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  1. maurice

    Exhaust touching frame.

    Not anymore, been in house for a while. Iirc by someone who used to work for JP
  2. maurice

    Brake pads

    Not sure I agree with you. Quote below lifted from the Eurocarparts website! They know well what they're playing, suggesting the parts are high performance. Brembo High Performance products meet the great demand coming from the market of race enthusiasts, who insist on replacing original brake systems with Brembo High Performance equipment. Enthusiasts in order to improve their riding style in terms of performance and safety while also improving the overall aesthetic appeal of their machines. Brembo is widely regarded as the leading manufacturer of brake systems in the World; it is not surprising that the majority of all performance and prestige car manufacturers choose to fit Brembo High Performance Brake Systems to their vehicles as standard.
  3. maurice

    Brake pads

    Exactly. OEM is good quality. These are rubbish trading under a premium name.
  4. maurice

    Brake pads

    They always heavily discount. I would avoid their 'brembos'. I fitted a full set of discs and pads to my wife's old Jazz and they warped within months. They aren't good quality at all.
  5. maurice

    Big brake kit time?

    I went around the ring on OEM pads a couple years ago 😂. I wasn't pushing but it is no way heavy on pads in a light car.
  6. maurice

    Big brake kit time?

    I used Carbotech xp8 pads on stock calipers & discs with upgraded fluid and brake ducts for a number of track days. They were great for around 5-10 mins, depending on the track, then became inconsistent. You couldn't really brake late as it was unclear what braking action you'd would get from the pedal. With the Reyland kit and ds2500 there's none of this, they just work the same throughout a 20 min session so you can brake on the limit and trail it in etc reliably.
  7. maurice

    Advice pls - 6th Gear synchro gone

    Jap performance parts are in Crawley, i.e. near London Gatwick
  8. maurice

    Deacons '86

    That's the issue with Bedford for me, there's too many straights! Rewards straight line hero's over corner speed.
  9. maurice

    Gearbox Cruch

    Imagine if an s2k gearbox was a bolt-on 🤤
  10. maurice

    Gearbox Cruch

    It's hard to believe the same manufacturer made the S2000 gearbox!
  11. What tyre size have you fitted?
  12. 15mm isn't worth the hassle tbh.
  13. maurice

    Modified car in Spain

    RHD will be annoying if you are living there, makes overtakes trickier and pulling out of some junctions more difficult. Plus toll booths won't be fun if you're on your own.
  14. maurice

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Is it really necessary to rebuild the 3rd engine? Seems like it would be safer to leave it unopened.
  15. maurice

    Catback that looks like std?

    It's a really nice looking exhaust to be fair.