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  1. GT_86

    Discount for October - NA Tuning Package

    It’s well worth the money. Really transforms the car, glad I got mine done!
  2. GT_86

    Newbie from 22 feet below sea level

    Welcome along
  3. GT_86

    Surrey newbie

    Welcome along! Enjoy the new toy
  4. GT_86

    Newbie - Leicestershire

    Welcome along!
  5. GT_86

    TD UEL & Super res exhaust NA package

    Nice one, it does make a huge difference. Had my TD tuning package for a couple of weeks now and am enjoying the changes. I went resonated, and am happy with how it sounds. Mrs thinks it’s a bit loud though, but the kids love it.
  6. GT_86

    Sussex newbie

    Welcome along! Bet you start the mods sooner than planned.
  7. GT_86

    Cars and Coffee MOP

    May be able to get to this. About 1.5 hours away for me on Sunday morning. Need an excuse for a blast out after the work done at TD yesterday. If I do manage to make it will seek you all out when I get there. Darren
  8. GT_86

    TD UEL Header package

    Had a good day today, was good to meet Mike, and have a good chat. Really pleased with the mods, it sounds awesome and drives so much better.
  9. GT_86

    TD UEL Header package

    Have done the man maths and justified a catback while I am there. Kind of makes sense as it's a 5 - 6 hour round trip for me depending on traffic. Insurance informed (Adrian Flux), no change in premium as I took out a modified policy when I got the 86.
  10. GT_86

    TD UEL Header package

    Booked in for Thursday. Looking forward to it. Never had car mapped before, let alone stuck on a dyno!
  11. GT_86

    TD UEL Header package

    Thanks for the info all!
  12. GT_86

    TD UEL Header package

    One more question as I am new to modding/tuning. As this removes the 1st cat, does the re mapping stop any errors/dash lights due the missing cat? Thanks Darren
  13. GT_86

    TD UEL Header package

    Thanks all. Think I am gonna call tomorrow and get it booked in!
  14. GT_86

    TD UEL Header package

    Quite tempted by this. Is it ok with the stock exhaust system? I do want a cat back at some point but can’t stretch to both at the same time.
  15. GT_86

    Not again...

    Sorry to see that! even more so that it's the 2nd time. Hope it's sorted without too much hassle