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  1. Ignited

    Toyota RWD fan

    Lol, you need a long neck!
  2. Ignited

    Toyota RWD fan

    I did the wheels over a year ago and they are still OK, its not a perfect job and I could improve it with a bit more work (and a second can!) but they look fine when I am moving.
  3. Ignited

    Tuning Developments NA KIT + stock exhaust

    You must declare this mod to your insurance or they will refuse any claim you may make and cancel your policy. Usually cheapest to make changes when you are renewing your poicy rather than changing midway through when they could charge anything they like or even cancel the policy if they dont cover modified cars. (PS I have a NA package on my car and its great but did the change at renewal when I went to Adrian Flux).
  4. Ignited

    Manual or Automatic transmission??

    I agree with driving them both to see what you think. I also agree with having a difference between the fun car and the daily. This is one of the reasons why I bought the auto. I also agree that the auto is hard to get off the line very quickly but think it is great when you want to get away reasonably quickly as it just adds speed very smoothly. The overtaking in the auto is great although there is a small delay while it works out what gear it can drop to. After a while though you factor this in with your driving style. I have the Tuning developments NA package with their super resonated exhaust and 4.67 final drive now and it is quick. I prefer to drive in auto mode but using the paddles to over ride the box when needed and I think this is better than pure manual mode for making progress. If it was my only fun car though I think it would be hard not to go for a manual. Which brings us back to driving both and seeing what you think will work for you!
  5. Ignited

    Toyota RWD fan

    Hi Alan, Welcome from another MR2 fan/owner. I normally see you on another forum! Just painting the standard wheels with one colour transforms the look of the car to my eyes, I did all 4 with one large rattlecan. Cheers Simon.
  6. Ignited

    Bonnet alarm sensor

    Mine is held on by a sticky pad. I have had problems a few times when the bracket holding the switch gets moved and I have had to bend it back up a little.
  7. Ignited

    TRD Spoiler

    Turned out to be very hard to photograph but visible to the naked eye! It may be worse because red paint is prone to fading. You may just be able to make out a faint line from the left hand edge of the spooiler that curves up and to the right for 3-4 cms where the original spoiler was bigger.
  8. Ignited

    TRD Spoiler

    The quality is really good. No problems with painting as no preparation needed. Its been on for a couple of years I think now and no issues whatsoever. It doesnt quite cover all the area of the old spoiler at the very ends so if you look closely you can see marks in the paint on the bootlid. Not a problem though and if I had known before ordering mine, it would not have put me off. If you really want a show car finish, you could mount it and have the whole bootlid sprayed with the spoiler on. Not that I am trying to put you off, just give you a heads up! The car looks so much better with it on and I would definitely recommend them.
  9. Ignited

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    A little trip to the supermarket this morning.
  10. Ignited

    Dan from Adrian Flux Insurance Services

    All sorted now and documents resent.
  11. Good buy! Life is too short to drive cr*p cars. I took my old garage door to the tip in the 86. (Helps if you have an angle grinder).
  12. Ignited

    Dan from Adrian Flux Insurance Services

    Thanks Dan, dm sent.
  13. Ignited

    Dan from Adrian Flux Insurance Services

    Not very impressed with them, I renewed the 86 policy 11 days ago over the phone and so far no insurance certificate has been issued and no documents available on their online portal. (No reply to my e-mail yet either). I have nothing to show I am insured. I checked my other car on the portal and no information about the policy either and that was renewed in July! I have used them for a number of years but may have to look at other options in future if things dont improve.
  14. Ignited

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Went to the supermarket (hence the glamorous location) and got a chance to see my newly rattle can painted wheels (and painted calipers too) from a distance. If it stays on once I get to start using the car I will be very happy as only clocked up about 3 miles so far!
  15. Ignited

    Covid lockdown battery issues

    I have been leaving my aldi charger connected to the battery terminals with the charger sat on top of the engine and the lead coming out of the front of the bonnet and I leave the 3 pin plug sat on top of a front wheel. Once a week I run the extension lead out and put it on charge for the day. If I plan to use the car then I charge it the day before and disconnect the charger so I dont drive off over the plug! Even if the battery gets really flat so the door wont open, I will be able to charge it up (well, thats the theory).