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  1. speedy

    Forum performance

    Yeah - it is a bit of a game of whackamole from time to time. We get floods of automated traffic trying to abuse parts of the old Wordpress installation which are still kicking around. That in turn consumes resources to the point where the DB server taps out. I add more blocks in the firewall and it stops again for a while. Rob and I are going to kill the remaining bits of Wordpress which are still around to eliminate that problem. We also tried putting Cloudflare in front of the site for some protection and speed improvement, but it doesn't really work with the forums without a lot more work involved, so we've reversed that change. And yeah, i've had mine since before launch, one of the other 100k+ mileage cars
  2. speedy


    Oh - add me to the list
  3. speedy


    Hey all - i've finished with the server for this evening. Please post if you're still seeing oddness.
  4. So good to meet some new faces and see some pretty awesome '86s. Also great to catch up with Lauren and Toni (and Mark and Simon). Thanks for organising
  5. speedy

    Sell me the GT86 guys

    glol like shooting fish in a carbon fibre barrel
  6. Nice writeup Lauren - so much love for those wheels!!
  7. speedy

    Trackdays and helmets

    Lauren - instead of just copy/paste, use copy/paste and match formatting. It'll just give you the text without the formatting. Can edit it if you like?
  8. speedy

    Sell me the GT86 guys

    Yeah, 70mph Never had a problem with the in-car satnav, works fine for me. FWIW I did get the maps updated once by the dealer.
  9. It's not good service at all. FWIW, I have ordered unusual parts from Toyota garages in the past - having a good parts department makes a world of difference in setting and meeting expectations. In my case I was ordering parts which had to come from Japan, and even within the same dealer chain (two branches of the same owner) one was much, much better than the other. I hope you get some joy with Toyota UK and get it resolved ASAP. Your dealers giving you duff information seems just like rubbing salt in the wound.
  10. speedy

    Sell me the GT86 guys

    So you can hang around with the sailor more often What other reason could you want (Added slightly more sensible reply from TBP) Great fun to drive on the road and on the track Comfortable and very capable mile muncher Great MPG for commuting and very good MPG at 70 on the motorway Cost of ownership pretty low (Tyres can last for 40k, £100 a corner for originals, brakes last a while as well) Loads of options for customisation, bodywork, engines whatever takes your fancy Warranty, warranty, warranty Pretty reliable, Lauren and I have covered over 100k between us. Mine had the idle thing when it was a couple of months old, but ECU update fixed it. Do it. Promise you will not regret it. Special edition will hold it's value better as well
  11. speedy

    Moar Servicing

    So, brakes update. Turns out that if you put the anti-squeal shims on the pads they are a lot quieter. Who would have thought? They are now a much more sensible level of squeakyness, perhaps normal GT86 squeak with an added dash of Carbotech squeal sometimes. In other news they cleaned and valeted the car. Forgot the spokes on the wheels are actually supposed to be shiny.. and it's much nicer inside now they've cleared the dashboard of all that dust.
  12. Pretty sure this is a copy of how you drove your car home from the dealer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E71zZW04DFQ
  13. Great write up and pictures, sounds like a really excellent day out :+: