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  1. knightryder

    Help Trying to get pop and bangs

    On most tunes you have to feather the throttle when you lift off as otherwise the ECU cuts fuel, so you won't get any noise. @leeky you should be able to do that quite easily, usually a sign of too much fuel
  2. knightryder

    Kodename47 Mixtapes

    A 60+ minute mix designed to take you on a ride. Full range of feel good and uplifting house to some dark and techy sounds. Designed to make you move and smile in you living room as much as the club. I really enjoyed making this as I haven't recorded a journey mix in some time and I think it flows well. No video on this one.
  3. knightryder

    Kodename47 Mixtapes

    Video here - created my own intro and more editing and cam changes:
  4. knightryder

    Kodename47 Mixtapes

    More updates - going a little competition mad to give me some decent time out at the moment..... Video here - still experimenting with cameras and editing:
  5. knightryder

    Kodename47 Mixtapes

    Well I haven't updated this in a while. New links and image in OP and a new mix that I have somehow managed to fit around everything else in this crazy time..... Here's a 30 minute uplifting house mix that is also a entry for a Mixmag competition: Or if you like to have a laugh, you can watch below:
  6. knightryder

    Thoughts on Pirelli PZERO Nero Tyres?

    The Pirelli doesn't seem to come in stock sizes - I can only see 205 or 225 width in 17 inch. I can't comment on anything as yet, as my 2 month old Goodyear Assy. 5s have 0 miles on them, but in reviews come out well against the Michelins and the Conti PC6. Price wise I managed to get them for the same money as the Falkens, which were my "cheaper" option.
  7. knightryder

    BRZ vs Alpine video

    The only reason that I think you'd have a Supra over an A110 is if you're one of those that needs a big straight 6. TBH it'd be between the Cayman vs A110 if it were that money, perhaps an M2 Competition.
  8. knightryder

    Exhaust part help

    Yes, that's an overpipe
  9. knightryder

    Tyre sizes for FI

    I run 215 45 17 Primacys. Don't see any need to go wider.
  10. That's not a good sign as that means it's getting no oil pressure. Is the idle normal? If so, I'd get it back in ASAP.
  11. knightryder

    AIM being pulled during normal driving

    Denso ECU, similar to those in Subaru's. D4S is indeed just an indicator of PI/DI/Both. Loads of people in the US get really shitty over IAM changes. Some will occur unless mapped conservatively, this engine is high compression and the setup is known to be overly sensitive. High gear loading can do it as well. Dropping to 0.5 isn't ideal though, especially if you're on V-Power. I take it that as you're running EcuTek you're tuned as well. There is a lot of knock correction going on. Look at the ign correction - fine parameter, any time it's negative it's pulling timing, any time it's positive it's trying to restore the IAM. That's FLKC. FBKC is Knock Correction
  12. knightryder

    Cosworth Supercharged GT86

    The use of the dual injector systems has plenty of headroom as you can adjust the split to give what you need. The DI system can run a lot more fuel as it's high pressure and then the PI used to supplement it, the latter is what uses the injectors and pump that you can replace. A smaller pulley and E85, which requires ~30% more fuel, would be on the limit of the capabilities. On standard fuel that equates to around 350ish BHP IIRC.
  13. Plenty of people in the states have run higher power turbo on stock internals for some period of time to say that it's possible. In the early days of this platform many seemed to think 4-500whp was where the limits of the engine were, axles are the weak point and were an earlier failure mode. Over time the engine failures came, but certainly not to all it seems. They then rebuild the engines or put in a LSx V8
  14. knightryder

    ECUTEK map switching

    You're doing it wrong I have a similar map on mine and have to do the same. There's something in the ECU that I noticed that if you switch maps, switch off and then switch back on quickly it will default to the mode that it was when switched on previously. So in your case, back to the immobiliser map. This only happens in this situation, which you're doing by switching off after making the change. What you need to do: Turn on ignition (not start car) Change map mode Put foot on clutch Push start button to start engine
  15. knightryder

    MartinT's BRZ

    You can correct the ECU speed readings - shamefully the same can't be said for the dash. Does allow accurate 0-60/62 readings from datalogs though.