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  1. shiftspark

    2018 on 86 vs BRZ

    Ah thanks I thought they were the same, there’s one or two of the blue ‘86 with the brembo brakes and uprated damper around but the blue colour looks different in all the pictures so not sure if it’s for me.
  2. shiftspark

    2018 on 86 vs BRZ

    Just a quick question , are they both on the same suspension set up from 2017 onwards ? As I know the earlier cars had different spring rates ? Are there any other differences apart from looks as I prefer the latest front on the BRZ. Reason being if I can make it work for me I will get a BRZ over the 86. Thanks
  3. shiftspark

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    @gazza82 see my post above re pm for reason.
  4. shiftspark

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Looks good but what was the issue with BCS ? also £600 for pads !?
  5. shiftspark

    Aftermarket Wheels & TPMS

    £600 just for the valves is crazy.
  6. shiftspark

    Aftermarket Wheels & TPMS

    Not sure they work on Toyota's but I've seen something on a Fiesta forum you can buy a programmer from the bay around £15 and sensors are around £25 each although without looking into it I can't be 100% they work. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VXSCAN-OEM-TPMS-Sensor-Training-Tool-Sensor-Activation-Tool-for-For-d-2006-2016/173265114136?hash=item285767d418:g:s~EAAOSw52ZazdAM What year cars are fitted with these ?
  7. Nice write up Lauren but as said above it’s getting very expensive at £31k lots of other cars at this price point. I was speaking to Richard a while back and we both think Toyota should be listing these as an option on the standard GT86 as well as other bolts on parts that would retain a warranty much like Mountune. Sales are slow and used cars seem to take ages to sell, Toyota selling parts along the lines of Toyota Gazoo Racing would increase sales as Toyota have won the WRC manufactures award giving lots of exposure in the media.
  8. I get the impression no one wants their cars to go in lol
  9. I can also see people asking for the plugs etc to be done at the same time and being charged a not to small amount as it won’t be as bad as the £600 service charge.
  10. I wonder that as well, it’s ok buying one knowing it needs to be done but then there’s the what if something goes wrong it could soon turn into a nightmare for that person. I am still looking but now not sure I’d buy one needing this work done even though it would go to RRG Macc
  11. shiftspark

    GT86 Wanted

    ^ What sort of price are you thinking ?
  12. shiftspark

    Getting my head around BBKs

    I think @Ade had some calculations on brake bias etc on his project thread.
  13. shiftspark


    The difficult thing about price is it being high enough for what you want to get to what the market will pay, as Lauren said you can always reduce the price but not increase it. If the price is too low people assume theres something amiss and don't view it or think your desperate to sell so offer even lower and take the piss. Pop it up for sale and see how it goes after all you can decide not to sell anyway. I pxed my car in the end as I had very little interest from the forums as most people already have one. Good luck either way.
  14. shiftspark

    King-Meiler Tyres Extreme VR2/VR2NK, any good?

    These tyres are being used for hillclimbs/sprinting as I know someone on cliosport thinks they are very good but I am not sure if they are still being made.This is from the forum I have been using the Extreme VR2 tyres now for about 6 months - I found them to be very grippy and at a good price. I've just ordered another set direct from the factory and I have been asked in future to go through the new UK supplier. For anyone else looking for a good, road-legal, List 1B, track tyre then the contact details for the UK supplier are - RobSolExpress Ltd Robert Solarski 23Belmont Road Southampton SO17 2GD Tele: 07817420786 Email: plmotorclub@yahoo.co.uk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UKExtremePerformanceTyres/ Shop: www.polishautomobileclubuk.com/?post_type=product Extreme Tyre Info: www.extreme-tyres.com Interesting that 60% of the cars in Class A3 at the Castle Hillclimb on Saturday were on Extreme VR2 tyres in soft (R5) compound....... they are really gaining popularity. LikeQuoteReply
  15. shiftspark

    GT86 Wanted

    It’s in Ireland as well ! cheers