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  1. knightryder

    Stubaru BRZ

    Were you on the A34/M40 junction yesterday in the awful traffic? If not, you have a doppelganger...... 😂
  2. knightryder

    Saw my first Supra today

    I think that it REALLY doesn't suit white.... that rear pic is OK but from the front is very meh. Plus saw the same red car yesterday on it's way to Subota Boy.... small, looks quite tall rather than wide, no road presence. There's a new Z4 around here as well in black. I preferred that, the opposite to what I had decided from pics. Would probably go for the 30i/M40i Z4 over the Toyota for a road car, it's cheaper as well.
  3. knightryder

    CEL 4-2-1 decat advice

    P0420 - Reset the ECU and drive again until it comes on.
  4. Only really an issue on track. Still enjoy mine after 4+ years boosted. The charge temps do get hotter than the rest but it is relative, the newer SPS version is apparently better and adds a little extra boost per pulley. The problem is that the cost of a new one means that often people will go to other alternatives, just look at the current discount of the clearance CW or how good value the TD turbo kit is. The Harrop, also being from Aus, is equivalent in price and produces "better" results and does have better heat management. For a road driven car the Sprintex is just fine. 70mm pulley it makes a lovely whine and puts out similar power to the Cosworth - I reckon mine is ~250-260 hub bhp, so right at the limit of what most would consider "safe". If I were to track it, the output would drop a bit over time as the W2A system heats up, but I'm still not sure it would ruin my fun. A WMI kit soon sorts that out.
  5. knightryder

    HKS Intake Duct

    No, you want the least amount of restriction upstream of a positive displacement blower. As said, the OEM design is to help remove noise and resonance. The sizing is perfectly adequate for 200bhp. https://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=49634 https://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56341
  6. knightryder

    HKS Intake Duct

    It's not, and Cosworth didn't find it a restriction on the SC either.
  7. knightryder

    HKS Intake Duct

    You'll gain a couple of HP, if anything, Not really sure you'd notice that.
  8. knightryder

    Torque settings - changing discs and pads

    Rears need the tool, fronts don't.
  9. Auto hill-hold was advertised on the original models, but wasn't available or an option and it was a misprint. The car is good enough to overlook these kind of convenience features. As for the mirror, again I don't think this is even an option in the UK. That's why they wouldn't fit it. As for compensation, I think £150 is more that suitable for a feature that is not going to be a deal breaker.
  10. knightryder

    Deacons '86

    Greddy, Laile Beatrush and Leg Motorsport (https://www.japanparts.com/parts/list.php?dl=2&cm=178&md_sm=1:129) all make a similar ones. Can't find the Autofactory on any of the usual Japanese parts sites
  11. knightryder

    Carlab tail lights?

    These are known in the US as SpecD and that is what they have been sold as if you want to look at other retailers, pics and videos. No doubt these are now replicas or more likely just sold as white label goods to be re-branded.
  12. knightryder

    Silver front indicator bulbs.

    It doesn't have Canbus for the lights so you wont get errors if you swap to LEDs but you'll get the "hyperflash" that you get with a blown bulb. You need to either buy a replacement flasher relay, which is easy to replace, or mod the OEM one with resistors, simple to do if you can solder. Or you can buy resistor packs to fit by the lights, but I've always said this is least preferable due to the heat they emit. Not so much an issue on the front as they'd be well ventilated but in the rear you'd have to have them around the boot liner trim.
  13. knightryder

    Severe engine rattle

    I had 3 of mine replaced as well just before I hit 5 years
  14. knightryder

    Shell V-Power > CEL

    It's actually a MIL, not a EML 😛 Without a code this is useless. Did you check the fuel cap went back on properly as that can throw a code. 95-99 RON no matter what fuel type should never cause a code to be thrown unless it causes a misfire or something similar.
  15. knightryder

    Final drive change

    If you will go turbo and have a manual car then it's not worth it. You want longer gears with the extra torque, not shorter. Also, as @Lauren said, if you drive on motorways and dual carriageways you end up sitting at higher revs.