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  2. Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    @will300 Just realised your stripes have gone lol
  3. Doms 86

    Anyone here fitted a TRD front bumper and skirts to their car? I am thinking of adding these to mine.... Also last trackday I was getting chucked about the cabin, so time for harnesses and buckets I feel but I would need a half cage. Anyone on here running a half cage? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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  5. Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Looks really good, need to sort mine out. Swirl central at the moment.
  6. Bump. Perfect for regaining some of the damper travel lost from lowering
  7. Last week
  8. Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    A timely post as I was going to see if you had done anything else... maybe a charger !??
  9. Have the non resonated on mine, noisy on cold start but definitely not intrusive at motorway speeds.
  10. What is that saying about cake !! nice sounding has to have some compromise in the cab, but the TD is a good choice.
  11. Coilover set up...

    Hey another Nottingham 86 owner [emoji106], id maybe give landspeed in notts a try, not had any experience in there alignments etc, however they seem to know alot about the platform, having there own Brz. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  12. I have to sort of disagree, i have the res td catback, and at 80ish [emoji102][emoji23] it does drone a bit, especially if going up hills or under load etc. Not to bad tho, otherwise i love the noise, just about the right level of noise, with a good tone, and a few pops every now and then [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  13. It's quieter than a Milltek Resonated and also the Cobra. I run one though admittedly I have a TD manifold and no cats. It's obviously louder on mine, but fine on a cruise even with my setup. Had mine on a year now.
  14. Plenty of info and a sound clip here, just to backup what @vanko25 said this exhaust is not drony, I would not have had it on my car if it was. Drove 2500 miles around Europe and never once got annoyed.
  15. A bit louder than stock but not anything annoying as it is the resonated version. No drone at all when on motorway. There probably 20+ people on the forum that will confirm how good these are.
  16. how loud is it ? drone while cruising ? want a nice sound out of the car but prefer it standard inside.
  17. Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Another weekend and another BIG step forward toward getting the car back on the road. Today me and a friend tackled getting the dash out and can I just start by saying that this is probably one of the most annoying jobs i've ever had to do on a car just short of removing an engine for the first time! Once again im afraid there is a draught of pictures but I have a few. First I went about getting the driver's seat out as there was a load of dirt under there from the crash, whatever the previous owner hit was kept in all the little nooks and crannies of the car. The driver's seat was gladly far easier to remove than the passenger's seat. So I'm not sure how to describe the person that previously owned this car, other than being a bit of a plonker for crashing it and a few other things such as the debacle with the seat bolts, I've since found another lovely little "Mod" of theirs. They had clearly decided that as well as wrapping most of the interior trim pieces in a rather horrible carbon wrap they they would also give the same treatment to the accelerator pedal and foot rest which not only looked pretty shocking but can't be too safe in terms of keeping the accelerator nice and grippy under a wet shoe sole. Anyway, after removing the offending wrap we went about hoovering most of the mess up and cracking on with the dash removal. Now going back to my earlier point of it being an annoying job, there are so many panels and components that make up the dash, not to mention the A pillars and whole Centre console has to come out to get to some of the screws, the interior was 100 times more messy once we finished than before we started, and theres ALWAYS 1 last clip, screw or bolt that is holding something on. But eventually we got there... And that's only half the mess It wasn't an easy or very romantic job to do but it had to be done and im glad we were able to in just around 2 hours. It should hopefully make putting the new dash back in just a liiiiittle bit easier. Theres a few small housekeeping thigns I want to do behind the dash before fitting the new one such as tidying up some of the cabling and fitting some foam to hopefully stop any rattles, etc. Unfortunately I broke one of the tweeters in the dash, as we popped the speaker cover off the module on the back of the tweeter appeared to be pretty weak and gave way, I'll look in to re-soldering the part that broke or my new used dash may still have the tweeters in if im lucky. Next couple of weekends are going to be busy so don't expect another update on getting the new dash back in until then, hopefully by then I should have also bought the new headlights so i'll be extremely close to getting this car back on the road in July!
  18. Hi all I got my stainless steel TD resonated cat back for sale. It has done about 10k miles. It is in really good state and the sound is awesome and deep. There are a lot of forum members that can confirm how well biult these exhaust are. I will get it cleaned up prior to collection. Looking for £330 collected. Located in Soihull, South Birmingham.
  19. OEM Wheels + Tyres for sale

    Now sold. Post can be locked. Thanks!
  20. Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Been a while since my last update, nothing has changed performance wise. However today I picked my car up from being detailed by Reep Midlands in Leicester. Car now has PPF applied to the front bumper, along with a couple of pieces on the rear bumper. G-Techniq Crystal Serum Ultra Black applied everywhere else. I also had the engine bay cleaned and front brake calipers sealed. I ordered some new wheels a month or some ago, they are Japan Racing JR29's in Bronze, size: 17x8 +35. Fitted with Michelin PS4's. Also fitted a new Yuasa 60Ah battery as the standard 48Ah one died on me. Here are a couple of photo's.
  21. Midlands members who may know ?

    Which companies did you go to?
  22. Best tire option for me?

    I replaced my Goodyear Eagle AS2's last month as wasn't happy with the grip I was getting when they were still on around 4.5mm. Never been entirely sold on them due to the soft side wall. I was going to go to either the PS4 or 105's that lots of people on here like, but due to a hard to pass up extra voucher deal on Black Circles I actually ended up going for Avon ZV7's that were a lot cheaper than either and also had the bonus of being made in England (although sadly they are US owned these days). Have to say I am very impressed so far, low road noise, excellent grip and handling although steering feel is a little lower than the AS2's. I certainly haven't got any regrets so far, but will see how I feel by the end of the summer and before I switch back to the winters!
  23. Midlands members who may know ?

    Thanks for the prices. Those prices just for the wing or boot lid as well? I'm assuming that would need a full spray after welding for the pearl to match.
  24. Midlands members who may know ?

    out of 3 places i went to, 1 was £250 + £100 to spray wing, the other was £300 + £100 to spray wing and the other turned me away saying its to hard to match. Im thinking of going with the £300 one but waiting on arrival of wing first before i decide. £250 was in Hixon £300 was in Rugeley. Hope this helps you regards Stevie
  25. Lmc,s build

    Didn’t get any pics but fitted ebc slotted discs with yellow stuff pads all round today. Next step will be exhaust
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