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  1. Nails

    New Member - Exhaust Opinions/Starting Mods

    I had an Invidia non res on mine and it was totally fine. Sort of depends what your taste is. Non res is not loud enough to annoy neighbours in my opinion. If you then add a header and decat then possibly, but you can have the cold start mapped out I believe so even then, no big deal.
  2. Nails

    Blown Engine?

    This is one of the problems of the re-map culture we have nowadays, manufacturers won't cover the warranty, and to be honest I don't blame them. When you had the re-map done you must have known this would void your warranty? If it were me, I would use it as an excuse to get more power, if you have the cash. Engine transplant? Rebuild with a supercharger or turbo? You won't get anything out of Toyota, no amount of complaining will work as it is clearly stated that any modifications will void the warranty.
  3. Here is their blog from the meet: https://www.fuel-coffee-house.com/2019/09/10/toyota-gt86-brz-meet
  4. Thanks for the invite Keith and Luke. It was a great little venue. Sorry for spoiling the pics with a 20 year old Honda!
  5. Nails

    Gearbox Cruch

    My GT86 was shocking for this and is one of the main things I do not miss. Mine would be stiff 1st to 2nd and crunch 2nd to 3rd. I could work around this so to speak, but it was a pain and not something that is really acceptable on a new car. My 1999 Honda Prelude Type S changes gear perfectly.
  6. Nails

    New owner questions

    What about the supercharged lump they put in the GRMN then? That develops around 210bhp, is linear, fun to rev and more powerful than the GT86 lump. I have gone back to a VTEC Honda now so you are preaching to the converted in terms of NA. I just stand by the fact that the GT86 engine is a bit dull, yes you can add aftermarket options but when you have spent £20k+ on a car you don't really want to have to spend another £5k getting it to perform as you would like, if they had put a better engine in it in the first place none of this would be required.
  7. Nails

    New owner questions

    I don't disagree with you guys, yes Honda didn't have emissions to worry about back then. My point is the engine is dull, lacks character and tends not to make the quoted figures. In my opinion Toyota should have just followed the crowd and put a turbocharged lump in it which would have got around the emissions thing. I have driven modern turbocharged engines and they still redline at what the GT86 does anyway. I think even the most blinkered GT86 owner would admit that they would prefer if it if their car had come with a turbocharged lump as standard. Don't get me wrong, I love the GT86 and what is stands for, I might even get another one day, I just think the engine lets it down a bit.
  8. Nails

    New owner questions

    I have said this before on here, but my main issue with the GT86 engine for me, isn't the 0-60 or the lack of power, it is actually in the way it delivers it's power, the power delivery, in my opinion is very dull. Honda were getting 200bhp put of their 2 litre NA engines nearly 20 years ago, the difference is, vtec makes it fun. The other slight issue is that when rolling roaded none of the the GT86's are actually producing the power they are supposed to, they are more like 180-185bhp.
  9. Nails

    Crunching into gears - Warranty Issue

    Mine did it from 2nd to 3rd, looking back I adapted my driving style to suit the gearbox so I could avoid it happening. I guess the question is, should you have to do that? On one hand, yes it is a sports car, on the other hand, it is not exactly a 500bhp exotic car that should need nursing through the gears.
  10. Nails

    Best wheel option?

    Have you considered Rota's? They are light, have some great designs and are cheap. People will moan and say they are copies etc. They are actually very good wheels. Take a look at Rota Grid's, GTR's and Torque's
  11. Sorry, I forgot to remove my name from this, please take me off the list. I was disappointing not to be going, then I looked at the weather forecast, rain all day apparently!!!
  12. Sold pending collection and payment so please don't remove just yet.
  13. Hi, I have just had a PM off someone else who wants it, he sent the message just after your last one on here so by rights I should give you first dibs. He has offered the full price so if you are also willing to pay full price, it's yours.