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  3. XK140

    Wheel Offset

    Lauren,many thanks for that reassurance. I've never gone down the road of fitting spacers/more offset rims and when you do a search on that topic you come up with some dire warnings that problems as I mentioned could well happen. On the other hand,you only need look at a few forums to realise that loads of people routinely fit spacers with no problems stated. I will tell the insurance before I fit them. P.S.Now I've driven the GT86 a bit more I'm feeling the torque dip from 3 to 4.5k...so the TD package beckons...maybe next year! Regards,John.
  4. Alex P

    Alex P's Turbo GT86

    Right ! It's almost been 12 months of boost and I'm still loving every second of it. Bits of feedback of the HKS turbo so far: Noise is immense Power delivery is so smooth, boost comes in gradually and really takes off towards the top end of the rev range. The boost doesn't suddenly come in aggressively like a bigger or older turbo. Turbo spools up very qickly Mid corner boost can catch you off guard but the car doesn't kick out aggressively, still very easy to tell when you're about to pass that level of grip Fuel economy for every day driving (not eco!) is roughly 26 - 28mpg and when you keep out of boost I was averaging 30mpg. It still gets 40+mpg on motorway though! It's now absolutely rapid! Still very much a daily friendly car Since my last update, the only difference I've made has been a set of new wider wheels. The 17x7's with the turbo still held a lot of the handling characteristics of when the car was naturally aspirated. Like I mentioned above, the only real difference was that mid corner boost would break traction on the rear which would promote mid to corner exit oversteer. So I got myself a set of Rota Grid's because I can't afford a real set of TE37's yet haha. They are 17x9 and the grip levels have dramatically increased! The car from a standing start is much more planted now and has less tendency to break grip when shifting from 1st to 2nd. The mid corner boost doesn't break the traction as much as before, it can still slightly unsettle the rear if you're not paying attention. But overall the car feels sharper with the new wheels and looks much better that the skinny little bicycle wheels they come with from the factory! I will be taking the car on track for its first track day in August at Bedford at the How Fast event. It's not a full day of tracking which I actually think isn't a bad idea for me getting used to the car and turbo on track. The car will be going into Abbey to get a more track focused alignment now that I've finally got lower control arms. Absolutely excited to get back out on track since the last time was 2015! Here is the car in it's most current state Finally, mega pleased for Toyota winning the 24!
  5. Lauren

    Wheel Offset

    I wouldn't worry about it, you probably won't notice any difference in a car like that.
  6. CA11RBZ

    OEM Headunit

    Head unit (2012-2015). Just the unit, no mounts or nav module £100
  7. Keethos

    Tein EDFC Active Pro W/GPS

    Cool, I can do either, just PM the details. Thanks dude.
  8. GT_86

    Wheel Offset

    I can’t comment on handling etc, but spacers would be a modification and would need declaring to you insurance company. I guess it will depend if your insurance company are mod friendly.
  9. XK140

    Wheel Offset

    Not strictly about a GT86,but some general principles will apply and I thought there will be a fair few on here knowledgeable on such issues. THE STORY... By a perhaps rash decision I bought a set of new alloys at a very attractive price to serve as winter wheels for the family car I have on order (I won't be using the GT86 when the snow and ice is about!)...it's a Octy vrs 245 Estate. Compared to the oem wheels they are the same diameter and width BUT have 15mm more offset. (If you want to look at it in GT86 terms,wheels are 17x7 ET48,so it would be like fitting 15mm spacers or going to the same size rims but with ET 33.) Leaving aside clearance issues,I'm confident they will be OK here,I'm starting to get worried about how the car is actually going to drive with this increase in the track...Uneven tyre wear? erratic handling?...lots of fwd torque steer?...Also,might the Insurance company disapprove? Any thoughts?..or should I cut my losses and sell them unused?
  10. AJ124

    Tein EDFC Active Pro W/GPS

    Haven’t fully decided yet. Something with some more bump travel and maybe a touch more track focus if I can achieve both without spending £5k haha. Just selling some unused stuff now to gauge max budget. Open to suggestions
  11. AJ124

    Tein EDFC Active Pro W/GPS

    Great! Bank transfer or Paypal (fees covered or gift)
  12. Deacon

    Tein EDFC Active Pro W/GPS

    Out of interest what are you swapping to @AJ124?
  13. Keethos

    Tein EDFC Active Pro W/GPS

    Hey dude, would love to take these off your hands, how do you want payment?
  14. I Bought this kit a while back on the forum, however I never got around to fitting it and now looking to change my coilovers to something different. I was previously fitted, but its all in fantastic condition and has all the bits, manual included. Asking £400 posted. Or you can collect from GU6. My Flex A's should be available soon also.
  15. matrixprotein

    OEM bits for sale

    Spoiler, manifold sold. Head unit no longer available. Catback and lights still available. Catback needs to be gone - £50 Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  16. GT1986

    Cobra UEL Manifold for sale

    Provisionally sold.
  17. I see what you mean. These are genuine with proof of purchase
  18. Hi all Does anyone have 25mm spacers that are not needed any more? I need to bring my back wheels out a bit. Thanks!
  19. Yeah I blame Wedssport tbh, it’s all over their website about Howe dangerous fakes are but they never tell you how to recognise real ones (unless of course you buy new). 😂
  20. I have for sale a set of Volk/Rays CE28s which would be ideal for trackday wheels. They are 16x7J ET48 with Bridgestone RE01-R tyres 2 are in very good condition with no kerbing 1 has a small amount of kerbing as per the pictures. 1 has been kerbed and has a flap of rubber off the sidewall which has been stuck down. Holds air fine and I have used it with no issues, but I do have to point it out. Looking for £650 ono collected from Derby. I can add money to them if you’ve some 18’s to sell. More pics to follow.
  21. I have the reciept from when I imported them from RHDJapan. Dont worry they are all above board! 😂
  22. Yeah it certainly doesn't surprise me to be honest, it's why I normally go to Reading instead for any servicing
  23. Cool. Just for my own sanity, who did you buy them from?
  24. Tubbytommy

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    I've got tickets to japfest now so I will definitely be there. I'll take a look then. Should of got on the stand after all.
  25. Lauren

    Wiltshire Newbie

    The mapping will more increase the mid-range torque which is definitely worth doing, but keeping the primary cat may limit what benefit you can get. But, it would be worth getting it mapped. The map won't make a difference to the sound as such, so it if doesn't burble now, it's unlikely to after the map. Enjoy the Aygo. 😉
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