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  1. Adi

    Rear Caliper Options

    You don't need rear BBK. Been doing 20 track days and about 15 Car Limits days last year, and the rears still had about 1/3 left. I did get the StopTech uprated OEM disk replacements and their Sport pads, but still much cheaper than BBK. Fensport race car (a real monster) has the same configuration for the rears. If they didn't bother with BBK in the back at 400+ hp, , 19" wheels, and big semi-slicks ... I have a hard time finding a good reason to do it.
  2. I replaced the diff bushes with the Superpro Poly ones (not the inserts but full replacement). I also have the subframe inserts. The increase in the NVH is there. Same noise as the transmission mount poly bushing which I had on my other car, but the change in how the car feels is 100 times better. For the first time in an 86 I had this feeling of the rear being really solid, like being in a 911 or Lotus. Every throttle input is felt simultaneously in the lower back, no squating, almost like my back is connected to the chassis. It took the garage about 3 hours to do it, which is more than the inserts would have taken, but I'm happy with it more than with the inserts I tried before (just the rear ones).
  3. Adi

    wheel nuts

    I've got an OEM set with locking nuts and key also from my original wheels. £15
  4. I've got a black OEM steering wheel if you still need.
  5. I'm coming up on my 20th day at CarLimits. It is brilliant, you will feel the limits and realize how little you know about driving :), but also have a blast, especially in an 86/BRZ. In a 4 people day, you get a lot of driving time and will be knackered by the end of the day. The hardest part is after the day is over and you go home and feel like everyone drives ridiculously slow. As Vad said, It is hard on the tyres, the surface is very abrasive, but you can manage. My last set of PS4s lasted 6 track days and 3 car limits days, and I did not go easy on them - to say the least. My Primacies did not do anywhere near as well. If you are lucky and get a wet day it is the best training ever for wet surfaces, plus you will be sidways a lot :). But don't worry you will be sideways on a normal day too. And backwards, and all possible angles.
  6. Adi

    changes over the years

    My first 86 was a 2014. Current one is a 2016 which I got for 15000, with 30k miles on board. I can tell there is a significant difference in handling. The car is more planted, steering is more precise. Much better with stock suspensions than the the previous one. Here is an article that I totally agree with in my recent experience: https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/2015-toyota-86-sharper-stiffer-43065/ And the relevant text: The Toyota 86’s chief engineer explained the changes to the car’s damping rates and rear suspension change the way the car interacts with the road, resulting in “even better steering stability and a more communicative handling. “We decided to change the way how suspension parts - including the rear shock absorbers - are attached to the chassis. This increases body rigidity, hence adds to better handling stability and response,” said Tada. “Shock absorbers were also retuned. We used a new technology for stabilising damping force, and we improved friction control and responsiveness,” he added. The car now gives the driver “that extra bit of control, especially when the car is driven on the limit,” said Tada, who also confirmed a handful of “subtle” cosmetic changes will distinguish the 2015 models from their progenitors.
  7. Adi

    Big brake kit time?

    Before BBK I did a lot of track days on Stoptech OEM repacement disks https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brakes/brake-discs/stoptech-toyota-gt86-subaru-brz-13-14-front-and-rear-slotted-street-kit.html With a good pad they felt almost as good as my BBK. Same stopping power, a bit less modulation. But much cheaper. Disks lasted me about 20 track days. They do heat up, and I had to change pads every 3-4 track days, but it was serious abuse. If you keep it keep it to 15-20 min sessions they will last quite a bit longer. Still get the MC brake stopper, it will change the feel a lot, even on OEM.
  8. Adi

    Big brake kit time?

    I agree with what others said. Don't get cheapo BBK. Even expensive ones are not guaranteed to be flawless. I have and I am very happy with these (Stoptech BBK): http://www.ft86speedfactory.com/stoptech-328x28-big-brake-kit-f.html get extra 3% discount using code: ft86club Pads and ss lines are included, so you end up about the same price as Reyland for just the calipers and disks. Super silent, like stock on the road, though you need to be careful when you brake in the beginning so you don't go through the windshield. Very good and consistent on track. Had to half my braking distance compared to stock. I know, pretty ridiculous, it took me a few laps braking later and later, to believe what was going on and to trust it. I also got a Master Cylinder Stopper that seems to make a huge difference for me. The firewall was flexing a lot. Now it feels solid, I can modulate the brakes much better, but the biggest difference was in how much easier the heel-and-toe felt after installing the stopper. Highly recommended for any kind of brakes: https://www.fensport.co.uk/parts/subaru/brz/zc6/braking/gt86-beatrush-brake-master-cylinder-brace/ Never tried the Reyland kit but had issues with the AP Essex Kit in my previous gt86 - overheating and warping which is unusual for AP, and all pad brands were squealing like hell on the road. There is also the Verus/Velox brake duct kit. http://www.ft86speedfactory.com/velox-performance-brake-cooling-kit-ducts-2013-ft86.html. Takes a long time to install (5-6 hours labor), you need to remove or replace your washer fluid bottle with a smaller one (like in the turbo kits), and the tyres will rub on the ducts unless you install wheel spacers or steering rack limiters. You also loose your fog lights. Had no issues after a good day at Donington in December, in the dry and 14'C weather. I was more worried about engine temperatures. The brakes seem they could take much more than the 25-30 min sessions I was doing.
  9. For sale. Lighter items can ship (s+h not included in price). Heavy items collection only, Barnet, Hertfrodshire. All in good condition. OEM fog lights (L+R) - £80 OEM steering wheel (2012-2016) - £80 OEM side mirror glass (no external casing) L and R, heated, £20 each, £35 for both. OEM, 30k miles - Suspension: shocks & springs, front and rear: £80 OEM, 30k miles - Front top mounts L+R : £20 OEM, 30k miles - Rear anti-roll bar: £35 and Drop Links (£15) OEM, 30k miles - Rear LCA (lower control arms) : £20 OEM, 30k miles - Front brake calipers L+R: £65 BBK brake pads: this spec: https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/brake-pads-to-suit-ap-racing-cp8350-4-piston-caliper-wilwood-superlite-440668/ - New: Ferodo DS 3000 (FRP501R) for AP Essex Sprint Kit or Wilwood Superlite: £90 - New: EBC Yellowstuff (EBCDP4037/2R) for AP Essex Sprint Kit or Wilwood Superlite: £60
  10. Adi

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas one and all!