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  1. Please share the brand, age, milage, detailed condition and best price. Thanks!
  2. Fantastic day. Bloody good bunch you lot. 👊
  3. Side and rear louvers wanted. Price and location please.
  4. I was in my silver 86, and gave you a big thumbs up because you have excellent vehicle choices. Going past the train station. You waved back but I didnt catch any details! Good to see more in Sheff.
  5. Hey guys Finding a lot of parts here, more so than many other places online. Seems a bit too good to be true. Has anyone used this site before? Good service? Smooth transaction? Is important tax included in shipping costs? Seems to have a great deal of mods at good prices.
  6. Leonard

    Peak District Cruise

    This happens, and the guy with the sick Cobra exhaust from Sunday says you get great deals on Facebook marketplace. Damn it facebook. I thought I was rid of you. Will check that out cheers Mike.
  7. Leonard

    Peak District Cruise

    Today was brilliant fun. Every forum member I met was an absolute legend. Great to meet you guys. There were hundreds of people out! Lets do this again soon. 👍
  8. Leonard

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    The stuff of dreams that. Fantastic work mate. Those deep wheels with the colour scheme 👌 Love to see this in person.
  9. Leonard

    Peak District Cruise

    👌👌👌 Hey @Lauren as you helped me find out my 86 is seriously basic, I've decided to name it the Mk 1. Sounds collectable that way and helps deflect from the many potential faults and non-fitting mods I may encounter. 😎
  10. Leonard

    Peak District Cruise

    Washed, waxed and detailed for tomorrows little drive! Be there for 9am. 👊
  11. Leonard

    Garage Recommendation, Sheffield

    Good to know as another Sheffield owner! I've only had mine for a few weeks so this is useful! @Stutopia what does your BRZ look like? I'll keep an eye out.
  12. Leonard

    Peak District Cruise

    Cheers bud. I'm gonna be measured on Saturday and join the cruise around 9pm. No doubt the drive throughs will be absolutely rinsed there so I'll grab a cheeky mcmuffin in Sheff. Buzzing mate. Put on some 3d resin short plates and a hook just so it's not completely stock. I wonder if my custom 86 badges were fitted as Aussi or by previous owner??
  13. Leonard

    Peak District Cruise

    Legend. I'll get in touch! Be sweet to get a shot together for the forum. What time is the depart? Dont use facebook so I cant see! Gold and black. Nice. 😎