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Found 6 results

  1. For sale are my gunmetal grey Rota Boosts 17x7.5 et48 with 215/45 AD08R tyres that are near the legal limit. One of the wheels has a 5p sized paint chip on one of the spokes where I dropped the wheel. Haven't had a chance to weigh them but they're noticeably lighter than the standard wheels and the AD08R's make the car properly quick through corners. Location: GL11 £500 £400 Collection only (unless you wish to swap then different arrangements can be made)
  2. Hi all, We've decided to run a couple of late January offers this year . Offers are live as of now! 18th January, and will run until the 31st January. Deposits to secure the special pricing are with each offer, deposits are non-refundable so that we may sort parts out in advance. Deposits must be made before the end of the 31st January to secure an offer. Offer 1 : Tuning Developments NA Naturally Aspirated Tuning Package & Install inc Exhaust System Included in the package for those that are unaware: 'Before' Dyno Run Session Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold - EL or UEL Stainless Steel Overpipe Titanium Heatwrap FA20 Cylinder To Manifold Gaskets Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Overpipe Gaskets K&N Drop In Air Filter ECUTeK License Fee In-House Custom Remap Session On The Dyno Incorporating The Excellent RaceROM Suite 'After' Dyno Run Session Incorporated With Remap This package already has a very healthy discount on it online @ £1495.00 - we are offering this package along with one of our resonated CAT Back exhaust systems, along with free fitting for only £1899.00 inc VAT. Deposit of £199.00 is payable to secure the deal, and booking in before the end of March 2018 to complete. Offer 2: Tuning Developments Stage 1 Turbo Kit & Install Full details on the kit itself can be found online here: http://www.tuningdevelopments.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=502_625_852&products_id=2366 A quick rundown! Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold - Equal Length Only For This Special Price Uppipe with external wastegate takeoff TiAL MVR 44m External Wastegate Precision CEA Billet Turbo 3" Downpipe Intercooler piping Intercooler core Oil feed line Modified sump pan for oil return Air Filter Turbo blanket Heat wrap ECUTeK License Fee In-House Custom Remap Session On The Dyno Incorporating The Excellent RaceROM Suite Fits with stock exhaust system, although we recommend aftermarket for power gains Fits with stock radiator and cooling fans This is currently on our website and this forum for £4495.00 inc VAT as a true roll-in, roll-out service. However! We are offering this for just £4195.00 inc VAT! Deposit of £400.00 is payable to secure the deal, and booking in before the end of March 2018 to complete. On top of this deal, anyone taking the above package and also takes one of our Overpipes, Second Decat and CAT Back Exhaust systems, will benefit from a further 10% off the individual exhaust component cost and take advantage of free fitting too For clarity: Overpipe - £165.00 down to £148.50 Second Decat - £183.00 down to £164.70 Resonated CAT Back Exhaust - £576.00 down to £518.40 OR! Take ALL 3 exhaust parts above for just £799.00 with FREE fitting. That's £4994.00 for a Stage 1 Turbo install kit installed with a full exhaust system! Anyone who is already on ECUTeK can remove £180.00 from either offer as you will already have an ECUTeK License Thanks Mike
  3. Twin Turbo?!

    Yep, really. Found here: Just like a Legacy GTB!!!! So cool.
  4. ************************* UPDATE FROM MY LAST POST ABOUT A MONTH AGO. WAS ASKING FOR £25,000 // DROPPED TO £19,500. AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN. ABOUT TO EMBARK ON A 7 YEAR LONG UNI COURSE SO DUE TO MOVING AWAY I AM FORCED TO SELL MY BELOVED CAR PERFECT FOR ROAD USE, OR ON TRACK. TEXT ME ANY QUESTIONS 07701306526 - CAR IS HERE AND READY TO GO AT A MOMENTS NOTICE. PLEASE READ THE FULL MODIFICATION LIST IN ORDER TO APPRECIATE HOW MUCH HARD WORK AND DEDICATION HAS GONE INTO THIS MONSTER *************************** RV62 CPU - Stage 4.30,000 Miles*Built and Tuned by Fensport, Toyota Specialists.This car is my absolute world and I am sad that the day has came to sell it. It has been serviced every 4-5k, with the highest quality oil and filters, and has had know expense spared with only the highest quality parts and upgrades fitted to it. It has been kept in immaculate condition, garaged daily, and is a perfect example of a tuned GT86. Only ever been ran on Shell v Power +I have invested a small fortune into this car, and it is an absolute weapon on the roadsFull List of Modifications:Launch control and Anti LagGT86 Rear Camber Control Arms (Pair) + 16mm Option Camber Adjustment BoltsGT86 Rear Toe Control Arm SetGT86 Eibach Sportline Kit -35mmGT86 Offset Top mountsGT86 Stage 1 Turbo Kit - Base Kit - Ceramic Coated Avo Turboworld Race Breather SystemElectronic closed loop boost control via Ecutek 60MM SD Boost Gauge Blitz60MM SD Temperature Gauge Blitz60MM SD Pressure Gauge BlitzGT86 3 bar map Sensor*Full Vacuume Samco Hose Kit*GT86 Heater Hose Set In Blue / YellowGT86 Coolant Hose Set (4 Hoses) In Blue / YellowEMS Carriage From Japan For Meter PanelGT86 Steel FlywheelGT86 Uprated Clutch Cover - Helix –GT86 Sprung Organic Drive Plate - HelixGT86 H.E.L Brake Line Kit (4 Lines) In RedFull 3” Imported AVO Turbo Back, Sport Cat, and Cat back Stainless CeramicSystem with Titanium Tips – BRAND NEW JUST FITTEDUprated EXTREME Clutch – BRAND NEW JUST FITTEDGT86/BRZ Racing Meter Panel Silver (Holds 3 60mm SD Gauges) BlitzGT86 Mishimoto Alloy RadGT86 Pulley Kit, O/S Alternator, O/S Water Pump, Crank & O/S Belt In Blue.GT86 Drive Belt for oversized pulleys – BRAND NEW – JUST FITTEDOil Cooler KitTYPE 2 RADIATOR CAP 👎 1.3 KG/CM2 BLITZ50mm Stainless Hose ClipBoost Control ValveTS Style Carbon Fibre Bonnet OEM StyleCarbon Rear Boot LidCarbon Boot GarnishGT86 Rear Seibon SpoilerGT86 Lower Rear Bumper DiffuserGT86 Front Polished Strut BraceGT86 Advance Power Filter Kit Blitz - EMS From JapanAVO 50/50 Dumpvalve kit - GT86GT86 Front 330mm 8 Pot Brake Conversion ** Yellow Callipers ** GT86 K Sport Brake Pads For GT86 K Sport 330mm KitGT86 Rear Stoptech Brake Pads (Vented Rear Disc)Oil Cooler Fitting Kit - 2x Sandwich Plate Rings and 2x Dowel Seals Genuine Works Emotion 18” Alloys, in Titan BronzeJap Light weight Racing spec Wheel Nuts and Valves, in RED Pioneer Touch Screen Stereo System - Supports Apple PlayTinted Windows 35%.Brand New Fitted – Yokohama Advan Sport V105 Tyres255-35-18 Rear / 225-40-18 FrontRecent Updated ECUTEK (Stage 4)Over 18k spent on Modifications* - Excluding labor costsFeatures: Power Folding Wing Mirrors, Keyless Entre, Keyless Start, Aircon, Front and Rear Heated Windows etc.Car still has warranty at Toyota on the parts that are unmodifiedPlease feel free to call or text me on 07701306526 for more details or to arrange coming to see it, ill happily take you out for a spin!
  5. HKS V2 Supercharger self fit kits

    With HKS excellent price reduction on1st February, Abbey Motorsport are going to offer a self fit V2 SC kit for the GT86/BRZ platform. V2 kit with ECUTEK cable/dongle/license and base tune for £3100 inc vat. Base tune will be for a stock car or car with 2nd cat and full exhaust system. I think this is the cheapest quality SC kit on the UK market.
  6. Driven the HKS Supercharger

    Last weekend Maz from HKS Europe was kind enough to come up to Norwich for a little meet and to let me take his newly supercharged GT86 out for a drive. Over the Christmas period Maz (which some of you probably met at the UK Meet) supercharged his GT86 using the HKS Kit. First look at the kit is that it’s very impressive to look at and definitely show-off material! Pipes are nice and shiny. The charger sits right up top in front of the throttle body and is the main focus on the engine bay. Lots of nice looking pipe work and all looks very clean. Far from an OEM look though! … Maz has this kit coupled up with the HKS High-Flow Exhaust and also fitted an oil cooler. On initial thoughts driving out of a busy crowded city there was little to experience. Whilst pottering around and maybe getting to a top speed of 25mph there's not much difference to an oem car, still drives very well at low speeds. A subtle little air rush sound on over-run. But nothing exciting yet. We get out on to the dual carriageway, up the slip road I was following a 40 tonne lorry! Soon as I could see clear lane I pulled out and booted it. Initial thought was ‘hmm not much going on’ couldn’t see the £5k improvement over my remapped car. But then we hit 4k rpm! The car just lifted the torque came and we flew. It was smooth, fast and a little surprising. The amount of speed it picks up whilst being very unassuming was amazing. No fuss just speed. It was different to the turbo where you can really feel the speed building and the acceleration. The supercharger you looked down as was just going quicker. Which was a unique feeling! It was particularly good when overtaking. Dropping down a gear and hitting the 3500rpm range the car just pulls and you get past in no time! But again you don’t really feel anything going on. You’re just going quick! This is obviously a first stage initial install HKS SC with not much UK development yet! But for first impressions I was impressed! Currently the HKS kit comes with a piggy back ECU which Maz thinks is limiting the system. But development is being carried out for the kit to work with EcuTek. Being a first install this isn't producing it’s peak power and not producing anything near the Avo Turbo kit, it doesn't seem to have any problem being installed with the stock clutch. This is apparent but it’s still quick and is going to have some serious potential. Definitely an increase in Torque. Patches the Torque dip well and outputs smooth NA feel power. The one downside for me with this kit was the sound. On over run when you lift of the throttle the extra boost gets diverted around a series of tubes. Which makes a loud whooshing sound constantly inside the cabin. Almost like metal grinding together. This is good when you’re going on a mad run and driving hard and want that feedback. But I imagine it could get annoying after a while on a long journey cruising up to roundabouts on the motorway etc. But Maz has said that can be toned down and probably hidden. Some people may love it! Overall it’s a good solid install and producing a good amount of power. Estimated at around 240bhp on the initial base map. It’s pretty to look at has potential of being a great system. Backed by HKS it should see some good improvements and development on it! I’ll be following this closely once its been mapped with the EcuTek maps.