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  1. knightryder

    Buy a brand new GT86 right now, or not.

    Probably worth noting there are alot of Toyota Finance offers at the moment. Not checked the GT86 but both the GR Yaris and the Supra can be had at 0% APR so at least you're not having to pay interest. That combined with a decent discount would offset the usual poor APR plus depreciation you would normally have to stomach.
  2. knightryder

    Supra Review

    It's definitely worth a test drive. But it does depend on what you want from a car. It's a fast GT car IMO, it's less engaging than the 86. Easy to pile on speed, much less effort to drive (see engagement comment). I found that after getting back into the 86 the desire to have one went away, but the B58 is damn good engine, if way too subdued in noise. It'll be a better place to be in for daily driving but less accommodating if you would use the rear seats at all.
  3. knightryder

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    If you've not had an alignment done, then you have no idea how much you've changed the geometry and this (plus tyre pressures?) can cause the car to handle badly, even dangerously. I would have had the alignment done as part of the suspension swap, or have it booked in ready for when you did the work if done at home.
  4. knightryder

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    I also note that the GR4 UK tour is missing a lot of dealerships. Notably any of my local ones, one of which is a big main dealer. I see that RRG Macc is also not on the list. Very odd. Edit - RRG now seems to have been added.
  5. knightryder

    GR86 Finally Spied

    Really? We didn't know..... The engine is still the let down on this car, had no character from the factory (sound and power delivery). Obviously adequate enough to buy one and powerful enough and I'm not even on about the torque dip as that wasn't an issue for me either, but the engine character is missing. I also read a post recently by a Prodrive engineer who claimed that the WRX EJ motors actually had a higher COG vs the I4 competition due to the ancillaries. I'm not sure how that translates to this platform as the engine is definitely mounted lower than the WRX but I for one wouldn't mind an I4 that sounds better and peaks higher.
  6. knightryder

    Harrop self fit supercharger kit review

    I'm not sure many would expect heat management to be any worse, the OEM cooling system has plenty of capacity and is not known to be a problem even at high power. Oil temps will typically increase faster than stock, but on the street this is really a non-issue. The biggest one tends to be, as Martin alluded, that other mods can increase underbonnet temps to go up that play a more significan impact IMO.
  7. knightryder

    Aircon regas

    Yep, happened on mine. Relays are under the bonnet and take 10 secs to swap. Leave them swapped and then buy some off of ebay for cheap as I couldn't find them new anywhere online - I actually bought 2 so have a spare if it helps.
  8. knightryder

    GR86 Finally Spied

    That. Is. Not. Pretty. Front end is OK, just a bit too blocky, but the rear is somewhere between NSX and last gen Vantage and looks awful. Still has a chance to not come like that though. I expect the 370Z replacement to look better and probably closer rivals than last gen.
  9. This engine is very knock sensitive and can't get near MBT unless on E85. Premium fuel is 97RON minimum by law so that is what most supermarket fuels are, 99 will give more headroom and performance. BP 97 isn't that great quality and around here more expensive than both Shell and Tesco, so that to me is a no brainer. 99 RON will vary based on the MON value, and shell and Tesco are similar based on seasonal blends. Ethanol is good for knock resistance, hence being used to boost MON/RON but comes at the expense of more fuel to meet the same ratio. VP is now E5 anyway.
  10. knightryder

    2014 GT86, White, 33,000 miles

    Would love an RX-7 but now my car is used for reasonable mileage it's out of the question. By far one of the smoothest and enjoyable experiences of a JDM performance car. I'd have one as a weekend/track car but then I think it would never get used.
  11. knightryder

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    The TPS sensor is as 80%. That's WOT on this throttle body.
  12. knightryder

    Any1 used Aliexpress?

    Depends on what you want to buy. Small parts will likely be fine but anything larger I'd have reservations about quality and shipping.
  13. knightryder

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    Like what? I see no assumptions, only statements (except the fact that having only just bought your new car, that I doubt you've driven it hard on very wet surfaces - given it's July, that's probably a fair assumption?)
  14. knightryder

    Cosworth High Flow Cat

  15. knightryder

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    Well I certainly tested the M4 (probably in harder conditions than you have the M2....), Goodwood in torrential downpour actually highlighted where the DCT is great - having to short shift in corners as no other way to get the torque down and got to feel the chassis move around a fair bit even with the TCS on. I was gutted that they didn't have the M2 there as they hadn't received it yet but I did get to drive a manual M235i. In those conditions, the DCT made life easier. The "lack" of power in the 2 actually made it the better drive as it wasn't fighting for traction constantly and I felt it was the better chassis. The 86 would be a worse car without a MT and it should have a better AT option than the current box.