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  2. SimonG68

    Fuel Coffee Meet

    Hi mate, No not missed it. It’s Saturday 22nd at 15:00. It’s on the FB page as well Hope to see you there.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Luke

    Fuel Coffee Meet

    Link isn’t working for me what date/time is this on? Or did I miss it?
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  5. MartinT

    Anyone in Herts/Bucks who can show me their car?

    Sorry you've got no replies so far. If you want to make the trek down to Basingstoke I'd be happy to oblige. I have a Harrop supercharger installed.
  6. matrixprotein

    Tuning Developments Non-Resonated Cat-back Exhaust

    What wheels are they and whats the tyre size? Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  7. I have the main listing with more pictures on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3114215901995490/ Here for sale is my Toyota GT86, I have owned this car for since January 2019 and it has been well looked after in its time. MOT till January 2021. It has 46250 miles on the clock though this will rise as it is used daily to get to work. It has recently had 4 new Toyo TR1 tyres fitted and a fresh 4 wheel computer alignment. Full Toyota service history with the car, 2 keys and Valenti rear taillights. Painted the Calipers red, wheels are in good condition with minor marks on 2 of them. Please note that the head unit will be changed back to the factory one upon sale and the car also would not come with the private plate, standard reg is AO13 JXV. Not looking for a quick sale just testing the water for now. Few stone chips and the marks on the windows as pictured but other than that the car is in good condition. Only selling to free up a bit of money as a change in circumstances at work means I have to.
  8. I've got a tuning developments non res cat back which is very similar to the cobra and I have it listed extremely cheap at half price although it is virtually brand new. PM if you're interested!
  9. Tweedbean

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    No problem, hopefully between this and the how to videos I've done, if anyone finds it useful then I'm happy 😁 If anyone needs part numbers etc, they are listed throughout the thrad too. Thanks, its actually been a really easy car to work on, other than the welding, I've managed to get everything done myself by working it out or watching a couple of youtube videos. I also came across things that people dont tend to document, like how to remove the fuel cap, most people wont need to do it unless they are having the whole car painted, most wrap places dont fully wrap inside their so people dont remove them. The hinge is held to the car with two rivets, these have to be drilled out to remove hinge and cap from the car. Then to refit, I tried my own pop rivet gun but it wouldnt quite fit due to the tight angles. So I ended up using a riv nut gun to provide a thread section to then bolt the hinge to the car. I did take off some material off the back of the hinge where it touches the car to thin it out and ensure the additional depth(a couple of mm at most) of the riv nut leading edge didnt stop the petrol cap sitting flush. A blast over with some paint on the back of the hinge ensured that part was sealed and then I bolted it on with normal bolts and washers. Now sits perfectly, this was literally the last bit of body work back on before the MOT. Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
  10. Kono

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Car looks absolutely mint, also mad props for actually putting the cost of the build so far. Tired of seeing people putting project builds and going on about it being cheap n easy then never putting the cost just saying its cheap XD Hope you enjoying the car looks like all the hard works paid off 👍
  11. Deacon

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Cracking time your Lordship. Nicely done!
  12. will300

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Fair play for providing a breakdown of all the the costs involved and all the updates 👍 Definitely provides some insight for others who want to invest in a project.
  13. MLC22

    GT86 AVO Turbo £14,800

    Hello Mate. Really interested in your motor. I have tried to contact you through PM but it says you cannot accept messages? maybe because i am new to the site. Currently in the market for a turbo GT86 PM me your contact details if you want to arrange a viewing. Thanks.
  14. I'm not running the Mishi cooler, just the Mishi stat. But all the oil coolers have the same issue.
  15. Cool. Cheers Will. Glad to hear I’m not the only one seeing this issue with the Mishimoto Cooler
  16. Tweedbean

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Nearly Back On The Road So I set out to give a true reflection of what it would take to get the car back on the road. I have done all the work myself minus the frame shop straightening the front end/welding on the new slam panel and the respray itself. If you take out of the consideration any mods I've purchased that weren't needed such as rear lights/headunit/STI parts etc and just look at what it would take to get a similar 86/BRZ back on the road with similar damage I have spent as follows. Exactly as I've done it with facelift front end and new bumper/wings plus full colour change: Total on the road cost: £8930.46 That includes: Crash Damaged BRZ £4200 Used Bonnet £150 Used Crash Bream £50 Used Rad £20 Used A/C rad £20 Used Fans £20 Used Airbox and washer bottle £100 Odd used and new clips, brackets, fog lights, wiring, rear bumper etc £200 New Slam Panel Subaru £306 New Front wings and brackets, top plastic grill trim, 4x rubber bushings for rad assembly Toyota £309 New Vland Headlights £380 New Facelift front bumper with all the brackets, grills etc £617.92 New Headlight rubber seals(BRZ Only) Subaru £58.14 New Headlight washer jet covers Subaru £70 New Various bolts Subaru £29.24 Labour for frame shop to straighten the car £380 Respray in Porsche RS Green £2000 (Note for those that ask why so cheap I did all the labour in terms of stripping the car minus the bonnet/doors/boot lid For that above cost I have a 2013 BRZ with around 40k on the clock, spotless interior, heated seats, spotless exterior which is unique and you wont see another one in that colour, black headlights etc. Yes I could have bought a working 86 for that sort of price (Only seen very rough BRZ's sub £10k) but it would possibly have higher mileage, not as in good condition and certainly not unique. It would also have the pre-facelift front end which im not a massive fan of. So for me I am more than happy with it as it stands and gives me a solid base to start modifying. Getting it on the road even cheaper: Now I could have got it on the road for much cheaper if I had waited around for used parts that matched the body colour and didn't insist on retro fitting a facelift front end. This would have avoided £2000 in bodyshop costs straight away, plus the used body parts would have been a lot cheaper than the new bits I went for like the front bumper and wings. Total on the road cost: £6383.54 That includes: Crash Damaged BRZ £4200 Used Bonnet £150 Used Crash Bream £50 Used Rad £20 Used A/C rad £20 Used Fans £20 Used Airbox and washer bottle £100 Odd used and new clips, brackets, fog lights, wiring, rear bumper etc £200 New Slam Panel Subaru £306 Used Front wings and brackets, top plastic grill trim, 4x rubber bushings for rad assembly £300 New Vland Headlights £380 Used Front Bumper £150 New Headlight rubber seals(BRZ Only) Subaru £58.14 New Various bolts Subaru £29.24 Labour for frame shop to straighten the car £380 Yes I was lucky with some of the used parts coming up super cheap, but if I can find bargains, others can. Sam Nadeem from SJ Autosports is a great source of well priced used parts for 86's/BRZ's in the UK. I did all the work with a Halfords tool kit and a Ryobi impact gun. I've never rebuilt a crashed car before so have learn't a lot along the way. Now its time for its MOT tomorrow, then tax and insurance. Once thats done its off the bodyshop for its final polish now its all back together then modifications begin. Very happy its gone from this: Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr To This: Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
  17. Unfortunately this is the case, Mishimoto do sell a 92c thermastat which I'm running, but I still find I have to block the cooler off. You can also get a 100c stat from a few places. Thanks Will
  18. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Update 30/07/2020 - Bedford Autodrome Trackday - Video's Video 1: My fastest lap from the day, time 3:01.1 Video 2: Some track action featuring @Deacon
  19. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Update 30/07/2020 - Bedford Autodrome Trackday #2 Two Bedford trackdays in one month, I must be crazy 😅. Ofcourse that's not completely true, I really enjoy the circuit and Javelin released a last minute date in July, so decided to jump on the chance to do another trackday whilst there was some free space and to make up for the 4 months without any trackdays earlier in the year. The day was excellent and well organised, there were a couple of stoppaged throughout the day but these were cleared up relatively quickly. Luckily I was always in the pits when these happened, so didn't affect my track time. The main issue from the day was the track temperature, it was a very hot day 30c, and little cloud cover meant the circuit(tarmac) heated up very quickly. This was an issue for both myself & @Deacon as we started to suffer with tyre grip issues, meaning we had trouble with the tyre sliding around. However interestingly my PS4's held up better in the area, compared to @Deacon's Yokohama AD08RS, this could be down to the compound being better or the fact I'm running a slightly wider tyre (245 v 225). The temperature didn't stop me from putting in some fairly quick lap times. On the 2nd session I managed to come close to matching my previous best time from the 1st Bedford day in July, only a few tenths away. I assumed after this it'd be game over and no more improvement, just because of how hot it was. However this filled me with confidence in my setup and that I'm getting more consistant on circuit, atleast at Bedford anyway. The times fell throughtout the day with one banzai lap at the end of the day, which dropped me down to a 3:01.11 lap, this was so close to being 3 minute dead lap. Unfortunately about 75% of the way round I caught up to a slow Lotus Elise at the wrong place which meant I had to slow down, losing me a vital second. Whilst annoying it's not the end of the world as I now know the car is capable of a sub 3 minute lap and with a couple more days at Bedford that should eventually happen. I suspect with some proper instruction and better tyres (semi-slicks) I could actually shave off another 10 seconds, I'm not quite taking the best line through some corners and not braking as late as possible for others. Overall it was a good day with no issues and some fast laps completed, so I'm very happy with how the car is performing at the moment. I still need to look at changing the rear brake pads, as I've previous mentioned. Here are some photos:
  20. Thanks. Yeah thats what my mate said, but on average I do one track day per month so i’d be constantly taking duck tape off and on. Would also leave sticky residue. Unless anyone has a better suggestion I’ll probably go Jap size plate for the road and then just take it off on track. As the Mishimoto Cooler mounts dead centre, a Jap size plate would totally sit in its way blocking all but the bottom inch off.
  21. Yeah normally duck tape is utilised to block air flow. Sent from my COL-L29 using Tapatalk
  22. Hey All, I’ve recently fitted a Mishimoto Thermostatic (85c) Oil Cooler to the 86 and im at Castle Combe today looking at how its performing. Track temps are all good but the drive here on the M4 was at 63c (as you still get a little oil flow through the thermostat) which is probably a bit too cool now I think? I’m running the factory 0w-20 so probably not doing the engine any real harm but I'm thinking I may need to block it off a little especially for the Winter. Im thinking if I switch from a UK front plate to JDM it’ll hang down enough to block off some of the air flow. Then I can always take off the front plate on track to get back full flow. What do you think?
  23. Last week
  24. Hi. I’m new to the forum. I test drove a standard GT86 this weekend for a couple of hours (with a view to it replacing my Clio 172 Cup for track days and the odd daily drive) and sadly decided I couldn’t live with the engine. I suspect the torque dip could be sorted and I could be happy with it but I am not confident to take the plunge without having sat in one with this fixed. Is there anyone in the Herts/Bucks area who’d be willing to take me out in their car, ideally one with a supercharger fitted as this is the route I would likely take? Thanks
  25. choupolo

    Wanted standard GT 86 OEM wheels

    I’m replacing my facelift OEM wheels very soon. Expecting delivery of new ones in the next month or so. I can let you know as soon as they’re off the car and available if you’re still after some at that point. They’re in good condition apart from some kerb marks on two of the wheels. Also just put brand new Avon ZV7 tyres on this week as the Primacy’s finally wore out!
  26. Looking for a set of 4 OEM wheels for GT86, as close to mint as possible, thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Fantastic day. Bloody good bunch you lot. 👊
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