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  1. Hi all, I've recently removed some gauges from my car and now need the standard trims. Does anyone have: Passenger dash trim Centre dash trim for sat nav drivers air vent please? Thanks
  2. Oops, I forgot the forum existed again. I'm away on business at the moment so can neither take pictures nor sell them to anyone, but I totally promise I'll do that when I get home
  3. Chappers

    Milltek Cat Back, needs repair

    Oops, I replied to the wrong topic. It's resonated, I thought it was loud until I fitted the TD system and then realised it wasn't loud at all in comparison.
  4. Chappers

    Milltek Race/sports Cat section

    Hello both, sorry been on holiday and not looking at the forum. It’s resonated
  5. Pics to follow, some kerb marks but tyres are good (Matador Sibir Snow - Goodyear subsidiary, 6mm+ all round) and will definitely do another few winter seasons. Looking for £400 collected from Bedworth, near Coventry.
  6. £500. I refuse to take any less than that because it's 5 wheels and now, at £100 each, you're basically buying tyres and getting wheels for free which makes me very sad.
  7. I have a Milltek Cat-Back system sitting in my garage in need of a new home. Needs a weld where they usually do but otherwise good condition. Normally would be £450 repaired but looking for £300 Collection from Bedworth, near Coventry
  8. Hi All, This is still in my rafters from the part out, hard to price. I don't think fensport sell these any more but a Cobra one is £430 on Fensport site Looking for £300 Collection from Bedworth, near Coventry
  9. Chappers

    600bhp Driveshafts

    The driveshafts are ok but your car will flip over backwards as you accelerate, so it’s not recommended.
  10. Hi All, These are still in my car, but if you can provide me with some replacements I'll take them out and sell them as I no longer require them. Looking for £500, collected from Bedworth, North of Coventry.
  11. Chappers

    Japanese Performance Show - Meaty86 (19th August)

    My GT86 is currently in my garage missing its gearbox, so I'm happy to give up my stand space rather than have my shitty awful Swift in the middle of all your nice cars.