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  2. Deacons '86

    I've just put aero twins on as well, with a fresh coating of gtechniq g1... seem fine, no smearing and a dry windscreen after wiping
  3. Deacons '86

    At the moment I can't fault them at all, no smearing etc. It may be because I've also had the screen treated when it was detailed recently though?
  4. Deacons '86

    I tried aerotwins, found them smeary, so switched back to classic design wipers.
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  6. Electronic parts catalogue

    Thank you Dave. If my mag mount doesn't work then I will get one of these Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  7. Electronic parts catalogue

    Sure I'll take one for you in a bit!
  8. Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ Drivers Club Track Day Silverstone GP - Car Track Day (Circuit Days) Thursday, February 21st, 2019 £200 (including club discount) - good price, if booked before 1/1/2019 https://circuit-days.co.uk/silverstone-view-event-120 The GP circuit is long at 3.66 Miles and is everything a “Classic Gp Circuit” should be. Fast straights where you can push your car and also entertaining corners that you hone your skills on during the day. Following in the tracks of the great drivers of the past and today. How to book: 1. Link above 2. When booking enter vadim (case sensitive) into the discount code field. Discount is only available till 1/1/2019 and we're aiming for 10+ care. Please do not share the password with general public, but I will post it on FB forum (and assume its ok to share with the other GT86/ BRZ club?). Once you have booked, pls respond and I will update the list of confirmed bookings
  9. Electronic parts catalogue

    Do you have a picture at all? Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  10. Electronic parts catalogue

    The dab aerial for the 86 solution is absolutely tiny. I don't even notice it where I installed it on mine, too left of windscreen and i get perfect reception.
  11. Cusco Engine Oil Cooler

    Warm up your engine quicker, but also keep it cooler! Ultimate win win
  12. Electronic parts catalogue

    I've changed the radio to a pioneer dab item. Don't really want anything stick to the screen. I'm going to try a mag mount upside down in the boot Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  13. Selection of Exhausts on Part-Box

  14. Electronic parts catalogue

    I dont know if the BRZ has the same headunit as the 86 but if it's the same unit it's not as easy as simply installing an aerial, the Toyota solution requires a box installing behind the HU with new wiring and then an aerial on the windscreen. The part number for the tas300 HU install is here:
  15. Clutch pedal adjustment

    I think you’re right about that! George, have you read this http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8040 There’s more info on the Aussie forums about clutch adjustments for RHD, but will take some digging to find it. If you do go ahead with it keep us updated please!
  16. Clutch pedal adjustment

    Iv only owned my car for a few weeks so for all I know the biting point is correct and that's just how they are, especially if yours feels the same. I might consider removing the whole pedal assembly and change the spring to see if it makes any improvement, I will probably have better luck adjusting it then. My engine will come out soon as part of the recall so I can have the clutch checked for wear then just incase it is on its way out.
  17. Hi everyone. Does anyone know of a online parts catalogue / diagram site showing part numbers and diagrams. I'm looking to upgrade the aerial in my 2015 BRZ to dab and and wondering what exactly is different / required Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  18. Clutch pedal adjustment

    But it's also possible that it was for spring removal, not bolting in more or out threaded rod. I'm driving LHD, so am too lazy to google out of specific hardships.
  19. Deacons '86

    My oem wiper blades finally gave up the ghost and disintegrated so I replaced them with a set of Bosch Aerotwin wipers. Difference is very noticeable and they're much quieter. I also added a couple of 'safety' warning stickers in the cabin
  20. Clutch pedal adjustment

    I’m a year into ownership and I still don’t like the high bite point, but I’m still too paranoid about trying the clutch pedal adjustment. From what I remember the process is a lot more involved for RHD, and involves removing the pedal assembly. I think there was a post or maybe a video showing how to do it. It’s been a year tho so I could be wrong lol
  21. Clutch pedal adjustment

    This is hydraulic clutch, whose travel should stay somewhat same no matter what clutch wear, with clutch master cylinder piston taking in extra fluid if needed (of course, if it's not overadjusted to have nozzle from fluid tank always closed). You can consider this mod of adjusting clutch pedal travel, few caveats though: 1) IIRC it might be harder to do on RHD due placement/clearance of things in driver footwell (though i may mistaken this hardship with clutch assist spring removal mod), 2) be careful to not take out too much dead travel out of pedal, as by same basic checks some slight clutch drag might be missed, but propagate in slightly harder to engage gears (maybe some of them) maybe at some temps (cold vs warmed up), reverse or 1-2 or 5-6 , increased synchros wear and so on .. in general, i'd not adjust by some vague "slightly below brake pedal" but rather to at least 1-2cm of dead travel till bite point, and would add some extra tests if clutch is not dragging and pedal travel is sufficient, eg. try driving in all of the gears, with clutch disengaged but car in 1st and reverse gears try to redline to 7K, see if car tries to roll a bit, ask someone to report if clutch fluid level changes as you press pedal. 3) i also did "own addition" to this mod - taped red tape over threaded clutch pedal rod and put some markers on two opposite sites. It eases to reference when testing - "clutch/gearbox behaved such and such at 1.x, at 0.75x, at 1.5x, at 2.x turns". 4) my smartphone's flash lying on carpet served well to illuminate where i worked on adjusting
  22. Valenti tail lights

    Would you take £100 also could you deliver?
  23. Clutch pedal adjustment

    I wouldn't have though so, the clutch feels strong. Can't get it to slip and it's only done 23k miles.
  24. Hello

    Possibly the Essex Crew could organise a meet in the New Year so you both can pop along
  25. Clutch pedal adjustment

    If it's high is that not a sign of a worn clutch?
  26. Yesterday
  27. My car is way out of warranty now and I do my own services anyway. But your probably rite, when I rang them they said they will do it but had no idea when they will start. Might as well change the oil if it's going to be months away.
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