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  1. I can try and weigh them to see what the shipping cost would be but otherwise happy to wait until september if you prefer.
  2. Ignited


    If you change your mind and decide to go for lowering springs instead, I have some for sale!
  3. Hi, yes, its still available. There are no other parts like gaskets or hangers included as the originals were reused. I dont think the gasket is much though if you decide to pop a new one in.
  4. Price drop, now £425 collected.
  5. These are still available. Why pay £311.48 when you could have these? partbox
  6. I have one for sale but a bit of a trip to collect!
  7. Generally speaking, standard cars tend to have higher front ends so some spring manufacturers drop the front ends slightly more so that the car sits level with the lowering springs fitted.
  8. For sale, very good condition TD super resonated exhaust. This was used with their manifold and had a nice sound when on throttle but not intrusive when cruising. It got compliments from people driving behind me! £475 collected from Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. Thanks.
  9. For sale - a brand new and unused set of Eibach pro kit lowering springs that lower the car 20/25mm. I never got round to getting these fitted so they have just sat in the spare room! £200 collected from Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. Thanks.