session and I was risking it. They get a lot of bad press online from people who drive them with heavier cars. This might sound an odd point, but the build quality of the pad itself is better than all others I've tried. I used to have to file the backing plates of EBC and Carbotech pads down so they weren't a tight fit in the caliper but these DS2500's slot in beautifully!
  7. maurice

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    Excellent comparison, hadn't seen that one before.
  8. That's a lot of GT86 for the money, especially considering the mileage.
  9. maurice

    Coilover help required

    I've only ever had KW coilovers on my cars. On both sets a slight squeak has sometimes been audible from the rear, more often when cold, some sort of spring stiction maybe that I put down to "coilover noise". It's nothing bad, and you do accept a bit more NVH when modifying. I wouldn't consider any knocking or clonking acceptable, that would drive me up the wall.
  10. maurice

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    Forrester, going through a puddle? https://goflatoutph.com/2019/05/21/many-unibody-suvs-cant-go-off-road-and-then-theres-the-subaru-forester-with-video/
  11. maurice

    Reyland brake kit

    They seize on better with a BBK. More stiction, enhanced seizure performance. @VAD17's BBK is best for this. His kit performed so well he had to have his car recovered to a garage using a crane.
  12. maurice

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    Bear in mind all of the turbo kits obviously include their own header. Having a stock rest of exhaust won't hurt it. It's just it won't make quite as much power.
  13. maurice

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    If you look on their website it looks like they have upgraded the turbo in the cheapest AVO kits so maybe what I said isn't accurate anymore. https://www.fensport.co.uk/collections/toyota-gt86-2012-to-2016/products/avo-stage-1-turbo-kit-ceramic-coated-gt86-brz-billet-turbocharger
  14. maurice

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    TBH it's a while since I compared the detail of them, I can't remember exactly but the TD looked a better unit than the cheapest AVO. The AVO kit as a whole looked better to me, but this is all a matter of opinion and I'm sure a number of people will disagree. There is a lot of info on the AVO kits on ft86club.com. Your second question is for a tuner really. This is a very slippery slope in modifications you are teetering on the top of which could include bigger wheels, oil cooler, bigger brakes, better suspension and so on..
  15. maurice

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Nice, might have to get that. I was thinking before the arrival of the Yaris might devalue older Impreza's and Evo's a bit. They've been quite expensive for a while, I think partly because nothing really replaced them. My old Blob eye would be worth more now than when I sold it 5 years ago.