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  1. castroneves

    Notchy/Slightly rough 2nd -> 3rd shift when warm

    Thanks for the replies folks! Yeah all other shifts feel completely fine, 4>5 a little bumpy sometimes and 5>6 a tad stiff...but nothing overly remarkable. 3>2 is spot on every time. 2>3 isn't hard to get per se, it just feels a bit rough going in. I'm taking it to Gatwick tomorrow to see what can be done warranty wise. Going to try and drive another they have for sale to see if it feels any different. @BRZ-123 Are you running OEM oil in your box?
  2. I bought a 2018 GT86 ~ 6 weeks ago, currently has just over 17k miles on the clock. Overall absolutely loving it, the only thing slightly taking the edge off is the gearbox, specifically 2nd to 3rd. I'm aware gears 1,2,3 have triple cone synchros, so its reasonable to expect these to feel a bit different, but 2>3 feels just a bit on the wrong side of notchy. It's notchy even when properly warmed up, not every time but most notable at moderate speed with moderate revs. Fast shift seems ok(particularly at 5k+), as does SUPER slow, but not a more natural speed. No grinding, but you can feel a nick/catching slightly through the stick. Only on the upshift, down is like butter every time. It also does the 'hard to get into 2nd when cold'...but I don't really mind this as idling for a couple of mins seems to deal with the worst of this. I mentioned it to Motorline Gatwick who changed the gear oil free of charge, this didn't make any difference, but that's not a huge surprise as its more OEM. Reading around other posts on other gearbox niggles, I notice some others have got on well with swapping out the oil for Miller's/Motul/Redline MT90, do you think this could help in my case? I notice the gearbox part number on the 2017+ model is different, does anyone with a facelift have any experience with these?
  3. castroneves

    New GT86 owner

  4. castroneves

    New GT86 owner

    Hi Folks, I've finally taken the plunge and bought a 2018 GT86. Loving it so far, so much fun to drive. I've come from owning a Mitsubishi GTO which never failed to have a steady stream of stuff going wrong all the time, so hoping this will prove a bit more dependable I do see what you all mean about the notchy gearbox, second is pretty bad from cold but seems alright after 20 mins or so, and 2 -> 3 you can definitely feel it catching even when its warm. Otherwise I'm supremely happy