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  1. Falix

    Event Organisers

    Can we just put a banner up in the respective areas? You propose it - you organise it. I sorted the Simply Race session, and will probably do another later in the year.
  2. Yeah I have Primacy on original wheels, done a fair few miles so would have to sort cash.
  3. Falix

    Simply Race - Milton Keynes

    Reminder - this Sunday!
  4. Falix

    Simply Race - Milton Keynes

    Yes Dilan can't make it. £8.75 pp to me via PayPal gift, the rest on the day to Simply Race.
  5. Falix

    Simply Race - Milton Keynes

    £8.75 deposit to https://www.paypal.me/AlexCusdin via gift please
  6. Falix

    Simply Race - Milton Keynes

    Looks like it's gonna be 75min, still in?
  7. Falix

    Supercharger stopped working?

    Honestly I'd put it on a truck to Abbey :/
  8. Falix

    Simply Race - Milton Keynes

    15 Sims so list below! 1. Falix - 75 mins - Deposit paid 2. ChunkyChap - 75mins - Deposit paid 3. Emma - 75 mins - Deposit paid 4. TTR - 75 mins - Deposit paid 5. Samsss - 75 mins - Deposit paid 6. James Ives - 75 mins - Deposit paid 7. Dan T - 75 mins - Deposit paid 8. Dan J - 75 mins - Deposit paid 9. Matt100 - 75 mins - Deposit paid 10. Richy - 75 mins - Deposit paid
  9. Ok so MK is blessed with Simply Race, essentially 15 linked race Sims running Rfactor2. Choice of cars/tracks is huge, they can get a GT86 for us. Sunday 29th April is currently free. Proposing 15:00 to allow food and travel etc... We have 2 choices; 50 mins seat time for £25 (takes approximately 90 mins). 75 mins seat time for £35 (takes approximately 2hrs). Name, time preference below, deposit is £8.75pp non refundable to block book, I'll give this a couple weeks then book us up and pay the deposits. 1. Falix - 75 mins 2.
  10. Falix

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    This was a bargain!!! I'm a little gutted you're just repairing rather than going mental engine, but should be a good read!
  11. Falix

    GT86 Bits

    God damnit. Pics of the carbon interior stuff?
  12. Falix

    GT86 Stock Tail Lights

    Open to offers?
  13. Falix

    Follow me home lights

    The tap to turn aftermarket relay does this with the indicators, helps if you always back in.