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  1. Quantum

    Incoming Part Out

    Hi James, any chance I could get some pics of the RB diffuser? Question about the fog light on it - I assume you've got no reverse light now, does that cause any problems when MOT'ing?
  2. Quantum

    VLAND Headlights - Dipped Beam Settings?

    Looks to me like you haven't adjusted the beam height since receiving the headlights from VLAND - am I correct in saying that? When mine came through the post they were much the same - pointing right into the ground, find an empty parking lot and drive close to wall and adjust them (example: https://youtu.be/sjLVO94NLN4?t=79) so it raises up the beam.
  3. Quantum

    AVO turbo kit near basingstoke

    Interesting...do you find it's restrictive in any way? Has the car been dyno'd?
  4. Quantum

    AVO turbo kit near basingstoke

    Heya Leeky, which headers are you running with your Cosworth SC? I've had the TD NA package installed and I half regret not saving up and just going directly for a supercharger. I've been looking into getting a Cosworth SC but it's just waiting for one to come up for sale that's not horrendously far away from me.
  5. Quantum

    GR86 Finally Spied

    I'm not a huge fan of the front of the front on this to be honest. It looks kind of more Lexus'y.
  6. Quantum

    2009 FT-86 Concept

    I completely misread the title! Thought it was a concept made in 2019. It is absolutely beautiful, its a shame we hardly ever get to see concept cars come to fruition, I feel like this isn't such a drastically hyper-looking car that it would be a problem to manufacture and build...
  7. Quantum

    2009 FT-86 Concept

    I really like the look of this. Looks like it's been based off the 2012-16 shape as opposed to the 17+ model, which I fully support.
  8. Quantum

    58,000 miles / 4 year service

    Unfortunately I bought my car not long ago and the next service is due in December so I won't be able to confirm anything for you. I doubt they'd do the rear diff oil for you included in that price, but honestly it's worth giving them a ring (or maybe giving a couple Toyo garages a ring just in case they differ :S although they shouldn't). I'll be doing an annual service on my own, the previous owner kept to it, and as I'm still under warranty I've got to keep it annual so I don't invalidate it.
  9. Quantum

    58,000 miles / 4 year service

    I phoned up a Toyota garage before buying my 86 (2016 plate at 53k miles) to ask them about this service because I wanted to use it as a bargaining tool to get more money off when buying the car. When I phoned up the garage they informed me the spark plug service is now standardised as part of the standard price service of £395. Of course, that's just one guy on the phone and could be wrong, but I hope he isn't...
  10. Quantum

    Budget Build - Kai's Primo daily

    Where did you get the vland's from? Not sure what they normally sell for but wherever I look they're >£400
  11. Quantum


    Welcome friend!
  12. Hi all, Hope everyone's well and enjoying working from home (if your work permits it). I've just placed an order for some smoked Valenti's which I think are at a great price (for over here in the UK). Here's a link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JDM-LED-Tail-Light-Sequential-Signal-SG-Smoke-For-GT-86-BRZ-2012-2019/193050907747?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2763.l2649&autorefresh=true Now I had my suspicions as to whether it was truly Valenti lights or just some cheap aftermarket knock-off, but the seller has assured me they have Valenti branding on them. Of course, they could be fake Valenti lights still, but I've decided to take the risk given that I think original Valenti lights are made in Taiwan anyway. They are a bit cheaper than thespeedline but I'm hoping I don't get stung by import charges when they come into the UK. Will update this thread when they arrive.
  13. Quantum

    HELLO! I've bought my first car!

    That's awesome. First step is some smoked valenti's in the back - that I'll do from day 1. Then I was looking to put some new wheels and tyres on, for wheels I'm looking at F1R F29's in double black at 18x9.5. I do have a worry that they might scrape though with stock suspension (unfortunately I can't change suspension as it would kill my insurance premium). On those wheels, I'd be looking to put some Eagle F1's 245/35 tyres. According to this youtube video they should fit fine with stock fitment but I'll need to check in with a mechanic (or you!) if that would actually work. Little bit later on down the line, would be looking to put in an Invidia N2 exhaust and swap out the front headlights for Vland's.
  14. Quantum

    HELLO! I've bought my first car!

    Hi all, I've just put a deposit down on a beautiful orange GT86. I've been on the lookout for a car for a while and I've had a rollercoaster of an experience. So I had 2 cars lined up one weekend, an orange 86 with black trim for the roof of the car, wheels and windmirrors. Very nice car but slightly high miles (72k). I phoned up Friday to reserve the car and it turned out that someone had put a deposit on the car and made the purchase that evening. Fine, not a problem, there was modified blue GT86 I was to be seeing that Sunday. On Saturday I get a notification on Facebook that the listing has been removed....hmmm. I message the lad and unfortunately the poor fella has been in an accident and written off the car :( Thankfully nobody was injured and he's okay which is good news. I have now been able to purchase a 2016 orange GT86 with 54k miles on the clock, single owner for £11.9k. Very happy with my purchase and can't wait to pick it up! I've been driving my dad's Audi A1 and been wanting my first car for a while. I've got a lot of plans for modifications! Anyway, just wanted to post here and say hi to all!