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  1. Cfb86

    Anyone heard of these??

    Really? Maybe I should just go decat then, thank you!
  2. So been on the search for catted headers and don’t really want to pay £1000+ I came across a website called “directfitexhaust” their headers look good but does anyone know anything about them? website seems okay but there’s nothing been said anywhere about them or their products If not then can someone point me in the right direction with catted or decat headers 😁 I am keeping 2nd cat, just worried about MOT if I went decat 🤣 TIA
  3. Cfb86

    MOT and service with Toyota?

    Cheers mate that’s good to know sooo go to Toyota for servicing alone and else where for mot if decat 😂
  4. Cfb86

    MOT and service with Toyota?

    Haven’t done it yet but I was thinking about Going catless manifold
  5. Cfb86

    MOT and service with Toyota?

    I was going to get the service and mot package with my local dealer so I still have everything done by Toyota for the history in the future (fussy I know) but yeah maybe I should consider going else where for a MOT.and just keep full service history with Toyota instead
  6. Cfb86

    MOT and service with Toyota?

    Just checked it out on YouTube doesn’t sound much louder than mine🤷‍♂️ Got a few months yet but hope they let mine go through 😂
  7. Cfb86

    MOT and service with Toyota?

    Also any people running catless manifold? Still getting MOT at Toyota?
  8. Cfb86

    MOT and service with Toyota?

    What cat-back do you have?
  9. Hey guys just wondering is a main dealer arsey about modified cars when being serviced and MOT’d Getting mine done at my local main dealer just want to know what’s ahead of me, they should be fine right? Since I’ve only got a cat back and a panel filter at the minute if any one has any stories let me know
  10. Cfb86

    TD non res

    Hi guys anyone know of anyone running a tuning developments non res cat back? If so what is it like with stock headers? Is there much drone?
  11. Hey guys on the look out for and trd parts preferably the front lip or side aero fins also if anyone has some working vland headlights I would be interested in them TIA 😁
  12. How much for pal?
  13. Hi guys I purchased and installed a Malian cat back about a month or 2 ago and I’m sick of the drone from it inside the cabin I’m wondering if anyone knows of any cheap-ish exhausts with no drone I have been looking at tuning developments options so if anyone has any info for me about them that would be amazing TIA