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  1. Danny.BRZ

    Sard Spoiler

    Looking for a sard spoiler
  2. Looking for a sard spoiler if anyone has one
  3. Danny.BRZ

    Litchfield supercharger kit

    @scbrz Thanks for the help, DM already sent.
  4. Still in search of a litchfield supercharger kit, if anyone has one or knows of one please get in touch.
  5. Danny.BRZ

    Touch Screen

    Looking to buy a touch screen for my BRZ which still has the OEM 2012 unit in it. What would be the best head unit to buy? I want Bluetooth and no facias.
  6. Danny.BRZ

    Litchfield Supercharger kit

    @MartinT I have litchfield’s old BRZ however it no longer has the supercharger kit.
  7. Danny.BRZ

    Litchfield Supercharger kit

    I have been in touch with the guy on Facebook however it has recently sold, I will keep on looking and hopefully someone else has one out there.
  8. Looking for a Litchfield supercharger kit, any help would be great, hopefully somebody knows someone with one. I have thought about others however I would like to stick to my cars heritage although I know many would advise me not to.
  9. Has anyone got a set of TSW Nürburgring 18x8 +35 for sale? Preferably the gun metal grey they came in.
  10. Danny.BRZ

    Standard manifold

    I have sent you a DM.
  11. Danny.BRZ

    Milltek primary cat back exhaust

    Got a friend that works at Cobra exhausts that I might get in touch with for the Sports Cat. Tried the 30 min run and it didn't work haha Thanks for the help mate.
  12. Is anyone selling the standard manifold with the cat?
  13. Danny.BRZ

    Milltek primary cat back exhaust

    Thanks for the advice mate it's a huge help. Would a sports cat help support the standard manifold to stop this from happening again?
  14. Danny.BRZ

    Milltek primary cat back exhaust

    Yes mate, the secondary cat was deleted with the milltek system but I have seen people on here running the system and passing everytime like my car has in the past. Thanks for the suggestion I will look into it, would it be as simple as one of the sensors has gone down?