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  1. Looking for a positive displacement (Cosworth,harrop) or twin screw (spintex) type supercharger system. And seeing if anyone has a used example for sale.
  2. CommanderCol

    Headlamp tinting

    Has anyone had problems having headlamps tinted? I went somewhere in Birmingham today. And after he attempted to do them. Told me it cannot be done too many curves and kinks. Also trying to get them done yellow and noone seems to do or want to get yellow. Anyone in the Midlands recomend anyone?
  3. I think i saw your car at toyota tamworth a few wks ago! I remember the rims. 

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    2. Loutou


      No i just popped in probably for a moan 😝 the warranty is useless! Its my second GT and the dealers are getting worse. Ended up buying my own battery 😝

    3. CommanderCol


      Yeah they are pretty bad there for warranty. I went in for a burning oil smell. And they took 20 mins of the 30 min diag, doing a health check on tyres and so forth and didn't put the car above head. How can you check for oil leaks on a flat engine from the top. Seem nice people. But don't seem to know the first thing about the 86 model.

    4. Loutou


      Totally agree. My latest is a 17 model. 3 times ive called out patrol due to a flat batt. They've had mine in for a total of 4 days! Charging it and refuse to replace. Say its my dash cam! Working perfectly now . Not having it serviced there, off to premier autos hednesford because they know about cars! Ha ha

  4. CommanderCol

    Been Lurking. Guess i should say hello

    Yeah i see you around a fair bit will. You have the white text down the side right
  5. CommanderCol

    Been Lurking. Guess i should say hello

    I’ll try and do a video for you. But to be honest I find videos of exhausts a bit lack lustre and never a good representation. Shame you are so far away or I would show it you personally.
  6. CommanderCol

    Been Lurking. Guess i should say hello

    After lurking for some time thought it time i said hello to you all. Had my 86 for a couple of years now. First Pic is as i got it. other 2 are how it looks now. Mods so far are: Eibach Sportline Springs Valenti rear lights Ispiri CSR1D wheels Perrin Front Droplinks Perrin Cat back non resonated exhaust Rear louver HT auto side skirts and rear things (lol) Alcantara'd the Dash Panel. little other things like metal gear knob. genuine armrest, plaque to centre console Probably alot more to come.