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  1. knightryder

    Rear Brake Pads

    Hard to tell from those, but one will fit the 286mm solid low spec rears and the other will be for the 290mm vented rears as found on UK spec. I would assume it's the 16" ones that you want.
  2. knightryder

    So.... talk manifolds to me

    The new JDL 4-2-1 also looks good, not sure how it compares getting one into the UK price wise but will be up there with the ACE/Rogue ones I reckon. https://jdlautodesign.net/shop/jdl-auto-design-ft86-4-2-1-equal-length-header Note that this is their UEL vs new 4-2-1 EL rather than vs stock:
  3. knightryder

    TD UEL Header package

    It does throw an error if the cat in the manifold is removed. The DTC is just disabled in the tune.
  4. knightryder

    Evo 2019 tyre test

    I tend to watch this Tyre Reviews channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEvB1bmKjPWZ3V1wSdBnXPQ Does real world tests for various tyres and gives honest opinions. Quite often the tests are done on RWD cars and not FWD hot hatches, this does make a difference.
  5. knightryder

    Oxygen Sensors

    That sounds a lot for the #2 sensor, sure they haven't quoted you for the wrong one? It's not a wide range sensor like the #1 sensor. See if you can find the part number online and have a shop about. Just a Denso sensor IIRC.
  6. Number of pistons is irrelevant. Piston area is more important. Most front BBKs are designed with the OEM rears in mind so don't shift the bias too much.
  7. knightryder

    Boot won't open - Getting fed up with owning this car

    I've had mine for coming up 7 years, but I have had loads of small issues despite low mileage that have slowly eroded away my love for the car (that and I have come to dislike the car community). But I agree with many of your issues. Water in the boot/poor sealing rear lights Radio is poor (new dashcam has killed the reception, LED indicators cause interference easily) AC stopped working (Relay) Wheels corroded (warranty) 2nd rear view mirror delaminated Rust - door quarterlights and bonnet slam panel Door quarterlight blew out - no determined cause Lots of rattles Clutch pedal squeak I've given up on fixing the car at times, if I could find a suitable replacement I probably would have by now. TBH I've often had thoughts about just getting rid and not bothering with a replacement.
  8. knightryder

    Boot won't open - Getting fed up with owning this car

    It's OK, I get pangs of the same feeling. Is yours a Primo? In the states there is a button in the boot that stops the boot release from working (look at vids online). I don't believe it's on UK cars but maybe the primo. Also, is there a manual key release?
  9. knightryder

    Catback that looks like std?

    No idea, I believe just the cat-back.
  10. knightryder

    Catback that looks like std?

    It's also one of the best sounding
  11. knightryder

    Potential Pick Up Tomorrow - Question

    Probably not as it's not really an issue. The biggest issue with the alarm is that it drains the battery if left undriven.... the alarm won't go off when the battery is flat.
  12. knightryder

    Potential Pick Up Tomorrow - Question

    The alarm is pathetic, it won't wake anyone anyway.
  13. knightryder

    Michelin versus Falken

    Interested in this as I've been toying with the FK510 as a replacement for the Primacys, let us know how you get on.
  14. knightryder

    Mishimoto bits

    Pretty easy to refit yourself if you want to, takes all of 10 mins to remove and refit the intake pipe with the resonator.
  15. knightryder

    Reverse Camera - only working when started in reverse

    Yes, this is quite common. As said, the camera has to be powered when the HU is powered up or it won't sense it and allow it. The common fix it to take the 12v switched feed at the rear of the HU.