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  1. pwrout

    WANTED: Aftermarket Steering Wheel

    not deep dish but have a Personal neo grinta wheel for sale with red stitching. Ran that in my 86
  2. selling genuine Works Bell Short Boss for GT86 and Rapfix II. Everything is included apart from the hardware (bolts) not sure where I put them but wont be hard or expensive to buy some. £200 gift or add fees located Nottingham
  3. Manual, more control. Clutch kick initiation, correcting drifts and probably cheaper to make more power due to the autobox. You'll probably shred through clutches.
  4. pwrout

    Carbing Titanium Strut Brace

    Ive spoken to plenty people in the 86 scene in the UK. Ive met about 3 people that know what half the parts on my old car were.
  5. pwrout

    Carbing Titanium Strut Brace

    I disagree though. Someone was selling a set of Ohlins. They were up for ages and were a decent price. May as well get BC ay. I also havent bumped the thread in months. Im sorry but its common in the UK Japanese scene for lowballers on higher end parts as its more acceptable here to run cheap stuff. The price is fair. You're acting like its not. Its just come down 50 with free shipping too.
  6. pwrout

    Carbing Titanium Strut Brace

    no thanks, not interested in your advice. I dont agree with anything you say and i dont wish to argue with you anymore. No one is trying to buy it off me though? They all wait for it to become stupidly cheap as there is no demand for the item BECAUSE barely anyone is interested in J parts. Ive had so many people on the US group message me about it and offering more as they want a carbing TI brace, its a work of art. Unfortunately its for a RHD vehicle given the master cylinder brace so I'm left selling it to a bunch of lowballers. If it doesnt sell for 300 I'll keep it on my wall in the garage. If you'd like to buy it for £300 posted with free shipping, which is well under the silly estimate of £50 more from nengun then id gladly sell it to you and ship it promptly. Let me know.
  7. pwrout

    Carbing Titanium Strut Brace

    youre literally chatting so much shit. Ive no problem with meeting someone half way for a sale. I offered to measure the brace for him and sent pictures etc. Im not going to drive all that way for someone to test fit a brace and if it doesnt fit to not sell it. Thats bad business and a complete waste of money and time.. ask nengun if they will fly to you and let you test fit their products. And for your statement about explaining to people what makes it special? You either are into high end Japanese parts and know a brand like carbing + know titanium is strong but barely ways anything or you dont? Someone that lacks that interest for having rare quality Japanese parts isn't going to care even if i explain it. They will always see it as a strut brace and be happy with a 50 quid one from any brand. The main selling point is light weight and the aesthetics as well as knowing its carbing. I can imagine 90% of members would not care about that. Ive sold plenty of bits on here to people and apart from one person everything went smoothly. met a few lovely people that are on this forum, some real twats though with nothing better to do. Can a mod delete all this crap so it can go back to a normal sale thread? £300 posted to UK. Bargain.
  8. pwrout

    Carbing Titanium Strut Brace

    im not really bothered about people taking me seriously or not. I wouldn't comment on someones thread saying i can get it for so much cheaper arranging my own shipping blah blah. The reason it hasn't sold on here is because the majority don't even know what it is or as you say just view it as a strut brace. Not everyone but a lot. And uptight? i dont know who Jordan is but youre probably referring to the dude that wanted to buy something off me but expected me to drive and hand deliver it? Get real bro.
  9. pwrout

    Carbing Titanium Strut Brace

    i think save your opinions for a thread thats not my sale thread. I personally think the priced at 300 delivered to UK for a carbing Ti strut brace is a bargain. Ive been buying J parts from Japan and USA etc for years and check prices regularly. Next time you sell something ill chime in where i can get it new for 50 quid more (even though i doubt you could) It gets frustrating that people low ball you non stop on this forum as its just UK car scene mentality yet i sold my varis kit for more shipped to the USA as well as my Work wheels. Tells you something.
  10. pwrout

    Carbing Titanium Strut Brace

    buy one new then. I dont believe you'd get it to your door for only 50 more including shipping and customs. £300 is the best price. I would consider posting it to UK for free but thats the best i'd do. feel free to spend more money and mess around with shipping companies etc
  11. pwrout

    Carbing Titanium Strut Brace

    i dont know somewhere in the UK that sells it for the price he is saying
  12. pwrout

    Carbing Titanium Strut Brace

    PM me with here you can buy it for 300 without shipping + customs its 360 + shipping + customs from Japan, 380 + shipping and customs from USA
  13. pwrout

    Carbing Titanium Strut Brace

    I'd go down to £300 collected as its taking up room (I would post depending on price) but not lower than that. It's a fair price. Quality costs money
  14. pwrout

    Carbing Titanium Strut Brace

    bump. PM me realistic offers.