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  2. Having just got the car & it looks awesome I’ve decided to not play around with the car until I’ve got used to it. What I didn’t realise is that I have sat nav included which although I know it isn’t very good it was a bonus to find out it was fitted. So far I’ve spent 15 minutes driving the car to drop off the guy who delivered it at the local train station as have to go to work soon but have tomorrow & Friday off to start getting used to it Some things I think are worth getting are a cheap set of floor mats so I won’t mess up the car over the winter which fit properly & looking on ebay I can tell a lot of them advertised that will fit the car but I can see from the photos they don’t so looking for advice please. I also want a decent back seat cover for when the dogs come with me in the car & I think I will also get a dog guard to stop them trying to get into the front I think it would be wise to get a front & back car cam & looking through numerous youtube videos the best choice would be the Thinkware F770 2CH front & rear. One think I need help on is what spoiler do I get, I might go for the TRD one that fits the 2017 86 but are there other aftermarket spoilers which would look good? Tints are a must as well as a visor strip on the front window, does anyone know a good place to get them done around Leeds/Wakefield area? As I will be tinting the rear windows 95% I will need a reversing camera & was thinking of the pumpkin universal licence plate holder camera kit as it has good reviews & I don’t want to drill holes in the car. I am thinking of getting a HUD as I think they are cool & not expensive but again which to get? Speaker change will also be on the to do list & I will get a Focal IS165TOY kit for the front but what’s the best for the back & I would like to put my sub & amp in there so could do with advice on wiring it up as in the celica it connects to a phono output from the head unit I am tempted to spray the calipers electric blue But might go for carbon grey again what are your thoughts?
  3. My (heavily modded) GT86 is insured through AF and underwritten by ERS. If my terms changed halfway through the policy without them notifying me, to my detriment, I would not be letting that go. My renewal is due up very soon, I will be watching this thread VERY closely.
  4. Did you see the damage to my car in the build thread? £6k that cost, and they had to strip the whole back end down to chassis. £4k for yours is absolutely batshit crazy.
  5. But the way it lifts the car means it will swing down if it fails rather than drop straight down, meaning it will just roll off any blocks etc.....I don't think my axle stands extend that high (worth checking).
  6. I made the 100 mile trip to get my 2nd service done. It was nice to have have a day out in manchester in my little red aygo. But yeah I was more than impressed with the service and it was above and beyond what I expected. There were no hang ups. I probably only waited 5 minutes in total when i got there, after the 2 hour drive through beautiful derbyshire roads I needed the loo and fancied a bev so i'm glad they didn't have to wait for me. I was only asked relevant questions and anything I thought was necessary to point out just in case they had already taken care of. After leaving my sat nav and then again after also my phone holder in the loaner car and forgetting my stamp book which I am about to post. I left feeling like Id probably been an awkward customer and didn't deserve their service, but that's probably my fault because as we all know i'm an awful person : )
  7. This royally pisses me off, no wonder dealers get such bad press.
  8. Abbey is not a Toyota dealer. I have done interim services at Fensport.
  9. tell him my shed will still be faster and i got it for 9k and every girl he things will swoon will actually find it a bit uncomfortable and embarrassing. Whilst my wagon has 6 usb charging ports and that's way more impressive apparently. Or get a 86 and charge it or a charged 86 and live the dream everyone should be dreaming.
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  11. That's a bloody long way for a service. Why not go to Abbey?
  12. Sorry Dan, it was just bad luck that they called at the one time of the day I was away from my phone. I will make sure my phone is with me for the rest of the day at all times until 5pm. Regards, Matt.
  13. my shoebox is quicker so nah
  14. Had my first estimate back... *drum-roll* £4078.28. This was done through Listers body shop, as they are the dealer I bought the car from. Now I don't know much about accident repair, but this seems astronomical considering the damage done. I'm going to Southam Bodies (Greg Howell) for a second opinion.
  15. Has anyone at AF listened to the initial call made when the policy was sold? This would clearly show exactly what was asked for and sold. If the policy has been mis-sold, for whatever reason, then AF should rectify this at no cost and as little inconvenience to Matt as possible. Again, if the policy was mis-sold, if AF do not rectify the situation they should not be allowed to trade on the forum.
  16. Hi Matt, Just to let you know the service team have tried calling you today to discuss this, but not been able to get through. They will continue to try calling but if they still struggle to get in in contact you can reach them on 0344 381 6502. Regards Dan
  17. Gearbox needs to be sorted first haha
  18. I only just discovered this thread! It's amazing. I loved the show. Many times I was thinking about finding some goods touge courses. Lake district. wales & scotland's roads were the best I've seen so far, but everything is way too far from west midlands..
  19. *twincharge loading* Take it turns driving instead?
  20. Thanks to Rich & all the staff @ RRG Macclesfield for the great work on my car again, my car has covered 4933 miles since the last service so not much at all. If anyone wants a good quality Toyota dealer RRG is the place to go, its only a 176 mile trip for me each way
  21. Well I guess that means I've got shotgun too then
  22. Lol he wanted to get a new shape nismo one which is late 2015, so 25K budget is slightly low
  23. Well I'm selling my BRZ soon, if you would rather that than your shoebox on wheels
  24. booooo, where's your #teamred loyalties gone?
  25. Looks great Rich, you'll get far more gains and enjoyment out of a manifold vs an exhaust system also Thanks Mike
  26. He already owes me one shotgun ride due to me ripping his roll cage out with a hangover
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