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  3. Clean cars thread

    Criminal! In all honesty it looks lovely. How do you find it after the 86? It's one of those cars I do often look at as a replacement. Are those wheels factory fitted? They are much nicer than all the others I see fitted to the 235
  4. Auto Allure RapidcoatH20

    It still seems to be beading fairly well. I have only cleaned it once since I applied it and with just a snowfoam it cleaned up well and when I was jetting the snow foam off it seemed to sheet fairly well. I'd be interested to maybe treat it a few times in a row as because it's just a spray on wipe off job I'm not convinced the whole car gets fully covered in one application. Auto allure have their own website and shop so I ordered it direct 👍
  5. Auto Allure RapidcoatH20

    How is it holding up? Where did you get it from?
  6. Hi is this still for sale?
  7. All the filters are now sold.
  8. Clean cars thread

    I hate to poison this thread with the German influence, but it's the first time mine has been clean, probably in 2018. Considering a few weeks ago, it looked like this: It will shortly be having the wheels redone in Anthracite, and having the Bilstein's fitted too. A full day spent fitting new exhaust, diffuser and spoiler, so I had to give it a clean too.
  9. Clean cars thread

    Oooo scratchy[emoji51]
  10. Looking for FA20 engine
  11. Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    Phew close one there🧀
  12. Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    Was originally heading elsewhere but hadn't got a date in mind, got told about Big Bear Kustoms had a chat got some good vibes and as you say Will with what the guy does was a no brainer to go with him in the end, so dropped him a deposit to cement the slot, handy as well for the date cause I am off work that week as well so I can get everything together ready for it.
  13. Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    Ah sweet, seen some of his work and follow him on Facebook. Definitely somebody I'd want doing a project like this.
  14. Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    Big Bear Kustoms @will300
  15. Clean cars thread

    Bit of a cheat, just wiped down the car with a wet cloth and then dried it with another. Took 20 minutes but the result is excellent, just like it has been cleaned. Dodge is also clean and photo bombed.
  16. Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    Out of interest @Quball which bodyshop are you using?
  17. Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    FT86 speed factory @nikndel haha no your be ok you won't have to dip in to your cheese's fund.
  18. Putting back to stock.

    Just a quick update, mad weekend running up and down the country so finally sat down! (although still at work!) Teins are provisionally sold at this moment so is the Strut brace and cusco headlight adjustor. appreciate all the interest but if anything falls through i will let you all know!
  19. Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    Where did the side repeaters come from Luke and did you have to sell kidney to get them?
  20. Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    Thought would give a small update as haven't for a while. Updates New wheels are on order and this week had an update that they are just at the finishers so shouldn't be too much longer till they are here was given a 6 week lead for them to be here and so far we are 3 weeks in. New custom Valenti headlights are being worked on at the moment should be here in the next couple of weeks or so. new bonnet is on order new colour has been chosen. Bodyshop date is booked in 28/6/2018 I have probably missed something off as there is so much going on at the moment with other little bits and pieces. need to order my new tail lights which should be doing soon. fender hardware will be using Downstar seems very popular with the builds over in the US Have had the replacement side repeater garnish's for way back in last year but have never uploaded a picture so here they are. Other than the new Turbo/Intercooler joiner coupling hoses that is it for pictures for now, still awaiting the rad and heater hoses before fitting these may as well wait do it all at the same time. Will try and remember to update as and when.
  21. Marks Mods

  22. Signature

    When you click on the "reply to this topic", there should be a black menu with the formatting controls (Bold, Italic, etc) on it. The button on the right of the bar (which looks like a page with a magnifying glass over it) is the Preview button.
  23. how do you remove attachments?

    Just tried this from Flickr and it hasn't worked, I think it was much easier as it was. Now I'm old I've decided I don't like change 😁 Now sorted cheers👍
  24. how do you remove attachments?

    Would be nice to see at least DIY guide pictures hosted locally, so that such will stay independent from cases such as when photobucket policy change fscked up so many. :/ One thing is eye candy, generic blog pics and alikes, another - pics for useful instructions. It would be nice if there was a way to have different local storage policies for these different use types.
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