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  1. Carver

    We'd like your feedback if possible...

    I’m about and hour so away so a little more is no issue. Leaving the car with you for the day and having lunch at Grill Singhs in Warrington is a nice day out so you moving somewhere less interesting to hang around in would make me think twice. If you’re moving Westward that would be nice and I’d be happy to help out as a delivery driver. 😀
  2. Carver

    Flex A settings

    Fitted Flex A’s a year or so ago and just out of interest I had them dyno’d. See curve below. From memory compression is below the horizontal axis. Referring to those three curves; Bottom : full Hard Middle : hard minus 10 clicks Top :Full soft So you have a non linear progression as per Deacons post above. This also bears out other posters ( and my own) experience that hard minus 10 is very bouncy because the damping at that setting is well on the way to full soft. Sorry for the crumby photo but hope it helps.
  3. Carver

    Headlight Aim

    There are little black adjuster screws on the back of the lights on my 2012my car. I used them after lowering by about an inch. 2 minute job. My friendly mot man allowed me to use his headlight aim checker.
  4. Carver

    Worst Car Ever Driven

    Let me guess, you’re 50ish?
  5. As an aside I have been told the following; The R1234y gas that is in the earlier cars, while being much more friendly to the ozone layer when it leaks out is, perversely, more likely to leak out due to it’s molecule size 🤪 The older, less ozone friendly, R134 fitted to some of the later cars is less likely to leak. The aircon compressor on the my 2012 car is labelled as being suitable for both R1234 and R 134. R134 is cheaper. Id your aircon doesn’t work it’s a calculation for you and continence.......
  6. Mine went into Vantage York for the recall with working air con. When they called to say the work was complete and that I could collect the car they mentioned, in passing, that they could not refill the aircon as they could pull a vacuum on it! No explanation, no attempt to offer a remedy. Just come and get your car. Apparently the HIgh Pressure pipe from the bulkhead to the compressor was the culprit. They had taken out a weight of gas (I don’t know how much) that indicated the loss from the system was within tolerance. ( The car had a new condenser 2 years ago) BUT as their gas handling machine couldn’t pull a vacuum they couldn’t refill the system with the very expensive gas they had taken out of it. I was, needless to say, some what annoyed. After a long discussion with their service manager, in which I held to the position that had Toyota not required the recall work to be undertaken I would still have working aircon, they agreed to cover the cost of the pipe and fitting. The pipe has been replaced and aircon is working. No cost to me for the pipe or any gas. Had to do without aircon during the 30odd degree heatwave though. 😢 If your aircon was cold before it went in it should be cold when you get it back. Remember, you didn’t ask for them do any work on your car, they did. If not for their recall work you would have working aircon.
  7. Carver

    Stock suspension

    Still got this if. Come a get it before it goes in the skip. 😀
  8. Carver

    Stock parts needed

    I have suspension. See my ad or PM me.
  9. Thanks for posting Lauren. Good and nervous now. 😀 Might just moderate the right foot.
  10. Carver

    Stock suspension

    Hard to resist huh?
  11. Hi Four stock struts from my 2012 50,000 mile 86. One of rears was replaced under warranty at about 25k. All work fine and there are no leaks. Fresh off the car so still nicely covered in crud. Will give them a quick wash if anyone wants them. Located in York for collection only but I usually come over to Manchester once a week so could perhaps meet up. £50
  12. Carver

    Worst Car Ever Driven

    With you on the A180. A whole new meaning to drive by wire. You’d turn in, it would take a set then chamge it’s mind and resettle its self half way round a bend. Wierd. It also had a huge blind spot that you could hide an artic in. Bloody treacherous thing.
  13. Carver

    Playing away

    Like your logic Captain. Just had some Tein Flex A fitted at the weekend to my 2012. (More of that in another post later). Night and day difference. Go for it.
  14. Carver

    Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    No worries Lauren.
  15. Carver

    Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    Sorry. It’s the ride height I’m curious about.