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TD UEL & Super res exhaust NA package

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Hi Guys and girls,

Came back from Tuning development yesterday, just had the NA package done. UEL and Super resonated exhaust combo. Sounds fantastic, no drone, no rasp; Can still have a convo while car is on but when you put your foot down you have that nice grumble. Its a very noticeable driving difference, making an already fun car even more enjoyable now i can finally feel slightly ASBO with my right foot.

Big thank you to @Mike@TD.co.uk for getting it sorted for me and all the info i kept asking about, and to the other lad down there (sorry i didn't catch your name) for selling me into the turbo kit. Mike will give you sales commission i'm sure lmao.


Going to be posting Dyno sheet and a video of the exhaust sound while driving etc tomorrow. As i tried to find this combo on YouTube before purchasing but could only find the Exhaust with standard manifold or UEL with normal rez/ no rez; even tried messaging a few forum users who have the setup if they had any clips. So hopefully if my mic does the sound justice it might help others to make an informed decision.

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Nice one, it does make a huge difference. Had my TD tuning package for a couple of weeks now and am enjoying the changes. I went resonated, and am happy with how it sounds. Mrs thinks it’s a bit loud though, but the kids love it.

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