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  1. GT_86

    Torque settings - changing discs and pads

    Fitted the pads with my 15 year old Son today, let him do most of it. Went well given neither of us had done a pad change before. No more sqeaking brakes! Thanks all for the tips and guidance. Gonna be a bit more adventurous tomorrow if I have time, I have new front discs/pads and offside front wheel bearing to fit on my other car.
  2. GT_86

    Torque settings - changing discs and pads

    This lot turned up yesterday. Gonna be a busy weekend. My Son is helping so should be a good learning curve for both of us.
  3. GT_86

    Torque settings - changing discs and pads

    One more question, can the pistons be compressed back into the Calliper, or do I need a rewind tool? Thanks Darren
  4. GT_86

    Torque settings - changing discs and pads

    Ordered pads today, discs are fine. Will fit them with my Son at some point next weekend! Will bee good practise, as my daily will needs discs and pads all round soon.
  5. GT_86

    Deacons '86

    Awesome pics, car is looking really good!
  6. GT_86

    Torque settings - changing discs and pads

    Thanks all. Will drop in Halfords and get one of their advanced torque wrenches. Get 10% discount which always helps!
  7. Hi All I will soon need to replace my pads and possibly discs also. can anyone tell me the required torque settings for the various bolts please? I also need to buy a new torque wrench, but have no Idea what is a good brand so any recommendations are welcome. Thanks Darren
  8. GT_86

    Newbie here

    Thanks for the welcome all!
  9. GT_86

    Newbie here

    Hi All, thought Its about time I registered on here, already a member on the owners club forum, no harm on in getting the best out of both! I have a 2016 GT86 in black, new to me in November last year, and am absolutely loving it! Previous owner really looked after it! Mods so far are very tame, Cosworth filter and Valenti V2 sequential tail lights. Planning on few more mods to include a new header and exhaust along with some coilovers and a new set of wheels. I hope to get to some meets and catch up with some like minded car enthusiasts. Have a good weekend all! Darren