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  3. Samwise

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Over the recent weekend I was able to have a few friends over to the workshop and over the course of a single very sunny Sunday the whole Rocket bunny kit is now prepped for its wrap. I'm quite lucky that a couple of my friends have wrapped parts of their cars before and one of them even works in the bodywork department at BMW (We gave him the whole front bumper to do!) so I knew they'd do a good job alongisde me! We started off by keying up the panels with some 320 grit and getting rid of any motting/orange peel in the FRP as well as any extra blobs of material that were stuck to the surface, followed by a couple of healthy coats of grey high build primer. Once it was dry and ready to sand we applied any filler or knifing putty in areas that needed it, there were a couple of cracks and some scratches or air bubbles that had to be filled and finally all the panels were finished to a wet 800 grit finish which should be plenty for the wrap to adhere to nicely and no inperfections to speak of! The video for it can be found here: We all really liked how the front bumper turned out in its sanded back primer look ironically, it sort of looked like a comic book sketch or some kind of video game (If anyone's played Borderlands you'll know exactly what i mean!) But in just under 2 weeks the car will be off to Monster Wraps in Southhampton to have the wrap applied and I can't wait! I've got some small jobs to get done before then and I need to continue work on the diffuser so that it's ready by the time the car is complete.
  4. willclarke

    UEL manifold - JDL

    Bump with a video clip : https://youtu.be/1t2HhXt-Lf4 Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  5. Lucas@PartBox

    TOM's LED Lights

    Bit of an old post, but the lights are available again. We have a very limited quantity of them as TOM'S Racing managed to find a few extra sets in their warehouse in Japan. https://www.part-box.com/t-81500-tzn64-toms-racing-led-tail-lights-red-lens-toyota-gt86-subaru-brz?search=t-81500-tzn6&description=true
  6. Hi everyone, I made a facebook post not too long ago about getting a few more sets of the first gen TOM's Racing lights. They are now available. Price £550 Red lens: https://www.part-box.com/t-81500-tzn64-toms-racing-led-tail-lights-red-lens-toyota-gt86-subaru-brz?search=t-81500-tzn6&description=true Clear lens: https://www.part-box.com/t-81500-tzn65-toms-racing-led-tail-lights-clear-lens-toyota-gt86-subaru-brz?search=t-81500-tzn6&description=true
  7. james_ly

    Spare keys?

    Unfortunately probably the going rate for a modern key I was quoted £450 for a new OEM fob and programming on my old Boxster, and that was just a old style fob.
  8. Lauren

    Spare keys?

    I would check out a few dealers then as I doubt there are very many other options. You'll have to get the fob from Toyota anyway. In person you may be able to negotiate the price down a little.
  9. Lauren

    Directors wanted!

    Great stuff, Mark. I don't blame you for staying away from the FB stuff, it can be a pain with the keyboard warriors! Yes absolutely a socially distanced mini-meet up has to be on the cards. Watch this space, I think we need to see how the next few weeks go, very happy to meet up to discuss further. When things get properly back on track and it's safe for Rob to come out, a proper meet up with Keith as well would be good.
  10. Yesterday
  11. BaltimoreGer

    Tomei UEL Manifold

    Would you take £450 cash and I could collect it tomorrow ?
  12. rob275

    Directors wanted!

    @GravelRash It would certainly make sense for all to get together to discuss things. I'm stuck indoors for the foreseeable due to having Chemotherapy. Perhaps next month may be doable who knows.
  13. GravelRash

    Directors wanted!

    You haven't scared me away. Well, Facebook maybe As the lockdown has eased, would you fancy a socially responsible gathering. I believe in England it's 6 people in a park. It would be like a mini-meet from CruiseBoard all over again; we could even find an empty McD carpark!
  14. Kono

    Spare keys?

    £580 they gave me over the phone, they said it could differ depending on which dealership I actually decide to use (I'm near 3)
  15. Last week
  16. Lauren

    Spare keys?

    Have you actually got a quote from Toyota?
  17. Lauren

    Directors wanted!

    @GravelRash it does require a bit of time. Not necessarily loads, but when it needs input, you have to do it. At the moment it's fairly quiet as not much is happening. But normally there's stuff around events to coordinate and certainly the big shows take a bit more input. It's loads easier nowadays as everything is done online with ticket purchasing for the most part. It's more the events where you have to post out tickets that are time intensive. Thankfully that is pretty much a thing of the past! What I do: Sort out PM's I get from members, most are advice queries, I expect that's fairly specific to me. Deal with traders. Deal with issues with members' behaviour. This can be a massive pain if people go on and you are struggling to find a resolution. It's not so bad on the forum, but seems to be more of an issue on the Facebook page. Deal with complaints. Kill me now, I hate this and again seems to be more of a thing with the Facebook page than the forum. I'll still do that though as erm love it so much. 😫 We really need someone to take on the merchandise side of things. It is fairly well automated these days too. I think also when it comes to the accounts, taking care of the Paypal account is another thing. I think as a director I've played to my strengths and avoided some of the things I don't enjoy or I'm not good at. Keith and Rob had dealt with the money side of things. Rob also did the events wholly, though I've taken over the big ones and we do have some excellent event organisers in place that do the shows and trackdays. I've always been more visible and out there, dealing with the social aspects, social media and relations and all that. Well, I am a social worker! 🤣 But really it's a matter of applying your skills and for us to get the best out of you. There is also the option of expanding the committee to do more of the daily running of the club. This hasn't really worked though, so I'm minded to just keep that going with the directors. Keith is still busy sorting out payments and the like that need doing and running Paypal. Rob is still doing merchandise and banking stuff which is not ideal as whilst he's always been fab at popping up when he needs to, I'm sure you can understand he's got a lot going on at the moment and sold his car years ago. Alec is a director in name only and has no involvement at all anymore. So really we need new blood, passion and enthusiasm to move the club forward. Also someone that attends events and is visible and approachable to club members, whilst keeping the members best intrests is key. And don't worry I'm a director of two clubs and have done such things since 2004, so have plenty of experience to pass on.
  18. Tweedbean

    tweedbean's Subaru BRZ

    Pulled together a quick update based on video taken when I got the car back from being straightened and my prep for the bodyshop: https://youtu.be/6sH089Vl6tY
  19. Kaltorak

    Spare keys?

    First born child or nothing I think. https://www.theautolocksmith.co.uk/vehiclestypes/toyota-keys/ We'd come under the %60 off £1200..... so about £500.
  20. Gregski

    Spare keys?

    I was also wondering if I could get a second one. Mine is a bit different since I have changed my 86 to JDM brz. And it came with only one like this on the photo.
  21. Kono

    Spare keys?

    So I only got one set of keys with my GT86 and for obvious reasons would like a back up set....however~ I am yet to find anything outside of the stealership that isn't around £500+ for a spare set. Local car replacement key shop chain (i forgot the name) wont touch it and will only make the ignition/door key, not the electric sides which given its a push to start, is 100% useless. I get its not exactly a house key that can be cut but surely somewhere does replacement keys that doesn't require me to sacrifice my first born's soul? Any ideas?
  22. matrixprotein

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Going to get under the car today. Done abit more research. I'm beginning to think I've messed the strut as I used an impact gun to undo the top nut. Figures... I used the ft86speed factory video as a guide and they also used an impact gun. Last time I'll be using them. But will take a look and update. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  23. GravelRash

    Directors wanted!

    I'm intrigued by this opportunity but I'm wondering about the time implications. As a fairly busy person what sort of time commitment is required? I presume it varies and there are peaks when it needs more but overall is it possible to estimate how much time a month / week it would require? I also assume that guidance would be provided as, speaking for myself, I've not done anything like this before so I'm not sure exactly what I would be volunteering to do.
  24. Ken Appleyard

    Reversing camera connections

    Is there a wiring harness to fit areversing camera to get 86 model 2016
  25. willclarke

    UEL manifold - JDL

    Hi For sale JDL UEL manifold Originally catted but previous owner had this part removed (so is now decat) In good overall condition, see pics. Comes with overpipe Can arrange courier at buyers expense, otherwise collection from Peterborough £400 Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  26. Joolz

    GT86 Dreams

    Ah don’t say that. I could believe it too as they were desperate to sell cars before but now less so I guess, if dealerships re open. Hope you get the deal you want that would be annoying if they jack up prices. I think they’re still gonna struggle to be honest to sell as car market is a right state, I just enquired about two Face lifts on Toyota chat about finance etc, and both dealerships are all over me, but I want them to send the car to another Toyota dealership. I’m hoping for desposit £1,600 and Finance £180-£200 an month which is currently possible and APR is non existent at this moment being very low. Not sure if this due to GR 86 coming or 2017 model tax years I’m looking at or something else.
  27. 86iain

    Weird rattle...

    Wasn't keen on the intro music, but you immediately redeemed yourself with the "ey up"
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