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Have to give a shoutout to these two accessories for our Karcher jetwash.  Foaming shampoo spray bottle and amazingly powerful head with exchangeable nozzles.

I tried doing a sponge-free wash and it worked very well.  The nozzle gives the jet so much power that it pushes me back and is much better now at cleaning between the spokes of the wheels.







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Today I decided to try to improve my bonnet, which is full of stone chip repairs with ill-matching paint and also suffered from an accident with a paint spillage.

I clay barred a long curved mark on the bonnet with the recommended clay and clay lube. Then I used the orange buffer with my orbital machine and Meguire's paint compound, being careful to apply it exactly as in the video.  I then used isopropyl alcohol to clean and check the area. I repeated this, then cleaned and polished the area. No sign of the mark, just a nice and evenly shiny area of the bonnet.

This may seem like amateur hour to some of you but for me it was a big deal.  It's given me the confidence to do some more areas tomorrow.

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