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What are the thoughts on  potential issues with oil starvation on track?

I've searched the forum topics and although I can see that there was some discussion regarding this on the other forum a few years back I can't find anything recent or a conclusion.

When is this likely to become an issue and what is the best way of preventing it?
My GT86 has a Harrop supercharger, HKS oil cooler and is running Michelin PS4 tyres. I do the odd track day but will not be putting on slicks etc.
If this is an issue, the main options seem to be a baffle in the sump or an  Accusump. I believe that Fensport run an Accusump on the GT86 that they have run in the Japanese Sprint series. Not sure this installation would fit with the Harrop kit in any case?

Main sump baffle option seems to be Cosworth, as far as I can see?
Coming from a Caterham where the recommendation was that for any track use an 'Apollo' anti cavitation tank was recommended, with a dry sump advised for more extreme usage, I'm keen to understand whether some preventative measures would be worthwhile.

Keen to hear from anyone who runs either a sump baffle, Accusump or anyone with a view on whether oil starvation is something to be concerned about.


@Mark@Abbey M/S

What are your thoughts on this?


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It's not really an issue as such as long as you have adequate oil in the sump. I've never had any problems, run the same tyres as you and have been doing trackdays and sprinting in the car for seven years now. 

Adrian does run an Accusump so has a dry sump, but he does run aero and 265 wide 888's! 

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I run the Cosworth sump baffle, an oil cooler and use a temperature and pressure gauge to keep my eye on the oil temps and more importantly the pressure drop that goes with higher temps.

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