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  1. Cadders96

    Buying a SARD LSR Replica Wing

    Anyone managed to find one being sold in UK?
  2. Hi, Looking at getting my recall done and the major service at the same time! Has anyone used Bath Platinum Toyota or Swindon Fish Bros Toyota garages? If so what are they like? Is there anything else worth getting changed when the recall is done? Car is on 54k miles 13 plate.
  3. Cadders96

    Newbie from Wiltshire

    Cheers fellas, I think I am going to Summer Action Day at Castle combe on a friends stand, will do a track day at some point. Hopefully see you around Chippenham/Swindon/Bristol will keep an eye out aswell. I only have 54k miles on the car so don't imagine the clutch will need doing? Just need to get a rear view mirror and a seat anchor cover thing by the rear window.
  4. Cadders96

    Newbie from Wiltshire

    Just bought a 2013 Pearl White GT86 - Current mods that I know are on it are a Malian Catback Exhaust, Enkei RPF1 17" Wheels, Mishimoto intake pipe and Lowering springs. I am from Chippenham, Wiltshire. Anyone done the Valve Spring recall and managed to get a Full+ service discounted? My car is due a Full+ service soon and needs to be booked in for the recall. Will be looking on here often for ideas for what to do. Thanks Nathan
  5. Looking for a rear view mirror that is not de-laminated, I have bought a 2013 GT86 and the rear view mirror is damaged. also an Anchor Cover (not sure what it is called see picture) Thanks