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  1. Right, exhaust and lights now sold. Still have: Snow socks for the 18inch aero wheels Stock non-nav HU Red engine cover
  2. Exhaust and lights provisionally sold!
  3. Any interest before I put this all on Ebay?
  4. Also have snowsocks for the stock aerial sized wheels and tyres....£50 never used
  5. Hi folks, I shall be departing GT86 ownership shortly for new grounds, so have my Invidia N1 cat back for sale. Has been on my car for a year and what a lovely sound it makes. Is the Titanium tip version that blues with heat at the end. Very good condition. With a quick autosol scrub will gleam! Comes with everything in the picture, will need new gaskets from your fitter. Never used the DB killers. I am looking for £450 or thereabouts. Sensible offers will be considered. Collection is infinitely preferable since I haven't picked up my new car and post will be expensive! Also, I have my dark tint Valenti V2 rear lights, non sequential. Excellent condition with no scratches whatsoever, plug and play. Can post. £200 or offers! Collection preferred from Caterham, CR3 Also, I have a Toyota RED engine cover instead of the usual black one. £75 Standard non Nav head unit....£50
  6. Dave86

    Window Tinting

    I never had anything like this on mine
  7. Dave86

    Heater seats query??

    There's this glowing orb of fire in the sky that causes my seats to become warm. I can't seem to reach it to turn it off though. Apologies for my helpful response
  8. Dave86

    OEM Differential Bushings / Whiteline KDT925

    Yeah I only went for the rear insert. I have the Invidia N1 which is loud already, but I can hear the gearbox whine at lower revs. It's a nice sound though. Definitely shouldnt put you off because it makes a big difference to the car, especially with the MTEC detente springs.
  9. Dave86

    OEM Differential Bushings / Whiteline KDT925

    I've got them on mine and it has transformed the gear change to how it should be from factory. No slop, just smooth precise snappy gear changes. It's also made the car easier to drive in those first few minutes between first and second. It does however increase significantly the amount of whine you hear in the cabin, but I quite like it. Pair this with the gearbox detente springs and you cannot go wrong.
  10. Dave86

    Rear Speakers.....will these fit?

    Thanks for the replies guys and gal. I would like a bit more sound coming from behind me, so I guess I'll amp it and fit them, and bodge the oem bracket
  11. I've just done the is165toy focal upgrade at the front with sound deadening. The rears are awful, will these fit and work? http://caraudiosecurity.com/focal-isc-100-2-way-coaxial-slim Thanks!
  12. Long answer: No. Short answer: No
  13. As above, a smoked valenti vbar for the bottom of the rear bumper please!
  14. Poverty spec? Charming, I opted for these.